about life: How To Fake History. Crimea. - 03/03/14 11:03 AM
I am not an expert on Russia or Ukraine, or on anything else for that matter. Having lived in Russia for 40 years, and even visiting Crimea once is not enough to be an expert, so these notes are simply my thoughts, my take on the events in Crimea, actually only one episode of the unfolding drama with potentially catastrophic consequences.
I doubt many Americans new anything about Crimea a week ago, and now it is dominating the news.
February 27 Sergey Aksyonov became the Prime Minister of Crimea. Interestingly, according to the media, the Council of Ministers of Crimea at that … (42 comments)

about life: Photoshopping Life? - 02/23/14 08:29 AM
Photoshop is a powerful software package, allowing you to do many things, and among them taking the image and then blur or darken and blend, or even delete something not important, so that our focus is on the main event of the picture.  Pretty much this is how our brain “photoshops” what the eyes send to it.
Sounds stupid, I know. With our eyes we see what is out there… Actually, not quite. There is quite a difference between what our eyes see and what our brain processes. The eyes see about 50 times more than what we finally “see” after … (39 comments)

about life: Seeing the World With American Heart - 02/09/14 01:51 AM
Sheila Anderson posted Dogs, the Olympics, and Russia…
It is a noble cause… really noble…but seen with American heart and eyes.
I understand that in Sochi 4,500 stray dogs an issue because of the Olympics, but the problem goes well beyond Sochi. Sochi is in Russia, and life is very different in Russia. And, believe it or not, the dogs are different.
Since I came to US I stopped being scared of dogs. I always say that American dogs are the most law abiding and nice dogs in the world. It is very true…

It is not my fantasy. … (44 comments)

about life: And Nothing Happened... - 01/28/14 12:52 PM
When I read about the mass killings, I always ask myself, what would have happened if the shooter were killed before s/he could kill anyone? Would we hear about it if this how it would end up in the school rampage, which took the lives of 26 people?
Or the shooting in the movie theater, or that rampage at Virginia Tech?
What if I tell you that there were supposed to be a mass shooting in Daytona Beach, and the only reason you did not hear about it is because the shooter died first?
A few weeks ago we were stunned … (18 comments)

about life: Elusive Art of Living Simple - 01/20/14 02:01 PM
A guy throws a line into the ocean and catches a fish. Cooks it, eats it, and takes a nap under the palm tree on the beach.
Crystal blue warm waters, blue skies, white sand, light breeze…
A guy comes to him and asks if he could catch another fish as easily.
- Yes. 
- Let’s do business. You fish, I sell, and we will split the profits.
- And then what?
- We grow the business, send fish to out of the area customers, who would pay more, and we will have more money.
- And then what?

about life: Is It You On the Forbes List of Billionaires? - 01/16/14 08:55 AM
Like everybody else, I am getting my fair share of spam. After years in business, your eye is pretty good at telling, which is which, and what to avoid.
Some of the scams are very elaborate; require incredible amount of time and and even more - talent. If their effort and talent are put to good use, where should they be? On the Forbes list of Billionaires?
Don’t look for them there, however. But you will, probably, find them in every jail in the nation.
Think about it. With the amount of energy they display, and the talent they sure have, … (12 comments)

about life: Do You Speak English? Not Sure?... - 12/20/13 11:05 AM
When I got on a plane in Moscow, I thought I had a working command of English. I could easily speak, write and read and I was sure I could understand given a chance I meet a live American. After all, it was my major in college. But, as so many other Russians at that time, I did not have a chance to bump into an American. Remember, there was an iron curtain. And from our side it was very iron…
It ended right at JFK in New York on that scorching hot day of July 31, 1991. We were in … (15 comments)

about life: 25 x 25 = ? Anybody? - 12/17/13 11:19 AM
When I was in school, I was relatively good with many other subjects, but I sucked in math.  So, I navigated through the final exams and thought that I needed to forget math as a nightmare from the past.
When months after immigrating to USA in July 1991, I read the ad in the newspaper about free Real Estate classes, sponsored by NYU, I went there. Everybody had calculators, and I didn’t. I didn’t know that you needed one. It took me over an hour and couple of trains to get there, so I took a sheet of paper and started … (30 comments)

about life: What Grows In Supermarket - 12/12/13 03:01 AM
When my grandson was about 3 years old, the Day Care Center had a field trip to the farm. He came back full of joy from seeing and touching the animals. Of course, he saw a cow there as well.
Next day at day care, the teacher, talking about their trip to the farm, asked him where the milk came from, and without hesitation he said “Nancy”. Cow was just a cow, but Nancy from Day Care center was giving him milk.
I sometimes think that young generation in America believes that fruits and vegetables grow in the supermarket.
When I … (72 comments)

about life: Reason To Call It Life... - 12/08/13 12:07 AM
Yesterday I returned from vacation. And where some Floridians go for vacation? Yes, right here in Florida, in the Florida Keys. We spent a week here in Islamorada couple of years ago, and loved it, so we are back.
Last time in Islamorada, I discovered kayaking. Never done it before, and liked it a lot. This time I am looking forward to kayaking. I am all excited. Just in case, I ask the guy at the rental office about the crocodiles/alligators, as there is a sign at the resort warning about crocs.
The guy smiles, and says that they do not … (14 comments)

