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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



"… whoever is avail to show what we want today is who will show it. That simple". This was the text message on my phone, when I asked Jennifer (name changed), who contacted me, why she also contacted other agents. I do not know who they were, but it is irrelevant, as Jennifer was not looking for ...
July 22 we bought a one-bedroom condo in Hammock Beach Resort for our investor. It was won at the Tax Deed sale, which is an auction, run by the Clerk of Court of Flagler County. The unpaid taxes with some fees were a little over $4K, and we were puzzled by the fact that the previous owner, who b...
It is easier to find an affordable condo on the beachside, than to find a pet friendly condominium, but find an affordable condo, which is pet friendly, or, better say, small pets friendly, is way more difficult. That’s why the list is only 4 condos (buildings) long. There are might be more than ...
It was our usual evening routine walking on the beach. It was getting dark, and suddenly with my peripheral vision I thought I saw that something was moving. It was something small; I thought maybe this was a crab, so I bent. It was a baby turtle lying on the back helplessly trying to turn over. ...
If you car is broken and you are not a professional car mechanic, would you take the car to a trusted mechanic, or you would start fixing what you do not know? And call your mechanic and ask him how to release some part, which blocks you access the engine, not being able to explain why you are ev...
Condos and condo-hotels have restrictions for the owners, and there is little surprise that they do. When there is a bunch of people being so close together, you need rules governing this being together, or close enough to affect each other.   Sometimes I am stunned how much effort people are wil...
Teach me how to fly. How to wave my hands and jump, and lift… and soar… and see the world beneath… Teach me how to fly. To forget the small stuff, petty offenses… how to leave them down there and be free… Teach me how to fly. How to catch the wind and glide with it over the ocean… How to have not...

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