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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



  After price, this is usually the next question we hear when we get calls or receive emails. Sometimes I would even get "give me the fees for different condo-hotels and we will make our decision based on that". To answer truthfully (and stupidly) would be that it varies in different condo-hotel...
I remember reading about Marjory Stoneman Douglas, who wrote The Everglades: River of Grass in 1947, the book, which was at the very beginning of the exemplary conservation effort. She reminisced on the nature lovers, who would visit her and then suggest going to the Everglades to see it. She sho...
  When on the beach I see a 3-year old clumsily chasing seagulls, it is so cute. When I saw a fat guy in his 40s chasing seagulls wildly waving his hands and screaming his lungs out, it looked so stupid…   Same act, but such a different perception.   I guess it is all relative. So, it gotta be E...
Internet changed the world. Yes, there are still countries that block information on the Internet. China controls what their people can access and what they can’t. Iran is blocking Internet, and North Korea completely controls it. But it is harder and harder to do and world becomes smaller and mo...
  We are all depressed by the very recent tragedy. How could a human being do it? We will never have the answer to this question. Is there anything that humans would stop at? How far can we go? Is there any further than that? What can make us kinder? I do not know. But when in AR I read today a p...
I went to refresh my photos of Bellair Condos in Daytona Beach. I am sending photos and information to my Canadian buyer. Working with MLS, I noticed that the Listings were showing wide range of dates built. Weird for a single building. Smiled and decided to check the Appraiser's website. I am t...
I posted Is it Me Or Google? and the story is about the outrageously long freebie, which turned out to be not easily achievable. Some of the comments were that they were wrong, but for me it was all for the wrong reasons. No, I did not think that offering a freebie for one year was a good idea fr...
I think, maybe years from now, somebody would do the research and publish it under the title «Demoralizing Effects of Freebies in America». How can you expect it not to be true, as freebies mean that you can get something for free, that you are a deserving person, whether you do anything meaningf...
It is not a surprise to receive inquiries about condos, which are both nice and very afordable. Honestly, it is more difficult than finding a luxury condo for a lot more money, there are simply way more options, and choices. That is why I am taking it seriously, and the best way to do it is when ...
Go to and you would be pleasantly surprised. Easy, fast and free website for a whole year. Yep, you heard me right. “Enjoy your website, domain name and hosting free for an entire year.”and after that you would be billed only 4.99 for hosting and $2 a month if you use Google’s domain...

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