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Jeff Richards left the comment on my blog To Keep Your Mouth Shut? and there was a link, that I did not follow at first. I, however, followed it today and learned such fascinating stuff that I just could not resist the temptation to put it in a blog for you to check this absolutely hilarious YouT...
  In the discussion following my blog “Redistribution...How Sweet It Is I asked Mitchell Hall “what does Obama have to do so that you say "Basta"? He answered “How about NYC being attacked during his Presidency.” And while he was referring to September 11” happening on Bush’s watch, we know that ...
It came in the comment from a wonderful woman on AR – Karen Anne Stone. My blogs and comments surprised her. She does not see it the way I see it. It does not surprise me a bit. We have very different backgrounds, Karen Anne was born here, while I lived in the Soviet Union until the ripe age of 4...
I recently ran into an article about falsely accused famous Russian scientist academician Igor Reshetin, who spent nearly 7 year in prison. He wrote that at one of the safe houses in Moscow, where they help preliminary interrogations he had to use the bathroom, and there was a handwritten note st...
Ran into this interesting speech by our still current President. It is about redistribution in which he intimately and ultimately believes, and which we now so well know. The problem with redistribution is that though intentions might be considered by some as noble, whenever it goes beyond what i...
Natasha is a Russian Jew, who, like me, came to the United States in 1991. She recently retired. She is very concerned with what is happening in this country, and she measures everything against the Soviet Union. She feels that we are going in that direction, and it is bothering her immensely, th...
It is still a slow market. Spring gave a lot of hope with crazy March, when the prices jumped about 20% for condos in Florida pretty much across the board. But after a great start, it was going slower and slower. At the same time the sales outnumbered the influx of condo-hotel units on the market...
Time to visit Fountain Beach Resort in Daytona Beach. Looks like Fountain Beach Resort is more in line with a normal market tan many other condo-hotels and condos in the area. For a 148-room resort 11 units available for sale per our local MLS is a healthy number. Since August 15 to today there w...
We are on our routine Sunday morning walk on the beach. There is a guy standing with the phone. The white Beach Patrol truck stops, the officer gets out, bends down and picks up a… tiny baby turtle, and puts the turtle to the bucket and goes back to the truck. A girl asked the officer where he wa...
- Why are they selling? The buyer is looking at me waiting for the answer. She has asked me this question in every condominium unit that I was showing to her that day. She asked me 8 times… And every time I said “I do not know”. My buyer has difficult time with my answer. The train of thought is ...

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