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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



After the announcement that Hard Rock International intended to build a hotel/café plus 100 condo complex on the oceanfront lot in Daytona, I started getting all type of calls from wannabe investors, who wanted a piece close to the action. I spent half of the day showing my client lots and busine...
Royal Atlantic Condominium 3743 S Atlantic Ave, Daytona Beach Shores, FL 32118 Direct Oceanfront Penthouse 2 bedroom/2 bath completely renovated condo. Panoramic views to die for. Very stylish, contemporary unit with super cool bathrooms, dream kitchen with white Quartz countertops, modern lighti...
And Why Hasn’t It Been Sold Yet? I hear this question quite often. It is like “hey, it is for sale, so it’s been on the market for a month, and hasn’t been sold, and why is that?” - Hey, it was waiting for you. I can’t give you a better answer. I could never understand this question. If it is goo...
To many agents this comes naturally. It is because when you were born here, and lived here, you lived through the same events, loved the same sport, enjoy the same activities… You are on the same wave or can easily be on the same wave, can easily understand the other party and engage in conversat...
This is a fascinating post. When Andrea sent me the link and I read the blog post, I was touched and overwhelmed at the same time. Not because it has my name there, but because this is an attest to the power of blogging. It is about letting people really know you before they ever contact you. And...
I remember my years spent in the Russian Arctic. There was little in terms of natural beauty. Living there is sometimes living in the extreme. One of relatively rare natural occurences was Northern Lights. In our area they were rare, not very bright, and usually monochrome, not colored like on th...
For the most part I have very poor sense of smell. So, if I notice it, it got to be strong. And the last place where I expect to run into it is the beach. But sometimes passing those ladies in the chairs enjoying the morning sun, that’s exactly what I feel. I hold my breath and pass... Strong per...
I usually take my long walks on the beach in the evening, when the sun is low, and UV exposure is at a minimum. But today I went to the beach at 9 in the morning, as in the evening we are eating out with the family celebrating Mother’s Day. The park in Daytona Beach Shores where I go was still no...
Every time some big idea comes to Daytona, there is immediately vocal opposition. Feels like this opposition is a permanent state of mind of all these people with big mouths and plenty of time on their hands. They are bored between the big ideas, but when times comes, they are right here, and rea...
We know that real estate is local, and yet reading blogs on AR we run into statements, which are very general and often are very judgmental. Often times reading comments, you see that we judge as if we have the exclusive on the truth….   And, of course, this truth is convenient for the agent or r...

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