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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



DIY And Similar TV Shows There are a few good shows out there showing remodeling of homes and condos, and also kitchens and baths. In my opinion the common result of these shows is that people finally have a chance to see, hear and understand the complexity of what is involved in remodeling, or w...
There is a saying that when our children are little, they think that their parents know everything. When they are in their early 20s, they think that their parents know nothing. And when they are in their 40s, they think that their parents know something... Pretty much the opposite is true. When ...
I am used to a scenario when my clients after buying a unit in a condo-hotel, stay there, become very active in anything about this condo-hotel. They now know personnel and get into any room they want to look at, and get any information about any unit or unit owner… Our clients, who bought a coup...
I received a call earlier today from an agent who sells foreclosures. He told me that tomorrow he is putting on MLS a listing on a double unit in Oceanside Inn in Daytona Beach Shores. He always calls me when he gets the notice from the Bank, because I sell more condo-hotels in Oceanside than eve...
It used to be that if condo owners in Florida did not have their own insurance policy, the association would buy it and them pass the cost to the condo owner. The law was changed in 2010, and now the Association can’t force the condo owner to have insurance of the inside of the condo. The way the...
A couple in their early retirement years leaves cold Michigan and moves to warm and welcoming Daytona Beach. They are downsizing, they sold their big home and bought a 2 bdr modest condo right on the beach, and they enjoy a nice ocean view from their balcony. The condo has “no pets” policy, and i...
It happens time from time, especially with condo-hotels, when a Seller would walk in my office and ask me to bring a buyer for his unit. - You, guys, are in this building, and there is a sign outside, so I thought you are the ones who can bring a buyer for my unit. - Do you want us to list your u...
I am not going to buy now, I am curious for later... I hear it every day. I understand that people are curious about the Daytona market. I am also curious, but I do not have cash to put my curiousity to work. But you say that you will come back in few months. So, you can buy today, but you choose...
Time from time I am visiting condominium buildings In Daytona Beach Shores, talking to the managers, getting updates so that I know my stuff. One of the standard questions is about pet policy. Some condos have «No pets» policy even when you have a cat, or a bird, which do not require going out. T...
I received e-mail: “Jon, I am reading your blog and I am interested in these condo-hotel units in Daytona Beach area. Prices seem to be very attractive. You say that the Lenders do not finance them. What about owner financing?” Excellent question. Big banks never financed Daytona Beach Condo-Hote...

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