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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



Here is my pick of Beachside condos in Daytona. Parameters used: price from $200K to $300K. 2- to 3 bedrooms, not smaller than 1,380 sf, and built in 1985 or later. 1. Tidesfall. Lowest price in this range start from $260K for first floor condo in Ormond Beach. It is a 3/2 with over 2K sq. ft. 2...
How nice to get a contact request from a potential Buyer on Active Rain. First time buyer, buying for cash… There is a telephone number, but a request to use email only because of the hearing problem. OK, sending the email. Trying to understand the criteria. The email back states that the hard h...
It is quite rare for me to reblog. But I am doing it now. Not only the post is very good, I would say excellent, but the comments add a lot to the post. I am always struggling with my long-winded posts. I thought it was a problem. What a relief to learn that after all it might be not. I agree wit...
Russia is now becoming a serious threat to the peace in the world. Funny, that it is not in itself so dangerous, barring use of nuclear weapons. But it is like a car on very gentle slope, and Putin released the brakes and it is rolling. Gently now, but slightly accelerating as it rolls. And there...
I like Ted Baker. I like him very much. He is a very clever man, well and thoroughly educated. I read his blogs, love when he comments on mine, and learn a lot. His writing, except, of course, for his technical stuff, is always deep, well thought and is based on very solid foundation of facts and...
Our area does not have a winter pattern at all. Summer is a different story. There is a clear pattern, which is pretty simple. Hot, humid, with afternoon showers… In this sense our winters are not really ours, they are determined by the weather in other parts of the country. We can get a spill of...
  Ponce Inlet is a quaint small town on the southern end of the Barrier island. Fishing is a popular pastime here, but I do have the patience for that, so I am walking around. Sometimes I am even walking with the camera. Here is a fellow photographer with a tripod trying to set and catch the vist...
In March in a surprise move, Russia annexed the Crimea. Intelligence warned the White House, our President called Putin, and Putin said it was BS. And in the best traditions of our White House, the President trusted our big Russian friend Putin, and then was very surprised that Putin had annexed ...
Elizabeth Weintraub, a star blogger from California, posted AWay To Ward Off a Real Estate Agent Kidnapping Bad things happen, and recent kidnapping was just yet another one, that made everybody talk about it. The idea of taking a photo of the driver’s license and sending it to someone from the p...
  Obvious, or perceived as such, may not necessarily be perfectly legal. Years ago when I joined Active Rain, I was stunned by the opportunities to learn things, that AR provided. Discussions helped me understand certain things, showed me where I was wrong, and the quality of advice was excellent...

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