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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



Why Are You So Frustrated With Me? I posted about Featured Posts on AR, and some of the comments felt like people are frustrated that I spend so much time on it. It also happened with my some other posts. Whoever is frustrated, have all the right to feel this way, but if this is true, then they a...
Time flies. It was not long ago that AR got its first millionaire (in AR points), and now we already have 20 members with more than 1,000,000 points. And the Olympus is going to be even more crowded in few months as there are 16 members with over 900,000 points, who are tirelessly climbing the st...
How Posts Are Featured?  Does anyone know what are the criteria, when choosing posts for feature on AR? Does even AR know it? I really doubt it…. I practice reading featured posts time from time, and the idea behind it seems way more complicated than Google algorithm. At least with Google you can...
This is a new series about buying a condo in Daytona Beach Area. If you are interested, follow my blogs, or subscribe. As i go, I will add links to previous posts. So, here is the first one: Quite often I get a call, and after telling me that they would like a 2 bedr/ 2 baths condo (or any other ...
This is a light (it is still a Holiday Season) wish to all screwers out there (I was told that there is no such word as «screwers» but I find it very unfortunate) Here is an e-mail I received today: Good Day You are a registered client ID-83624517593 Personal page Shestakova Sofya ID-8164847 Firs...
The One That Got Away – With No Fault of Mine It started as a short sale as some others. We helped a client, from New York, and she referred her friend Jennifer to us. It was all pretty usual stuff. The Sellers forwarded us all the documents, after we secured the contract. It was the Bank of Amer...
This is from the wish list for AR. Very often I am interested in member’s blog, and it makes me wonder who s/he comments upon. I would love to know whose posts this person is reading and leaving comments. In a hectic time we live in, where not only hours, but minutes count, we so often want to re...
If you can find fun in Market Reports, check Mitchell Hall’s Manhattan Monthly Market Report - October 2011. Maybe it is because I lived in New York (N.E. Bronx, to be exact), or simply because New York can leave anybody indifferent, but I find Mitchell’s report fascinating. I do not think Manhat...
- I am interested in foreclosure auctions. I hear this phrase so often. People come from different states and Canada, and that's what many are looking for... - Why foreclosure auctions? - Because you can buy a great property for pennies. -And what are you going to do with the property you buy? - ...
A few days ago I ran into a rant about bad agents, which started with “I know I 'm good REALTOR” and a few sentences later “and I'm a real estate instructor myself!” For someone, who 19 years in this business, and IS AN INSTRUCTOR using the term REALTOR as synonym of “agent” is wrong. But I did n...

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