about life: Thank You for Inviting Me For Dinner. But Your Door Was Locked... - 11/07/13 10:38 AM
Amanda and Jared Christiansen posted Why are you disabling comments on your AR blog?
They sparked an interesting discussion, and, since they did not disable comments, I jumped in and left one:)
In a nutshell, I couldn’t disagree more.
No matter what the reasons are, when you “kill” real communication, what you leave is a lecture. Not that there is anything wrong with the lecture, but blogging is not really a great platform for lecturing. It is like using it for something it was not designed for, and we see same with Facebook and even Twitter… So, we pretend that we … (62 comments)

about life: Death by Customer Service… - 11/01/13 09:50 AM
I got a new car yesterday. Now, that I closed my office and work from home (and opened and maintain a small office, where I get mail, because the State wants it this way), I got a lease, and it is in the company name.
We spent half of the day yesterday at the dealership, and I witnessed attempts to screw me, which couldn’t be any more blatant… I was lucky to have my son with us, and at one time in his early career he used to sell cars, but even he got mad and wanted to leave a few … (75 comments)

about life: The Temptation Of Saying "No" - 10/12/13 03:01 AM
Probably it is our human nature. We love to say "no". We love our children as we freely say "no" to them as much as we want...  But when we want to say "no" to adults, we need to become The Government.
I think the ability to tell others what to do and what not to do is why people vie for government higher hierarchy. Of course, there is always a good reason. It is for the safety, or well-being, or security, or else…
So we fought drinking, and had Prohibition. Far from glorious 13 years...
We are fighting drugs now, … (12 comments)

about life: What Einstein Said...Or Didn't - 08/24/13 01:05 PM
Time from time I get some interesting stuff from my friends.  Last thing I got was titled “The Day that Albert Einstein Feared May Have Finally Arrived”.
There were several quite funny photos to make the point. 4 girls sitting each busy with their phone; friends, instead of chatting, are busy with their cell phones, etc. We all see this around and probably shake our heads watching this.
The article quoted Albert Einstein saying, “I fear the day when the technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”
It is funny, it is… well, true … (12 comments)

about life: Sense of Home... - 08/17/13 01:10 PM
It happened that on a few our short sales, the Buyers were represented by the same broker.
There is a lot of similarity between us, we are both from the Soviet Union, of similar age, immigrated the same year, came to Florida from New York pretty much at the same time, and, of course, the fact that we are in the same business. We knew of each other, but haven't met face-to-face. And suddenly we were communicating a lot.
So, when there was an interesting event in the Casements (shown on this photo), a former winter residence of John Rockefeller, who spent … (14 comments)

about life: How Good Is Your Name? - 03/23/13 06:48 AM
In December 2012 we decided to close our office in the condo-hotel building. With our shift towards condos rather than condo-hotels, having an office in a condo-hotel became a disadvantage. Plus, after having sold quite a few units there, we were losing a lot of time on casual conversations with owners and (guests) coming to stay there. If it was raining outside, they did not have what to do and would come to chat… So, we were moving. It was a perfect time to change the name, as we would still have to change the address and all the marketing pieces. … (14 comments)

about life: How To Lose A Shirt - 03/18/13 02:01 AM
Have you ever thought of a chance to get rid of your sizable mortgage and for less than half the money own the property free and clear?
Well, sometimes things like this may happen.
We are watching foreclosures and tax deed. A 35-pad mobile home park with 32 homes. It is not in the best shape, 6 homes are closed and there are warnings from the city of Daytona Beach on the windows. Code violations. The rest of them are rented. Excellent location two blocks from the river.
At the peak of the market it was bought for $800,000. Then, just … (10 comments)

about life: March 5, 2013...So What? - 03/05/13 01:17 PM
Today is March 5, 2013. By middle of the day, I couldn’t resist the temptation and asked my wife whether there was any significance in this date. She thought for a moment and then said that she could not remember anything, so she assumed that there was nothing worth remembering…
It all depends.
60 years ago today the Father of Peoples Joseph Stalin died.
I was 2 years old, so no recollection of the event. My mom told me that she was crying. Actually, the whole huge country was crying. People were scared. They were afraid that something very bad would … (59 comments)

about life: It Is Normal There Now... - 02/28/13 03:41 PM
The fact that climate is changing is not a big surprise to anyone. Actually, climate changes have never been a surprise, they always are happening. Up and down...
It is very noticeable even in Russian Arctic. Very different from the time we lived there. Snow in the Arctic city of Vorkuta coming in October and it is later and later every year, while I remember that winters used to start in mid September and first snow was common in August.
But blizzards are still part of life there, and people are used to deal with them. As meteorologist say, records … (5 comments)

about life: I Wish My Days Were As Long... - 02/28/13 09:35 AM

I do not remember how I got introduced to Newsmax, but I started getting Newsmax this and Newsmax that every day in big doses.
I got burned after the election and decided to cut on a lot of political stuff, and started unsubscribing. It pretty much worked with everything… except Newsmax.
I keep getting it, and every time I go to the very end of the message and click on “Remove your email address from our list”
The page that opens is already populated with my email address, and my name.
Then there is a long list of Newsmax’ … (27 comments)

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