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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



Towers Grande Condominiums. Daytona Beach Shores. Market Report. February 2012 Towers Grande in Daytona Beach Shores is a 16-story direct oceanfront condominium built in 2004 by DiMucci Development Corporation. There are no residential units on the ground floor, and there is no 13th floor. Regula...
I am watching local channel on TV, and it is all about Obama coming to Orlando. And why is he coming to Orlando? Oh yes, he is hungry… Not for food that is, but for money. He is coming to pick about $1.2 Mil for Democratic Party and his own election campaign… Why now? Good question. There are no ...
A couple of weeks ago I received a call from the agent, who I do not know, and he said that I should expect 2 contract early next day. I got excited, started thinking about retiring one year earlier… Next morning there are two offers for units in Fountain Beach Resort, a Daytona condo-hotel. One ...
Can I rent My Unit in a Condo-Hotel? I get this question every day. Every potential buyer looking to buy a condo-hotel unit in Daytona Beach area is asking if they can rent their unit in a condo-hotel. The good thing is that the answer is yes. The bad thing is that the answer is yes. It is a good...
My client wants to privately rent his friend's unit in a condo-hotel to a lady in a wheel chair. Fine, but she has two small dogs, and the resort has “no pets” policy. So, the Front Desk said “no”. The lady stayed in this resort last year, and there was a problem with her, and she was told to st...
When we immigrated in 1991, we were the only part of the family that ended up in the US. My side of the family is in Israel, and Olga’s side of the family is in Russia. I remember running into Israelis, who have been in US for about a decade, and I remember asking them whether they were happier h...
Tammy White posted How Does A Real Estate Agent Get Paid? She posted it a week ago, I wanted to react, and did not do it immediately, but it stuck in my memory and I was thinking about it. It is a good post, it is featured and there are many comments. I agree with Tammie, and her post made me thi...
  Wow, I was rushing to post comments before the minute hand passes midnight, and my comment came right at 12:00. I wanted to see if it still made in or it went to a new day, and to my surprise saw, that the time stamp shows 9 PM. How come? It is midnight, and the stamp is 9 PM? And then I rememb...
Oceanside Inn is on my list of preferred condo-hotels in Daytona Beach area. You run into people here who are genuinely nice and – a big plus - professional. In my opinion this is one of the best examples of conversion from a old rundown hotel to a decent condo-hotel. The company, that runs the F...
  I received a comment on one of my “old” blogs. - Jon,  Can you give an update on the status of Ocean Jewels condos, now?  We're looking at purchasing one of their units. Thanks! I understand that Monty Googled Ocean Jewels and saw my 2010 blog post. As we know from the comment, Monty is interes...

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