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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



There seems to be more activity behind the scenes in The Plaza Resort & Spa, that what we can see on the surface.Looks like timing is in Plaza’s favor, tourism in Central Florida is on the rise, and they might be on the brink of finally making some sense and break even, as being in the red financ...
I wrote a blog post about Kingston Shores condominium in Ormond-by-the-Sea a few days ago. It is very general in nature, give you an idea of the location, the community, and details of the complex.But how is the market in Kingston Shores condominium? Below is the statistical data from local MLS: ...
If you take A1A, which is also called Scenic Highway, north from Granada Avenue towards Flagler County line, for six and a half miles you will be watching the mixture of everything.Magnificent oceanfront homes on the beach, all type of houses on the west side of the road, mid- and high-rise condo...
I am meeting with a Buyer in a week. I am asking a lot of questions, and he is answering. And then he probably felt that I might have forgotten his first email to me and he reminded me,- Remember that I said I would not consider buying till December or JanuaryThere are always properties for sale,...
If I ask around, those who are not in real estate would easily define it as something about getting the transaction uneventfully getting to Closing, and then a happy Seller and a happy Buyer/investor shake hands, and live happily thereafter…I love this fairy tale, my heart mellows… And yes, it ha...
I get such calls time from time. They are from friends, who have their other friends, and they call on their behalf with simple questions. My problem is that I do not have simple answers.I did not read their Lease Agreement or Purchase and Sale contract, so often I do not have any answers.They ex...
Funny, I do not usually reblog, and just recently I reblogged Inna Hardison's "bragging" post and now I am reblogging Bill Cherry's. Guys, if you do not follow Bill, you are losing on excellent treat. I don't think we have yet another story teller on AR like Bill Cherry.If he writes a book, I am ...
Halifax Landing was one of the last completed condominium buildings, "coceived"  in the peak years of real estate boom, and it was completed at the early stages of the recession, in 2008. Investors did not close, and sales were very sluggish.Then they hired the same company, which was hired to se...
Daytona Inn Beach Resort is a condo-hotel in the heart of Beachside. Actually, it is right by the side of this arch over the ramp to the Beach “World’s Most Famous Beach”You simply can’t be more “central” to the beachside than this.The Condo-hotel was built as a Hotel in 1961. When I started in D...
Aliki Atrium is an interesting building. Very unusual and so uncharacteristic for Andy Xepapas, the developer of all these condos, which bear the name of his beloved wife – Aliki. Tell me that real estate is not about love...Built in 1980, this 7-story building with units on 3 levels is a very pr...

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