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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



Daytona condos differ in many respects, and size, or better say, number of units is one of those.Why the size matters (I am talking about condos, guys)? A short answer is that it is tied to the size of the wallet.Let us look at two buildings: Aliki Tower and Aliki Condominiums. Built by the same ...
This evening we went for our daily walk on the beach. We first went south, and then, couple of miles later turned north. There were more people than what I usually see on Thursday. I saw people on the balconies and by the condo pools, and it was unusual. You never see people on balconies in Dayto...
We a few accounts with Florida Power & Light (FPL) for the properties, which we remodel for our clients.I received the call from FPL. It was an automated service, and the robot told me that the service would be terminated, as of this coming Friday, and we needed to make a payment immediately. The...
If you read all comments to David Barr’s featured post Disagreeing with "Established" Members “, you will run into comments “I never get involved in these posts but…” You will read it not once and not twice. It means that members, who would usually not get involved, decided to dive in, and this i...
Is choosing condo living over a single family home a matter or lifestyle? I believe it is also a matter of personality. Simply put if you are a belly button of the world, and the whole world revolves around you, condo is not for you. This applies not only to owners, but to tenants as well.Too oft...
For about 4 years I am being bombarded by some “Capital Mortgage” from California, where people sounding Hispanic were trying to persuade Carlos to switch to a better mortgage. I did everything. I was patient, I was polite, but firm, I was rude… but they kept calling two or three times a day. I n...
Of course, something can always be done. But this is not the right question. The right question is "Will it be done?"No...It is really very simple. Last meeting of the Board was over the phone. You could tune in and listen and participate no matter where you were at that time.There are 323 units ...
I have just read Craig Daniel’s What I Would Fix About ActiveRain If I Could He sure made a very worthy attempt to make AR Home page to look like it is AR and not Market Leader. Let’s call it going back to unimproved version :)I loved the title of his blog, and I believe AR should do a “challenge...
I was planning on taking some photos and a few video fragments in preparation to changing the design of my website. Mornings were coming nice, but a bit hazy, and the sky was coming up without color, making photos unpleasant. And I was waiting, and it was getting better, but then the clouds would...
At the beginning of May this year, I posted about a blizzard in Vorkuta, a Russian coal miners’ city 100 miles above the Arctic Circle, where we lived before immigrating to US. There was a photo of snow, snow, snow…Then I posted a photo after a blizzard on May 29. I thought that would be it for t...

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