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Wanted to check blog roll and see what new posts are their by those who I subscribe to, so clicked on “Blogs”, impatiently found Find More Blogs button on this hated pop up screen, and all I see are 10 blog posts. Nothing on the right, where I used to see faces of those I have subscribed to… Cha...
The door opens and a couple in the early 40s walks in. They are smiling; they just saw something very funny. They tell us that we have something very wrong on our marquee sign at the resort. I go out, carefully check the sign with “condos for sale from $35K” and do not find anything wrong. I retu...
This house in Palm Coast is a short sale, and looks like it is a contender for the title of the longest one. Anyway, we were hoping that we would get to the approval soon. And then a few days ago I got a frantic call that there was a notice on the house, and it was about foreclosure. We asked the...
Condo-hotel market, like the rest of real estate in Daytona Beach area, is in slow mode now. It is a seasonal change, happens every year. After Labor Day things start moving slower, inventory is increasing and even more is yet to come on the market before it  starts warming up again in March, lik...
I usually do not reblog. It got to be something really fascinating that I would press this reblog button. This is this rare occasion, when I feel that my readers really would enjoy the read. Bill Cherry is a good man. And as if this wouldn't be enough, he has a magic way with words, and his stori...
There is a magazine in Florida, which is called Florida Trend. I am getting electronic edition. What I like about it, is that every morning I get Florida news right to my screen, and then I get an afternoon update. Terrific for guys like me, who would take a few minutes to scroll through the head...
Probably it is our human nature. We love to say "no". We love our children as we freely say "no" to them as much as we want...  But when we want to say "no" to adults, we need to become The Government. I think the ability to tell others what to do and what not to do is why people vie for governme...
I asked my wife which cruise ship ports are the largest by passenger volume. It made her think. Then she said that probably Barcelona was the largest. Interesting, she has never been to Barcelona and the choice surprised me. Then she added that the second largest was probably in the US and the th...
It started with curiosity. I only wanted to check how many people visit Florida. You think it is easy to find out? Google it, and then check wiki answers? That's exactly what I did. The answer was: «About 40 million people visit Florida yearly!” Of course, I should have been happy, but something ...
Working with immigrants often mean being able to understand them. Look at this photo. This is the city above the Arctic Circle, where we spent 14 years, and it felt like eternity. No, we were not inmates, this was way post-GULAG era, we were free people in the way you can be a free person in the ...

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