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  Very strange and unexpected condo and condo-hotel market. Feels like things slowed down. When you look closer at numbers, no, it is not less, fewer, or worse, than in 2013, but why on earth it feels this way? I believe it is because 2012 and 2013 were showing the signs of warming up, and now we...
In AR it is like life after changes. How it affects you. The good part is that we all survive the changes, even if in the process we lose a limb (or two :) Let's say I got used to deal with the highlighted brief post descriptions on the dashboard when you move your cursor. Of course, it is very f...
Yet another change on AR, and gosh, I am quite skeptical. Previous experience taught me that changes on AR are like a two-step dance. One step forward and two steps back. Funny, but what we lose, we never get back. Even if it was a stupid loss. So, let me see if this is the case today. The editor...
I haven’t written about Oceans Grand in a long time, and it is long overdue. So, let’s look at this condominium. It is in Daytona Beach Shores, behind the new Publix, which is going to open the doors in couple of months after complete tear down and building a new one. Lighted tennis courts, semi-...
How The Split Works? The question was about Oceanside Inn, a condo-hotel in Daytona Beach Shores. Being a condo-hotel means that Front Desk is renting the condos when owners are not there, and then splits rental income.   The answer is simple: 10% of top goes to Credit Card operations, and Travel...
My childhood was in the 50s … War was only one game all boys were playing. We carved guns out of piece of wood, but if we did not have one, a stick or a finger worked fine, too. We were shooting the Nazi and we were heroically dying, like in all those movies about the war that we loved to watch s...
Politics is a wonderful subject. Everybody knows everything and nobody really knows anything. It is rarely about the facts, and it is always about perception.I communicate with quite a number of friends, and former students back in Russia. Everything was fine until Russia annexed the Crimea.What ...
 I once posted Professional Amateur. We smiled at people, who call themselves “professional Realtor” and thought that they should have known better what NAR says about using the term REALTOR®… I was reading the article in Inman News today, and to my surprise ran into this: “This proposed [Zillow-...

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