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How the foreclosure auctions work?I hear this question often even from very successful and very busy people. I understand it. We are curious, and people who have money, are curious people, too. The idea of money growing on a tree is simply too tempting for any human being. But I also know the rea...
“While we realize this decision comes at a difficult time, we regret to inform you that we are unable to approve your request to complete a Short Sale strategy on your property for the reason provided below: Failed internal quality review.” Well, we never requested to complete a “Short Sale strat...
Today I received a message form Kay that her husband, James Rucker, has passed away.It is very sad. I know we all die, but when someone I know dies, it comes as a shock… It is always very difficult to accept. Couple of months ago he spoke to me on the phone from his Hospital bed, he was weak but ...
This gotta (screw proper English) be the longest short sale in history. Short sale since 2010. All because of a dynamite combination of Bank of America servicing an FHA loan, where the strict FHA guidelines meet the most incompetent people at Bank of America.From the first moment you hit the wall...
I am trying to make sense of our today’s Daytona Beach area condo-hotel market and I can’t. It resembles 2014, which started with some promising activity, but then ran out of steam and went into a coma. Actually, it resemble the coma part. This year I did not notice even any increase in activity,...
 Like many of you, guys, I am always getting offers, which are so good, that they can’t be true. I know that, so I click delete without hesitation and move on. But often times I wonder how they make money on this.So, here is one of those. Secret shoppers. Can’t beat this. You go and shop around, ...
A few days ago I noticed this flyer on the wall of the elevator. The Turtle season is back.  And today in Ormond Beach I saw the first nest staked and taped around. First for me this season. Now we have to be careful with the light. Usually people use special light fixtures on the balcony. It is ...
- A friend of mine owns a condo-hotel at Xxxxxxx. I saw her the other day and she told me unit 555 is available and the price has been reduced. We plan on going to the beach this Sunday.I received this email on Monday. I wouldn’t say that I get them all the time, but it is not unusual. I checked ...
We lived above the Arctic Circle for 14 years, and I will never forget the experience. I am asking my frineds, who are still living in Vorkuta if they noticed the change in climate, and they say they do. It became warmer. I am time from time checking the temperatures, and seems like winters get w...

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