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Broker Bryant is clarifying the answer to this often asked question. I think this is the end of strategic defaults, where the Sellers wanted to retain their credit and were not delinquent, and/or have sizable resources. It seems that there is o way to get out clean unless you got dirty first. An...
I truly believe that if we are OK with plagiarism on AR, then we should not be questioning why general public has a very low opinion about us. It is simple, if we are OK with others stealing before our eyes, we are OK with stealing, period. But things are never black and white. There are services...
I just ran into a reblog on AR. I left a comment for a reblogger. Luckily, it was not the case where the comments are disabled, which I can’t stand, and then I went to the original blog to leave a comment, a different one, as I rarely leave the same comment on both posts. But what a surprise. I c...
  My phone rings, and a lady is asking whether there is Turkey Run event in Ormond Beach. Hmm, this is just another case of people Googling for information and then seeing my number, calling me without even checking the record on Google. But yes, the event is here, however, she wants to know the ...
After the Thanksgiving dinner after my daughter with her family left, we got into our car and went to the Mall. Macy’s and some other stores were open from midnight, and we came closer to 1 AM. I was very surprised to see so many cars in the parking lot. The store was packed. Families and groups ...
In my first visit to Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, which is a place where Russians live and some curious Americans wander to see the exotic place, I remember that scene that made me laugh. An older lady was carefully examining tomatoes at a corner grocery. There were no other customers, and a young...
  Carol Gundlach came up with the post Realtor® vs. Real Estate Agent - It should matter more than it does.  I liked Carol’s blog post a lot. It is featured and there are comments from interesting to voodoo, but you can go and read it yourself… Of course, our customers do not know the difference ...
When I hear about the right of first refusal (also referred to as First right of refusal), I feel like I am back to medieval times. It sounds like right of the first night (jus primae noctis). But no, the right of first refusal I am talking about is not about taking the virginity, it is about tak...
As if the difficulty financing condos isn’t enough, financing condo-hotels is practically impossible. I know only of one condo-hotel in our area financed in the last 4 years. No, it hasn’t always been this way, but those, who specialized in financing condo-hotels were among the first, who closed ...
On Saturday I went to Orlando for the EXPO. I know that it would be great to sign for the whole convention and spend time there, but I can’t force myself to do it, so I brave only for the EXPOs every time the convention is in Orlando. I went to a Home Show in Orlando relatively recently, and thou...

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