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  The fact that climate is changing is not a big surprise to anyone. Actually, climate changes have never been a surprise, they always are happening. Up and down... It is very noticeable even in Russian Arctic. Very different from the time we lived there. Snow in the Arctic city of Vorkuta coming...
I do not remember how I got introduced to Newsmax, but I started getting Newsmax this and Newsmax that every day in big doses. I got burned after the election and decided to cut on a lot of political stuff, and started unsubscribing. It pretty much worked with everything… except Newsmax. I keep ...
I was writing a blog post about units in Fountain beach Resort and noticed that today is the last day of February. I think there is significance if not of the exact day, but the significance of this month. In our cyclical local market February is the month with the lowest prices of the year. Marc...
  Somebody said that the worst customers to deal with are Real Estate agents and brokers. It is difficult to argue with it. Too many supporting examples… It started, probably, 3 years ago. We watched what was happening in Marina Grande on the Halifax, these gorgeous two 25-story towers, which pop...
I used to work in the Bronx and the office was right in Co-Op city where I lived. It was a beautiful place. 35 high-rise buildings ranging from 24-story to 33-story on 320 manicured acres along Hutchinson river, beautiful green lawns, trees, flowers… Julia, a volunteer, a lady in her 70s, lived n...
Today is race day, the biggest race event of the year – 55th Daytona 500. I am taking my son and his friend to the races. We take I-95 to get closer to the Speedway. I go a bit slower than usual, just under 80 miles (in 70-miles zone), because on a day like this you see more state troopers than i...
Dear General Manager, Please cancel rental of our unit xxx as it is ridiculous that we pay fees ($ 120)  to rent it rather then making a revenue I received this email today. It was not to me, it is to General Manager of a condo-hotel in Daytona Beach Shores, but the owner, my former client, copie...
Sometimes reading real estate agents' blog posts, I just can’t help but remember this street scene on Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, where to hear Russian is more common than to hear English. An older lady was carefully checking tomatoes on the grocery stand, when an employee, a young Mexican guy, a...
Intersection of Silver Beach Ave. and Peninsula Dr. is where I am getting to a bridge from the Beachside to Mainland. It is one of our 7 bridges, but this one is close to me, and I use it often. Every time I stop at the traffic light at this intersection, I see this sign "Hannah Cremation Service...
Contrary to popular belief, writing is G-d given talent, and G-d isn’t really generous with it. I assume this popular belief is because, technically, we all can write. We all have our little talents, but then there are a few people who are blessed. Contrary to popular belief (here I go again – LO...

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