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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



I watched Condoleezza Rice speaking at the Republican National Convention today. I have utmost respect for her. Bright, composed, interesting… Got her Ph.D. at age 26. She studied music, and her major was piano, but she later changed for political sciences, but still she is an excellent serious ...
"The secret of […] success is simple - less regulation, lower taxes and more freedom. That is a formula that can work everywhere." It is not a political statement by a republican, which makes liberals cringe. This was published in Washington Times on March 20, 2012 by Richard W. Rahn is a senior ...
With few listings that I have, I learned to pay attention to agents bringing the prospects. I learned to know when to expect something, or when it is little chance of a hit and a huge chance of a miss… I admire those who know the market, and know the condos, or, at least, took time to learn as mu...
The letter came in the mail. It is from Domain Registry of America. It is Domain name expiration notice. They notify me that my domain name is due to expire and they offer the renewal.   That is very thoughtful of them. The only small problem is that they are asking arm and a leg for the renewal....
New Smyrna Beach is our neighbor to the South. But it is a remote neighbor. It is on the other side of Ponce Inlet, and this is where our part of the Intracoastal, called Halifax River, ends and Indian River begins. New Smyrna Beach presents itself as a quiet relaxing place away from Daytona’s bu...
It is August, the hottest month in Daytona. Not that July is any cooler, and not that coming September is going to be any cooler, at least until the 30th of September… And no, I am not complaining. Looks like the majority of the country has or had much hotter time…   Surprisingly, we experience w...
Yes, but not a lot. According to the article by Mike Opelka, the Olympic Gold medal in the last games had 1% gold, 92.5% silver and the rest is copper.  Still, considering the weight of the gold medal, which is about 1 pound and is just over 3 inches in diameter, it is about 4.5 gr of pure gold. ...
How many people think that they are good people and they deserve it? Well, it is all about numbers. So, let us look at the odds. Powerball odds of winning a jackpot is one chance in 175,223,510  How big is this number? Well, lets compare to people struck by lightning. The chance of being struck ...
- Do you know how much money the Olympians make? That was the question that my 20-year old grandson asked me. Hmm, first I did not even know that they were paid. And of course, I had no idea how much. My grandson threw $250K as the cash prize for gold medal, and I again thought about Phelps J. Bu...
Sea Dip is one of Daytona’s direct oceanfront condo-hotels. 134 room resort, indoor and outdoor pools. Resort is owner managed. Unit sizes start from 216 sf. Some have city views, some offer ocean view and oceanfront. There are 8 units for sale in Sea Dip at this time. I checked the data on MLS a...

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