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Turkey has shot down a Russian plane for violating Turkey's border. It is not the first time Russians violated the border of Turkey. Russia has done it in the recent past, and was just recently warned that Turkey would have no chice but shoot.So, they did.I do not believe even for a second that R...
When I go to my Home Page, I see “comments on”… and it is about comments I left. And then I see “commented your blog”, and this is when someone left a comment on my blog.Every time I se this “commented your blog”, it is like I am being hit with a hammer. It sounds so wrong to me, that I have diff...
When I speak to people for the first time, they quickly figure that I am from Russia. People recognize the accent, or they simply ask.And they comment on great Russian culture, mention great people of Russia. Often times they would say that US should have extended the helping hand to Russia after...
There was a time at Oceanside Inn, when they had quite a few owners defaulting on their payments, and the Association was in dire need of money to stay afloat.I remember that we contacted those in default, offered to do short sales for them and sold quite a few units bringing new owners, who star...
It is middle of November and quite time to revisit Fountain Beach Resort. I was always fond of trying to find indirect indicators of the market condition for a property and wider local market, and I believe one of them is the ratio of units for sale to the total number of units (when talking abou...
This lady has bought 3 investment properties with me, and is now looking for a condo as her primary residence. She recently was at our condo, liked it a lot, and liked the building. And liked the price we paid for it 4 years ago, the price of yesterday.But today is not yesterday, and the price we...
I am dealing with condo-hotels for well over a decade and keep being surprised how things sometimes change.I was talking to the owner of unit in Fountain Beach Resort a few days ago. He was thinking about buying another unit in some other resort, and we were discussing his options. He mentioned a...
I am following the market, and yet I can’t say that I truly understand it.I entered the Real Estate field in 1999, and market was stagnant then in Daytona Beach area. Watched it slowly picking up, then saw the market going ballistic, and then saw it deflating…Countless gurus, including the Chief ...
A few days ago we were walking on the beach with a good friend of ours and she said she knew a lady, who wanted to sell a house. That lady does not want to work with agents, so she is telling her friends, that if they know anyone, who is looking for a nice house, to let her know.Our friend knows ...
Try not to laugh at this video. I couldn’t. No, my cat is not scaring me, rather he is scared of this costume more than anything… he is not used to this…But Tim, our cat, is cute, the costume is hilarious, it is Halloween, so what more do we want from this deaf black cat, that granted us his frie...

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