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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



He came to US from the Ukraine when he, like me, was 40. I was a regular guy, and Nick was a decorated guy, one who was involved in coming with his best men and pumping the concrete into Chernobyl’s reactor in 1986 right after the explosion. He was a big boss, used to have a company car, a driver...
Well, the sight of 10 blog posts coming in rapid-fire manner right after the hand of the clock moves past midnight to Monday is not surprising. The fact that that these posts are plagiarized is not surprising. Rapid-fire is a good warning sign… usually  wasted. The “author” is not Russel Ray, so ...
Very often I would blog about something and get surprised that there is comment coming the very moment I click submit. Often times, however, I notice that the comment is not to the blog post, but to the Title, and has little or no relevance. We are all in a constant rush, and blogging is the acti...
This post was written in November, but for some reason I did not publish it at that time. I thought to delete it, but then looked at the listings, and it is a great comparison to today (copmare it with my blog posted last week). Very telling change. So, I decided to post it now. Sometimes "old" ...
Can There Be Too Much Knowledge? I have received several offers for a condo-hotel unit in Plaza Resort & Spa. This is the largest studio floor plan, priced reasonably at $103,500. Next comparable unit in the resort of similar set up and size is $159,000. It would be easy to assume that I have the...
Association Dues in Plaza Resort & Spa. Jon, I have been considering looking to buy in the Plaza Resort and Spa in Daytona Beach....but the $428 monthly maintenance fee...what is included in this? Seems high, but I know its a very nice place to live / vacation? This is from the e-mail I have rece...
Something is freaking wrong with the climate. And as if global warming was not enough, now we are witnessing a very weird natural unnatural phenomenon. After Spring comes Winter... I am watching TV and for a few days they are talking about Americans, that Egypt is not letting go, and taking them ...
I remember first time going to Coop City in the Bronx. Co-op City is the largest coop in the world with its 35 high-rises spanning 320 acres along Hutchinson River in the North East Bronx. It was autumn, and it was dusk when we came there... and in many windows in those high-rises there were meno...
Nobody loves the government. Even Real Estate agents… Real estate agents do not like what government is doing… Real Estate agents are smarter than the government… Maybe, maybe, maybe… May be not… I think that we on AR mirror the “big” government.We just do not notice it. Take so popular challenge...
This is not a rant. This is just an observation. This is something that everyone has to overcome here on AR. When you join and start blogging, you have great ideas, you write entertainingly, there is substance and there is form… and there are few or no readers… So freaking frustrating… You write ...

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