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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



I do not know about you, but I really don’t like this “Just for Fun” in the list of topics, from which you have to choose, when posting on Active Rain.For example, I am writing about thousands of people killed in the Ukraine. It is as far from fun as it could possibly be, but because it is not ma...
A friend of mine became very successful in real estate in the last crazy cycle. He concentrated on relatively few clients, but he was buying and selling for them again and again and again.I knew one of his clients, an immigrant from Eastern Europe, who trusted my friend Alex with everything relat...
I am continuing the series of short market reports about condo-hotels in Daytona Beach area. The general overview of condo-hotel market is here.A post about Daytona Beach Club is here. And a post about The Plaza Resort & Spa is here.When talking about condo-hotels, it is difficult to be exact in ...
I am not writing this for fun or for some sort of exercise. I am writing because my heart is bleeding... I am writing because I am an American.We got an incapable President, and not only did not impeach him, but gave him the second opportunity to keep steering the nation.The funny part is that we...
“Condominia is the plural of:Condominium or "condo", in property law, a kind of real estate property”This is from Wikipedia. But if you use Word and you type the correct word “Condominia”, the text editor immediately shows you that it is wrong. It underlines it in red. The Dictionary that Word us...
There is a new contest on AR, and to me it is puzzling in many ways.Here is one. I am very curious how many people, who comment, really have a problem handling huge volume of transactions, and really need the system, that can help them work on about 80 transactions at any given time.Please, those...
Plaza Resort & Spa has 82% positive reviews according to as of September 21, 2015. Which is darn good, by the way. And it tells you that this is one of the best condo-hotels overall. And if I say that it is in trouble, that may raise eyebrows.But it is true. Plaza Resort & Spa and...
When talking about condo-hotels, it is difficult to be exact in describing their overall ambience, and they are all very different, so I use the ratings on Tripadvisor, so if you do not like it, or you do not agree with it, take it to them:)Daytona Beach Club has 27% positive reviews (September 2...
Labor day came and gone, things are getting slower, it is just a notch less hot, and it starts feeling cooler and nicer. The water in the ocean is still at the peak, 83F. Beautiful and quiet time.The streets are more deserted, the crowd is in Daytona only on weekends… the fall is around the corne...
Condo-Hotels are operated as hotels, even though each unit/hotel room has an owner.Hotels have maintenance people. They are taking care of, practically, all small stuff, until it requires a professional.But often maintenance guys overstep their level of competence and they do not even know about ...

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