active rain: Learning To Speak UP...Again - 11/27/12 11:59 AM
I truly believe that if we are OK with plagiarism on AR, then we should not be questioning why general public has a very low opinion about us. It is simple, if we are OK with others stealing before our eyes, we are OK with stealing, period.
But things are never black and white. There are services, where for a fee somebody would allow you to use the content that you did not write. After all, our President does not write much himself…
Legally you pay for the right to use the content as yours. I do not see anything wrong … (20 comments)

active rain: Do You Goodmouth? - 11/24/12 11:59 PM
I just ran into a reblog on AR. I left a comment for a reblogger. Luckily, it was not the case where the comments are disabled, which I can’t stand, and then I went to the original blog to leave a comment, a different one, as I rarely leave the same comment on both posts.

But what a surprise. I can’t find the comment from a person, who reblogged the post. It is not unusual, and no, it is not only new members who do it. I see seasoned AR members, who would reblog, and thus acknowledge the value, but … (30 comments)

active rain: EXPO at NAR Convention - 11/11/12 03:24 PM
On Saturday I went to Orlando for the EXPO. I know that it would be great to sign for the whole convention and spend time there, but I can’t force myself to do it, so I brave only for the EXPOs every time the convention is in Orlando.

I went to a Home Show in Orlando relatively recently, and though media touted it as a comeback, it was pitiful. There were more skin care products and other stuff unrelated to anything home, that it was pathetic.
I was a bit nervous going to NAR convention, as I was afraid to … (12 comments)

active rain: «Lazy» Math - 08/23/12 06:18 AM
The letter came in the mail. It is from Domain Registry of America. It is Domain name expiration notice. They notify me that my domain name is due to expire and they offer the renewal.  
That is very thoughtful of them. The only small problem is that they are asking arm and a leg for the renewal. For one year it is $35, for two years $60 (savings of $10), and for five years it is $120 (savings of $55). 
Hmm, I just renewed my other domain on for a little under $9 a year. It makes me think why they … (13 comments)

active rain: I Am Semi-Retiring From AR - 06/27/12 11:18 PM
It is funny but I did not have time to announce my semi-retirement from AR for more than a week now. Yep, it is time to stop the race and get practical. At 10 posts per week and 10 comments a day and considering the time I was devoting to doing this, it was eating me alive. I could try doing it faster, but it would come at the expense of quality. I perfectly understand that quality is very relative thing, and even with all the time I was devoting to writing, the quality was often borderline. What this race taught … (28 comments)

active rain: AR Riches? - 06/26/12 10:09 PM
There are currently 39 millionaires (those who have accumulated over 1 Mil points) on AR. On average less than one per state. Actually, some states have more than one millionaire, and some have none. So, which is the most competitive state? If you look at the number of “millionaires”, Florida is a leader with 6 “millionaires” out of 24,011 members on AR. California has 4 “millionaires” out of 34,034 and Virginia has 4 out of only 6,500 members. But take Nevada with their 3 “Millionaires” and they only have 2,973 members on AR. In that sense 3 out of 2,973 is … (22 comments)

active rain: Active Rain Coincidence... What a Surprise! - 05/23/12 04:57 PM
Life is always full of surprises. A week ago I have received a call from a fellow Rainer. She was looking for a condo-hotel in Daytona area, and asked me whether I could work with her. She came on Tuesday with her daughter, and we spent a few hours on Tuesday looking at condo-hotels. When I thought that they had enough of them, we agreed that they will think about what they saw and we will talk in the morning.
Turned out they had more energy than I thought, and went on their own to Hawaiian Inn, which was not on … (12 comments)

active rain: Mike Cooper. AR Rising Star. - 05/18/12 01:16 PM
I have been on AR for some time and I watched people leaving and people coming. Everyone is different. Some come unnoticed, and then their stars line up and they start shining, and some enter AR orbit with enough light and speed to be immediately noticed.
I think Mike is that star. We met today in my office and then had lunch at Zen Bistro, a local tiny Thai Restaurant. I thought I know Mike from his very impressive blog posts, but I did not read his “about me” page until just now, and I regret it. There is so much … (24 comments)

active rain: A Mentor To Sensei - 05/13/12 03:27 PM
When I read Dick Greenberg’s Sensei/Grasshopper - An April Challenge! I knew that I did not need to ask if anyone needed my help. I knew exactly what I was going to do. I have known Alex Lopouchanski for probably 6 years now. It all started when we were working with a client, who was illegal alien, and had difficult time getting a mortgage, and after two powerful mortgage brokerages failed, the Buyer came to me with an ad from the Russian newspaper and asked me to call the guy. I was more than skeptical, but called. He managed to get … (4 comments)

active rain: My Fierce Competitor... Congratulations! - 03/11/12 03:08 PM
If you go to Leaderboard in Florida, you will see that my fierce competitor is Gabe Sanders from Stuart, Florida.
Interestingly, there is something in common between us besides being older males.
We are both Jewish (even though I am not religious), and we are both immigrants, who came from Eastern Europe. He – from Hungary. I – from the Soviet Union.
Of the two, he is much smarter, because he came in 1956, and it took me way too long to get out of the Soviet Union. So, Gabe in America realized his American dream, while I in America realized … (18 comments)

