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Time from time I get emails or calls from Sellers, who have Googled a particular property and saw my name, read my blogs, and they want me to bring the buyer for their condo or condo-hotel unit. However, they will not list it with me. Either they do not want to list, period, and are promising me ...
Time from time I see blogs starting with “Ask the Ambassador” and I feel like a lazy bone. Every time I promise myself to write something meaningful, but it is darn difficult nowadays to say anything, which is not common knowledge. Feels like I am a darn good learner, but a lousy teacher… So here...
MLS is a tool to make us all aware of the property and expose it to as many agents as possible.  But reading Remarks in MLS, I often feel that the Listing agent is not helping other agent in selling it. In too many cases the Selling agent’s lists of questions is very different from the answers in...
I am sure you already noticed this nice feature of the dashboard, when you go over with the cursor, it highlights it and makes it sort of pop up? So, if you like me, and this jumpy stuff annoys you, here is how to deal with it in Mac. You put your cursor pass the right edge of the box and then s...
Terry McCarly inspired me to write this post. In Do I really Need A Home Inspection? The House Is In Great Shape! shre tells the story of a Buyer refusing to do the inspection, and later blaming the agent for selling her a "lemon". Terry reminded her the conversation, when she was advising the Bu...
You are a dog person. And you like the ocean. So you are buying a condo on the ocean. So far, so good. The seller has 2 large dogs, and you imagine your furry friends in this oceanfront unit … But would you be allowed to have large dogs? Even one large dog? If the condo has changed the pet policy...
I was struggling with the Title and my other option was “The Most Important Question To Ask When Buying A Vacation Property”. I do not expect you to figure it out, so here is this most important question to the Seller: - How financially sound are you today and for the next 2 years? You think this...
Hmm… Am I a good agent? Of course, I am great :), but to tell you the truth, it is a very good question. Because the honest answer is “It depends”. It really does… Asking this question for me is like asking “how to find a good doctor?” Would I ask this question? No, I would ask a more specific qu...
Often time when the condo goes to foreclosure, we need to know how much is owed to the association, so we call Association managers. That’s exactly what I did when a 2-bedroom beachfront condo was scheduled for foreclosure auction. I never personally met Marisa, who is a real estate agent and CAM...
If you blog, then you get those spam comments with some BS and then a link to another site, which will make you rich… No, I do not read this stuff. And, of course, I do not follow the link. But I am very tempted to delete these comments when I see them... and I don’t. If I delete the comment, yes...

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