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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



What does it really mean? How do you know that the price is right? Does it mean that it should be the lowest possible price? Are you watching the media and are waiting for the signs of market coming back? Is the media the source of your confidence? Because if yes, then you only see it when it is ...
The biggest “flaw” of the Real Estate market is that time and price are tighter than a great marriage. We want to buy today at yesterday’s price and we want to sell today at tomorrow’s price (or at any other time when the price was great). And we are never happy with today. This is why in the slo...
Property management is very easy. You let someone live in a house in exchange for negotiated payment. Surprise comes when things get complicated. Sometimes so complicated that it is the landlord who ends up paying the tenant. Any property manager can tell you stories about tenants. Sometimes they...
Sometimes I think that the heretic in me never goes away, and I am lucky it is not the Inquisition era, or they would burn me at the stake… bit I digress. I am used to a steady flow of posts on AR, where agents are aggravated with Sellers overpricing their prized possessions. I am was keeping qui...
It is always about supply and demand. Take, for example, our area. Today on the stretch of Beachside covering Ponce Inlet, Daytona Beach Shores, Ormond Beach and Ormond-by-the-Sea there are 214 two-bedroom condos for sale on MLS. If my memory serves me well, there were just under 700 two-bedroom ...
I regularly receive calls asking my opinion about condo-hotels. There are situations, when condo-hotels are perfect for callers, but in some instances the only reason they are looking at condo-hotels is because of the low price. No, condo-hotels are not good for living there, and there are many r...
In December 2012 we decided to close our office in the condo-hotel building. With our shift towards condos rather than condo-hotels, having an office in a condo-hotel became a disadvantage. Plus, after having sold quite a few units there, we were losing a lot of time on casual conversations with ...
Bob Stewart of Active Rain posted Who Do You Consider an Industry Trend Setter? As if he stepped on my toe. It is something I think about often, and write about sometimes. Bob is honest about the changes. It is life, good or bad. Bringing bright minds is like bringing celebrities to your dinner. ...
I will always remember this story, when a volunteer from our New York office decided to look into retiring in Florida and went to check those communities for 55+. She was in a Club House waiting for her husband, and at next table there were 4 older ladies. She did not pay attention to the convers...
I heard this story from Orlando area broker a few years ago. It was about an acquaintance of his, who said he was looking for a home, and then he described the home: the area, size, age, views, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, countertops, garage… The broker lined up homes to look at, but they were...

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