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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



It is quite common in comments on AR to see members being more concerned with interaction with Google, than with their interaction with live people, other members, customers… We know that Google is constantly trying to replicate human behavior, to emulate our way of reading, judging, so that they...
I specialize in beachside condos. I know some of the Association property managers, which are on-site, and some of them know me. Usually, it is very helpful. Makes life easier. This happened couple of years ago. I sold several units in this luxury beachside condo in Daytona Beach Shores. I have a...
This is one of those "did you know?" kind of posts... There is a listing in this beautiful condo building. Everything is fine, but when you click on the parcel ID, the county property appraiser’s page opens with “No parcels were found including the following search criteria: Parcel ID #__________...
In an unexpected move, County commissioners have decided to allow dogs on Volusia County beaches. Unexpected because there were no discussions, no plans. One commissioner brought it up at the meeting, and after a short discussion it passed 5 votes against 1. They set it as a pilot program for 3 m...
I am a condo dweller. I lived in a house and it was eating me alive. All this lawn mowing, trimming the bushes, or getting pine needles off the lawn… This is not the ideal living for me. Condo is for me. And my clients are condo buyers. Many of them are moving to Florida in their mature years, an...
Hopefully this is just a case of a runaway kid. I am saying it because there were several sigtings of Caleb in Providence. Just hope he is found and he is safe. What a rollercoster for parents, can't even imagine their pain. Update: I googled it and there is a report by the Police that Caleb was ...
Are Your Buyer’s Shoes Too Tight? I am reading blogs about condos. Even if these condos are in other cities and other states. I specialize in condos, and I like to know what other agents do. So, here is a blog post about a condo in a city where I have never been. There is information about the he...
It is freaking cold. It is freaking cold everywhere... It is cold in Norilsk in the Arctic at – 53F,it is cold in Minneapolis at 0F,it is freaking cold in New York at 8F,it is cold in Atlanta at 22,it is cold in Jacksonville, FL at 33F,it is freaking cold in Miami at 55F… Tell me where people fee...
I am reading a blog on AR, and it is riddled with links. It is as if you are reading a Wikipedia, where, if there is a word, which happens to denote an entry in Wikipedia, they would link to it. Adds authority. However, on AR, why would anyone need tons of outgoing links? I am not even saying tha...
It is the beginning of the year, and we love to try to look ahead and try to see what lies ahead. What year will it be? How will it affect our business… Of course, nobody knows where the market will be tomorrow, but I can try to make some predictions, and they are based not on my outlook, but on ...

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