active rain: Habits of Successful Bloggers - 03/08/12 10:58 PM
Life is not as fair as we might want it to be. There are many bloggers on AR. Some are more successful and some are not so much. Time from time I run into ... not very successful bloggers complaining that they do not see the expected results from their blogging.
Often times when I go and check the profile of the member complaining, it is incomplete. It is not that it is short, it is that you see that the member did not take time to complete all the boxes in Profile page, and did not delete the prompt text there, so after … (16 comments)

active rain: How To Successfully Write For Google - 03/04/12 01:34 PM
How To Successfully Write For Google I was reading Andrea Swiedler’s  blog post It's all a matter of taste and style... style and taste... I like Andrea's blogs. i like that she is not a marketing machine, even when she claims she is. And usually I agree with her. She wrote about the art of writing good blogs, and she said: “And then you must be sure you write for Google too, don't forget that. If you don't write for Google, the chances of anyone finding you are slim to none.” This shows the importance of writing for Google. So, how … (10 comments)

active rain: The Point of Million Points - 03/04/12 03:48 AM
Clicked "My Home" and noticed that I crossed 1,000,000 AR points mark. A long, exhaustive and exhilarating journey.
I first created a profile on AR in February 2007, but then forgot about it and came back in September 2007.
For me it was an excellent source of information. I quickly figured that it is better than any classes. It still is.
I did not expect any business form AR. I did not do much in terms of real estate. I wrote about everything, even real estate, but very little in terms of market reports, or localism posts.
After two years I … (90 comments)

active rain: Wow! My Midnight Is Now 3 AM - 02/17/12 01:17 PM
Wow, I was rushing to post comments before the minute hand passes midnight, and my comment came right at 12:00. I wanted to see if it still made in or it went to a new day, and to my surprise saw, that the time stamp shows 9 PM. How come? It is midnight, and the stamp is 9 PM?
And then I remembered that AR moved to new servers, and judging by the time stamp they are not on the East coast, but on the West coast, which how it was a couple of years ago.
What it means is … (40 comments)

active rain: Stole It? Sorry, You Are Protected - 02/12/12 06:03 PM
Well, the sight of 10 blog posts coming in rapid-fire manner right after the hand of the clock moves past midnight to Monday is not surprising.
The fact that that these posts are plagiarized is not surprising. Rapid-fire is a good warning sign… usually  wasted. The “author” is not Russel Ray, so he can do whatever he wants… even write War and Peace…
The fact that AR is resisting to either return to the flag system, which made it easier to report problems with blogs (not with comments), or offer something not much worse, is not surprising, of better say, no … (20 comments)

active rain: Folks, It Ain't a Phone, It Is a Banana... - 02/12/12 04:00 PM
Very often I would blog about something and get surprised that there is comment coming the very moment I click submit.

Often times, however, I notice that the comment is not to the blog post, but to the Title, and has little or no relevance.
We are all in a constant rush, and blogging is the activity, where we are not to read, enjoy, but rather grasp and move. It is an exercise in speed in the first place.
No question we lose something. It is a different quality of communication. We are more concerned with the process, than the … (18 comments)

active rain: Who Needs A Shrink? - 02/06/12 04:11 PM
Nobody loves the government. Even Real Estate agents… Real estate agents do not like what government is doing… Real Estate agents are smarter than the government…
Maybe, maybe, maybe…
May be not…
I think that we on AR mirror the “big” government.We just do not notice it.
Take so popular challenges on AR, especially those serial challenges, running for weeks and months. When the government comes with a stimulus (challenge) with a lot of dough (points), it works poorly.
I wrote that, then stumbled on “it works poorly” and then figured that this is a senseless phrase. The exact statement … (12 comments)

active rain: Good Wine Has To Age to Be Appreciated - 02/05/12 05:03 PM
This is not a rant. This is just an observation. This is something that everyone has to overcome here on AR.
When you join and start blogging, you have great ideas, you write entertainingly, there is substance and there is form… and there are few or no readers…
So freaking frustrating…
You write a post, and get a couple of comments, and then you read another post about the same issue, and it has 30-40 comments, or it is featured, and the comments are in hundreds. And it is no better than yours, or worse…
And nobody talks to you…

active rain: My Old AR Friends - 01/29/12 03:50 PM
Suzanne McLaughlin posted I Said Goodbye Today to a Lot of Old Friends.... Excellent blog. She made me think about those who I subscribed to in my time on AR.She inspired me to write this blog post. I have less than half of Suzanne’s number of members, who I subscribed to. When I go to AR, I am looking at dashboard first and comment on blogs that caught my attention. When the dashboard is just listings and market reports, then I turn to my subscription list and read and comment on the posts.
And yes, on my list the "oldest" post … (24 comments)

active rain: Are We Neighborhood Resource? - 01/29/12 03:14 PM
Are we really a neighborhood resource? Do people go to Active rain to find out the move schedule, or the local Laundromat’s hours of operation? Or the menu of the nearby cafe?
What I often see is that these blogs are not even incorporated in a bigger picture. For example, I could understand a blog about the neighborhood and within the blog references to the establishments there.
But a blog, which only has the movie shows schedule?
Do you go to Active Rain when you search for this information, or you are like me and you just Google it? Or … (4 comments)

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