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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



What happened in Castaways Beach Resort in the last several months is very symptomatic, and sets some guidelines for all 5 condo-hotels in the City of Daytona Beach Shores, Daytona's southern neighbor. Group of owners attempted to change the use from condo-hotel with a Front Desk and daily rental...
Alan Kirkpatrick posted I know that you know that I know you know He is so right about Internet, and that we see much better educated Buyers than ever before. He says "Your local Realtor is a professional in the local market place. Your Realtor knows what works in your city. They have spent year...
On one of our first visits to Florida, we stayed in an oceanfront hotel in Marineland. Marineland is half way between Palm Coast in the south and St. Augustine in the north. A 4-story hotel soon fell victim to the economy and was demolished. Marineland, once a bustling tourist destination with do...
I think it is a silly question. You do not HAVE TO blog. Contrary to numerous pundits, who failed in Real Estate and are now teaching us how to do it, blogging and success in real estate are not tied together. Look around, check your top producers in your local association of Realtors, and you wi...
Time from time I receive emails asking me about the difference between condo-hotels and condos.  It is not a cross between the hotel and a condominium as stated in some articles simply because condominium is a legal form of property ownership, while hotel is a business, it is an operation. Condo-...
Oceanside Inn is a premier 191-room condo-hotel in Daytona Beach Shores. There are 17 units for sale on MLS in Oceanside Inn as of today. From March to July 2013 only 2 units sold (in one we represented the Buyer). Same period of 2012 – 11 units sold. Is it unusual? For example, in 2011 there wer...
It is July, and  our seasonal fluctuation should have pushed us to the peak of the market. But I am not sure that for the last 2 years we are following this trend. It seems like market gets a jolt in March, but there is not enough steam and it dries out right when it is supposed to reach its peak...
Sharon Alters, my good neighbor from Jacksonville, posted Brokers Must Have Listing Broker's Permission to Advertise Listings Not surprisingly there is a fair share of  “hang them by the balls” comments, and I was getting this bad feeling that I was the only one not sure about it, when I ran into...
Hmm, we always had “Subscribe to Blog” button on our AR. Today I decided to subscribe to AR member, and started looking for “Subscribe” button and couldn’t find it. But there was “Follow to Blog” button. After some hesitation, I pressed it and… BINGO… the page returned the red warning sign but wi...
Larry Bettag posted Nothing Creates Deals More Than Relationships Title explains it all. Of course, when someone will be working with you because they know you, it is a great feeling of security. You do not really compete. These are your clients and nobody will take them from you (to an extent, ...

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