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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



There are ways of communicating on AR. They include blogs, comments, and they include reblogs. For some reason there are quite a number of AR members who circumcised the trio and cut out reblogging out of the communication by disabling comments. The motives maybe noble (let people go to the  orig...
The couple bought a unit in a condo-hotel, where we represented the seller. This was a second unit they bought here in Daytona. He was a retired attorney from a Big City up north. A Jewish guy, born and raised in the US. His wife was born in Israel, and you could still hear a slight accent. In ou...
It was getting dark in the middle of this Sunday... Clouds were getting heavier and rain was just minutes away. I was to meet a client at the airport and take him to see the condo unit in Oceans Six in Daytona beach Shores, that he bought, but has not yet seen. Of course, I wanted him to like it,...
This year was the first time I forgot about the shortest night of the year, June 22, the date the Great Patriotic War, how it was called in the Soviet Union, started 70 years ago. I do not know how that could happen. I thought I would never forget it, but I am getting older, and the war goes furt...
 Do you know what Carole MacCollum's A Sequel To "Realtors Are Rolling In Dough" -- "What Do You Really Know About The Real Estate Business?" and Lori Cofer's A Realtor's® Help In Relocating to Pullman Washington have in common besides being good blogs? They both improperly use the term   It is f...
I was thinking about this scenario not once, not twice... Actually, I was thinking about it many times, and I am sure others thought about it, too. Now, finally, I read about it. Stephen Chapman wrote Man politely robs bank for $1, lands free healthcare in prison It is a story of a 59-year old ho...
Ron Brown posted "Slut" walk hits Seattle This is the first time I hear about it. Obviously, I missed the whole thing. So, all I say comes from what I learned in this blog post. «All of the attention began with a Toronto Police Officer's advice that women would be wise to "not dress like sluts" i...
In April there was a blog post on AR "Google It"...a new low in REALTOR laziness, written by Amy Jones. It was about an agents who would suggest in «directions» on MLS «Google it». While this was a story about a lazy/resourceful agent, it inspired me to write this post. Because there is rarely a ...
Long ago that I wrote a blog about Alexander Solzhenitsyn, a famous Soviet dissident, a great novelist, Nobel Laureate in literature. Americans know him, he was exiled and lived in Vermont until he returned to Russia in 1994. There was another figure in the Soviet history, also a Nobel Laureate (...
Why do agents have to blog? What is behind the urge to blog, and then to blog more, and then to blog every day? Is it something agents can't do business without? Look around. Do you notice that the most successful top producers are not on AR, and do not blog on AR, and often do not blog, period? ...

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