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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



I get a call from someone, who is reading my blog, and now want to look at condos. They tell me what and when and where, and we start working. 1. Looking for all condos fitting the broad criteria, narrowing down to few condos so that our customer really knows his options.2. Prepare sheets with al...
I heard that Real Estate agents are even lower that used car salesmen when it comes to trust. Probably those used car salesmen are great people. Because I had a wonderful experience with new car salesmen today and I believe, that if you trust them, you gotta be crazy at the very least.I am drivin...
Living by the ocean walking on the beach is logical. We believe we are logical people, so, we walk. We were walking on the beach today when the call came at 7:30. I answered the phone, and the gentleman of the other end said it was a wrong number…3 minutes later another call came from the same nu...
Florida breaks another tourism record with 29.8 million visitors in first quarterThis is the title of the article I ran into May 17 in Tampa Bay Times. It is about yet another record.I remember all the hype a year ago, when Florida reached 100,000,000 visitors a year record. And this year we are ...
Pendleton Club Condominium is a riverfront (Intracoastal) condominium building. One of the first condos not only in Daytona Beach, but also in Florida. Even though it was built in 1963, it is still one of the best-built condominiums in the area. Very sturdy, inside corridor system, doorman, one d...
A friend called. His tenant is leaving, and he is worrying. Asking to help him find a new tenant, but warns me that he needs to increase rent significantly.- I have circumstances. We just had a baby, and for now I am the only one who’s working, expenses are up, so I need to rent my townhome for m...
I remember that all-wrong phrase that struck me once: “Condos and Condos are two big differences”… but barring a weird way of expressing the thought, it is trueThere are hundreds of condos in Daytona Beach area and they are different. Different in many senses. Different in price, location, level ...
I posted about liability insurance, and then again thought of literally hundreds of my buyers, who either purchased the insurance after closing, or never purchased it at all. And strangely enough, the only time the person was injured in all these cases was with my catious buyer, who purchased ins...
I was going over Richie’s post and commented about Trump, and used a spellchecker to fix numerous mistypes, and noticed something very interesting. When you type “Obama” and use a spellchecker, it would not recognize the word and underline it in red.But try to type “Trump” and the spellchecker ha...
Richie Naggar posted – Trump A Second Look“He brings with him a billionaire attitude. Can't be bought, persuaded, intimidated nor will he back down or give in and can give as good as he gets.”Really?Billionaire Attitude or Schoolyard Bully?Have you ever heard or read another billionaire that obno...

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