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No, I can’t just close 2013. I accept that bad things may happen to good people… I accept it. But it is so unfair… I do not know about Karen Anne Stone’s condition. Do not know whether there is something she might need, but is not asking us… I know that she is not well, as there are no witty comm...
A friend of mine, a Russian immigrant, Ph.D., MD, a former surgeon from St. Petersburg, passed the National Exam in US, but did not go through internship. This loophole soon was closed, but he was grandfathered and while could not treat live patients, became an ace in Pathology department. He is ...
A few days ago one of my e-mail addresses stopped working. There was suddenly a pop-up window, and I was requested to put my password, It was all automatic, but anyway, I typed in my password once, and then another time, and then again… I know my password. Something was wrong. I went to AT&T site...
There are so many things to write about, but at 6 PM on Christmas Eve? I am not affiliated with any religion, and for me Christmas is more a wonderful winter Holiday. Even though winter here is more like summer… Yesterday it was 84F, and we had a long walk on the beach. It is different today, We ...
I have not written about MG on the Halifax, which is a castrated version of the original name “Marina Grande on the Halifax”. Actually I have not written about them since the new owners took over unsold inventory. It is more than 2 years since the new owners came, but I still get calls from peopl...
Oceanside Inn is a 191-unit condo-hotel in Daytona Beach Shores. It may not be the best condo-hotel in terms of occupancy or the amount of rentals – Ocean Walk and Plaza would beat Oceanside Inn, and, probably, Daytona Beach Resort & Conference Center might be the same or slightly ahead, but the ...
When I got on a plane in Moscow, I thought I had a working command of English. I could easily speak, write and read and I was sure I could understand given a chance I meet a live American. After all, it was my major in college. But, as so many other Russians at that time, I did not have a chance ...
When I was in school, I was relatively good with many other subjects, but I sucked in math.  So, I navigated through the final exams and thought that I needed to forget math as a nightmare from the past. When months after immigrating to USA in July 1991, I read the ad in the newspaper about free ...
 Rare Real Estate Animal…or Tiny Bits of Vacation Paradise for Heavenly Good Prices...  Yes, here in Daytona we have this rare real estate animal, which is a crossbreed of commercial (hotel) and residential (a condo), seasoned slightly with investment (rental income), minus bad luck and Special A...
We all know that things and looks can be deceiving. Our grandparents were supposed to teach us that if something sounds too good to be true, to stay away… However, seems like many Americans grew up without cautious grandparents at their side. Take the call today from a Chicagoan, who saw a condo-...

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