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I wrote about the auctions, and the comments often suggested that you gotta know what you are buying. And the way it sounds is that if you know, than you are pretty much fine. At least, that this is a must before you go to the auction. Alas, it does not work this way, at least not for a single pe...
It was over 2 weeks ago that I wrote Good Hearts Need Fixing Too... about Karen Anne Stone and the open-heart surgery she just had. Stupid me, I sent her flowers right away. Margaret Rome tried to warn me that it was a bit too early, as Karen Anne was in ICU, but I was faster than that…J Margare...
Disclaimer: I am talking about Volusia County in Florida, and I am sure there might be slight differences in other counties even in Florida. Also, this is not a course, after which you go and make tons of money. And if you still go, you may as well lose :) So, here we go... There are common featu...
Time from time I get some interesting stuff from my friends.  Last thing I got was titled “The Day that Albert Einstein Feared May Have Finally Arrived”. There were several quite funny photos to make the point. 4 girls sitting each busy with their phone; friends, instead of chatting, are busy wit...
I am scrolling through the dashboard. I am already used to the fact that AR dashboard is a selling tool for quite some time. Listings. Listings listings… 2/2, 3/2, 2/3, 4/1/, 6/9... whatever. So, all I am reading are the titles. Several listings from one agent… Amazing..., Amazing..., Incredible....
Now that Internet replace any other search in speed and efficiency, the question often is the reliability of the information. That's why when the search results pop up, I try to see if there are sources that I already know, and if I see Wikipedia, I click the link. Yes, it is an incredible place,...
It happened that on a few our short sales, the Buyers were represented by the same broker. There is a lot of similarity between us, we are both from the Soviet Union, of similar age, immigrated the same year, came to Florida from New York pretty much at the same time, and, of course, the fact tha...
What a Cuban Dictator has to do with Harbor View Condominiums at 145 N. Halifax Dr in Daytona Beach? This condo is just south from Saint Demetrious Greek Orthodox Church. But before they both were built, the land belonged to... Fulgencio Batista, the Cuban president ousted by Fidel Castro in 1959...
I am a little late with this post. Today in the morning Karen Anne Stone went on the operating table for an open-heart surgery. She needs the valve fixed, or a new valve, and it is a matter of life and death. She was delaying the surgery for as long as she could, but finally decided to do it. It ...
Ask a surgeon how easy it is to do a surgery. He can say that he takes a scalpel, makes a cut, fixes the problem, and then stitches the cut. The way it sounds, stitching would be the most difficult part. Intelligent people smile. They do not believe it. They know that things are never easy and su...

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