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I am a real estate broker in Florida. In my day-to-day work I deal with agents and brokers. I have no idea whether they are REALTORS or not, nor do I care. Realtors to me are not a protected class to whom ethical behavior is due, while all others are game. Our license to work and our laws do not ...
Photoshop is a powerful software package, allowing you to do many things, and among them taking the image and then blur or darken and blend, or even delete something not important, so that our focus is on the main event of the picture.  Pretty much this is how our brain “photoshops” what the eyes...
I was reading a blog and the comments to it today, and ran into a suggestion not to mention in the blogs the discounts that agents/brokers may sometime offer to their clients. Why? Because customers read and get the idea and then demand it. Funny that people come up with these ideas. Let’s not ta...
Sheila Anderson posted Dogs, the Olympics, and Russia… It is a noble cause… really noble…but seen with American heart and eyes. I understand that in Sochi 4,500 stray dogs an issue because of the Olympics, but the problem goes well beyond Sochi. Sochi is in Russia, and life is very different in R...
I needed cataract surgery. I read everything I could find about it, and my heart and wallet were in bitter conflict. I followed my heart and walked into the Daytona's office of Dr. Filutowski with the wallet in tears .Filutowski is big name here in Central Florida. Besides Daytona Beach he has of...
To stage or not to stage? That is the question…. Do Buyers get scared by over-staging? According to what I read today, they do. Obviously, they know what over-staging is. I don’t.     Is it like pornography? We know one when we see it? Denise Hamlin posted “Does Home Staging Work? Maybe... What N...
I saw this question on Trulia: «I like granite . I am planning to use granite(slab not tiles) for flooring . I am in Austin TX. is it desirable to do so?. Does the heat and AC utilities bill will be effected very much. will it be difficult to sell the house if I desire so. How much value it adds ...

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