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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



I had a Pro account with Trulia and after 3 months I called and asked to terminate it. They asked me whether I was not getting calls. The truth was that I did get calls. Quite a few, actually. And e-mails. I noticed that I was spending time answering the questions, answering the calls... and it w...
It sometimes happen that you read something written long ago, and suddenly you notice how relevant it is to our time. It is difficult for us to sort what is happening today, bot for someone being able to understand things that were so distant, they were not noticeable to anyone takes an enormous ...
For some reason there are still people out there who are admantly against changing and simplifying the tax system. As for the lunch, Patrick is wrong. Our government will find the way to force those rich to pay for cool meal for those who figured that they do not have to provide for themselves. U...
Lenn Harley posted WAS STAGING REALLY THE CAUSE OF A HOME SELLING FASTER AND/OR FOR MORE MONEY??? Inquiring REALTORS want to know??? Her blogs are always a good read, so I suggest you read. I am sure that Lenn is right in general. Lenn was inspired by Karen Bernetti, and I was inspired by Lenn’s ...
We recently listed a short sale in Towers Grande in Daytona Beach Shores. 3 bedroom/3 baths direct oceanfront condo in a 7-year old building. It was a rare case, where the Buyer needed financing. The buyer had excellent credit, sufficient funds for down payment available, should have been no prob...
Barbie Clayton from TN posted Cameras for Real Estate... She is asking the advice as to what camera is best for Real Estate. Interesting question. There isn't one «camera for Real Estate». It is the same as with cars. You can get anything from the tiniest GEO Metro to a stunning red Ferrari. But ...
William Johnson posted Photography| The Longest Pier on the West Coast - Ocean Beach Pier! It is a stunning photo of the longest concrete pier on the West Coast, but it is not the length that makes the blog post so fascinating, it is the beauty of the photo. There is a small cafe on the pier near...
July along with August is the hottest month in Daytona Beach. shows that is 84F at 7:30 PM. They show that tomorrow we will have 92F. It is 95F in New York, where we lived before coming to Florida. That's why I love when New Yorkers tell me that it is hot in Florida. We are often ...
It is mid July in Daytona, summer in full swing, hot and humid everywhere, except right on the Beach. The ocean breeze brings cooler air and makes walking on the beach a pleasure. I am on the beach each evening except when it is raining. You can't get tired of this view. It is always different, a...
I posted To Stay #1 You Have To Train Like You Are #2. For some reason it was even featured, a lot of members commented, and they loved the phrase. I e-mailed the link to my post to the lady, who told me this quote, and I received an e-mail from her husband. He wrote that the quote «To be number ...

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