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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



I keep saying that radical very limiting owners policies of the Board of Directors of the Association in Oceanside Inn, a Daytona Beach Shores condo-hotel, adversley affect the value of units there, but words don't seem to convince the owners.Here is how you can look at numbers and understand and...
I am about to write a market report for one of the condo-hotels in Daytona Beach area. I am carefully checking our MLS what is Active, what is contingent or pending, and what is sold so that I have a clear picture of the status, and, probably, of the trend.I was taught that MLS is mostly for agen...
How about apocalyptical titles like “Time to buy is now”, or making it a question “When is the best time to buy” and of, course, turns out that the time to buy is always now?We see the continuous urgency of a particular moment smoothly transitioning to the next urgent moment. But urgency never go...
I am getting a listing in Ocean Six in Daytona Beach Shores. I have been dreaming of a listing in this building for quite some time. We sold several condo units in this building, but we represented buyers, and I thought it would have been nice to take listing in a building, where we live.We were ...
If you fly to Daytona, you would usually fly to Orlando International Airport, rent a car and drive about 75 miles to Daytona Beach.Of course, you can fly to Jacksonville, but it is farther from Daytona, and Orlando is still a busier airport with more flights, so it is easier to fly to Orlando.Ye...
Featured image is my photo of Oceans Six in Daytona Beach Shores, the condo where we live on the 10th floor.The building is right on the beach, and then the end of the World - vast and magnificent Atlantic Ocean… 4,300 miles to Moroccan coast in Africa…We do sell condos in this building, and yes,...
I haven't. Epicenter is a commonly misused word...It seems that we use it when we want to express being in the center of some event, happening, or some mass gathering… But epicenter does not mean the center. It is the projection from the center to the earth’s surface. Often used in seismology, th...
My wife sometimes makes certain associations that surprise me, as I never see it her way.Her latest was today, when we learned that we have a new President.She reminded me that we voted for McCain, and he lost. Next election we voted for Romney, and he lost.This time we did not vote for Trump, an...
I rarely work with Russian customers. Or, better say, I am not seeking Russian clients. The way I changed my name after receiving citizenship, it is not showing that I am Russian, and there is nothing on my business card saying that I speak Russian…So a few of my Russian clients are either pure a...
Of course, we all know that every election is unique, even if we are talking about how low the campaign goes. This election is no different ion this sense. But it has some sinister tones to it, something that has never happened before.We are dealing with erosion of public decency on a much bigger...

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