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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



- I wouldn’t buy it even for $25K… This comes from Canadian snowbird, who is testing the vacation market. - No worries. Nobody is going to sell it to you for $25K. By the way, for $25K I would buy in a heartbeat. That conversation shows how differently we see the same property, a direct oceanfron...
When I first wanted to campaign on Gail’s behalf, which was, probably more than a year ago, I asked my daughter Inna to call Gail and talk to her. Gail thanked, but she refused. Among other things it was because it could hurt her business if she goes public with that. And hurting her business was...
  It was, probably, more than a year ago, when I asked my daughter Inna to contact Gail and discuss helping Gail with the mortgage, so that she could stay in the house. She thanked, but did not want to do it. She believed she would get the bank to agree to loan modification. I did not believe eve...
Have you ever dreamed (dreamt) of inventing a wheel (and patenting it)? Who hasn't dreamed about being hit with the idea and screaming «Eureka» of top of your lungs running around almost naked? I think I had this ah-ha moment today (except for running around naked). I think I found the way to fix...
My wife is not a computer type. So, when I created a page on Odnoklassniki (Schoolmates) social network, where some of her school and college friends hang out, I wasn’t sure she would be interested, but she got hooked, started searching for people we lost track of long ago. Interestingly, we were...

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