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Yesterday I posted It Is About Real Estate, Isn't It? Comments caught me by surprise. There was sort of expectation that this would end as a big scam, and it didn’t. I reread the post, and yes, it was sort of leading to this conclusion. It is interesting, because the guy/s behind the ‘scam’ did n...
After coming to New York in 1991, survival was the name of the game. It occupied the mind and kept the body busy. But with time slowly and surely we were settling in our new homeland. Those who wanted to work, found jobs, even if it was for $4.25 an hour, lowest hourly rate at a time. Those, who ...
I do not email blast Realtors. Agents have access to MLS and if they are looking for something, they will see it on MLS, however, I receive tons of emails from other agents every day, so there got to be the reason. Some have link to the listing, but many come like this one, which I received today...
When I talk with buyers on the phone and they say that they are looking for something very basic as long as it is on the ocean, and wouldn't mind a one-bedroom unit, I have to pause... They are asking for a one-bedroom unit not because they are looking for something small, but because they usuall...
I love these endless suggestions how the Seller should interview a real estate agent, which questions to ask… Yeah, these are usually the questions, that are answered best by the adviser… Have you met those type A personalities who tell you just answer their questions, yes or no. But in life noth...
I do not compete for listings, I list when my previous clients ask me to. So, it was a surprise after I met and spoke at length with one of my former clients, who decided to sell his other condo, that he listed it with another broker. A surprise was because last time we dealt with his other unit,...
Why G-d created MLS? I think G-d in his infinite wisdom felt sorry for hard working real estate professionals. He knew that we often do not have time for a good book. So G-d figured that it wouldn’t be fair if Real Estate professionals would be deprived of at least a little bit of fun and G-d cre...
It is evening, and after walking on the beach we stopped by our neighborhood Publix Supermarket to get some food for our cat. When we are alone, we usually speak Russian. A lady smiles hearing Russian. She is Russian from Philadelphia here on vacation with her husband. They are ready to sell in ...
A few days ago I read an article in our local newspaper “Word on the Street: Unruly crowds prompt switch to online auctions” I am reading the article and I am wondering. Are they describing the same auction I used to go to? I have been there quite a few times, and no, I did not observe any of wha...
You buy a property at auction for half of its today's price. How much are you going to charge in commissions? Funny, but customers are so used to Seller paying commission, that when they buy with agent at the auction, they are upset that they have to pay the commission. I once bought it for a cus...

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