active rain: Can't Trust MLS - 01/22/12 03:30 PM
There was plenty said about abusing MLS, but this keeps happening. A couple of days ago I was preparing for a market report. And in “active” I noticed 4 listings for the same condo unit, all listed on the same day.
It was already nearly a week ago, so if that was a mistake at posting, the agent had more than enough time to correct.
I avoided saying "identical listing", as there is a difference. In two listings the description, which is quite minimal, mentions a hot tub, and on two others it doesn’t. Well, anyway, it is not a unit … (18 comments)

active rain: Knock, Knock, Knock... - Who Is This? - Open The Door. This is Internet - 01/22/12 03:45 AM
Gary Coles posted Get Connected in the Rain It is an interesting post about Active Rain. But what surprised me was that Gary transitions from Active Rain connections to telephone conversations, and for him it is still within Active Rain, and it is not so for me.
To an extent I am surprised that we never really embraced the medium – Internet the way it is designed. Internet is the connection. It is not a step to go to another medium – phone. It is its own world with its own rules. Seeing it as a bridge to a physical personal … (13 comments)

active rain: What Does it Mean To Be An Active Rain Ambassador? - 01/12/12 02:19 PM

What DOES it mean to be an Active Rain Ambassador? Niki Parekh posted a blog post with this title, then Alan May used the same title and wrote the most hilarious post on the topic. Read it, use the link above, it is funny and clever. At least now I know the reason the servers were darn slow all this time since Alan got on board… Reading comments was a blast as well. I learned so much about the requirements to become an Ambassador, I never thought it was so darn difficult to make a cut… Yes, I received the … (18 comments)

active rain: How To … - 01/07/12 02:28 PM
I often run into blogs with titles starting with “How to…”. I must admit that AR proved to be an excellent resource. Just remember posts by Brad Andersohn, Katerina Gasset, Craig Daniels and so many others.
Along with those, there are blogs with “How to…” in the title, but when you click, all you get is just general BS about planning what you are going to do, buying the right stuff, using only the right ingredients, and hire professionals.
But not what they claim in the title. So, if the title is “How to paint a house”, do not expect … (18 comments)

active rain: See You In Court... - 12/13/11 05:01 PM
I was at the County Court today. It is in DeLand, a small quaint town, our county seat… It was a tax Deed sale auction, and there were a few properties that were of interest to my investors.
The hall, where they conduct the sales, was packed. Besides the seats at the table, people were sitting on the floor and standing along the walls.
I know about half of the faces there, We see each other pretty often, even though I am not the one who goes there regularly. I only go when there is something of interest, and when … (18 comments)

active rain: Gold Rush - 12/09/11 02:13 PM
There is a lot of buzz on AR about The guys are actively selling the ownership of a whole city. Sounds enticing.
So, I am on
I type “Daytona Beach”. Then in property type I pick “Condo/ Townhouse”
18 results. 5 of those are condo-hotels, which is a very different animal.
4 are not in Daytona Beach, but in Daytona Beach Shores, and 1 in South Daytona, which is clearly stated in the address.
So far we have 8 out of 18, which are actually in Daytona Beach, and are condos/townhouses.
Daytona MLS shows 225 condos/townhouses in Daytona Beach … (16 comments)

active rain: What Is The Language Of Your Business? - 12/07/11 09:38 AM
Two Russians on Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. The car stops and the driver asks for directions. Two Russians do not speak English, so frustrated driver leaves.
One Russian to another:
- Everybody say «English... English, you need to learn English...»... Did his perfect English help him?
I read a featured blog today, and remembered this story.
What is the language of our business? Do the parties speak the same business language?
The post is about the lockboxes, and the author's refusal to give the code to an investor, who was standing outside and wanted to see the property right away.
The … (8 comments)

active rain: Joystick For AR - 11/28/11 03:57 PM
Why Are You So Frustrated With Me?
I posted about Featured Posts on AR, and some of the comments felt like people are frustrated that I spend so much time on it. It also happened with my some other posts. Whoever is frustrated, have all the right to feel this way, but if this is true, then they are wasting their time on commenting… It is simple arithmetic: if what I write is waste zero, then what you comment is waste zero…
I am also puzzled by the notion that there is the one and only way to spend time. For my … (21 comments)

active rain: Want To Be A Millionaire? Be It... It Is Easy - 11/27/11 04:35 PM
Time flies.
It was not long ago that AR got its first millionaire (in AR points), and now we already have 20 members with more than 1,000,000 points. And the Olympus is going to be even more crowded in few months as there are 16 members with over 900,000 points, who are tirelessly climbing the steep slopes of AR Olympus.
Like in general economy, there are some signs of inflation, brought by incessant shower of challenges points, and by valuing logging in same as 4 bona fide comments.
But this is not the general economy, and those 20 are not … (32 comments)

active rain: How Posts Are Featured? Would You Change The System? - 11/27/11 01:38 PM
How Posts Are Featured? 
Does anyone know what are the criteria, when choosing posts for feature on AR?
Does even AR know it? I really doubt it….
I practice reading featured posts time from time, and the idea behind it seems way more complicated than Google algorithm.
At least with Google you can figure what you need to do to be on page one, and there are some rules that we can understand, and follow.
With featured posts on AR it is impossible. There is no rhythm or reason. I guess, there are a few gals/guys, who would be featured no matter … (46 comments)

active rain: My Wish List For AR Item - 11/24/11 09:39 AM
This is from the wish list for AR. Very often I am interested in member’s blog, and it makes me wonder who s/he comments upon. I would love to know whose posts this person is reading and leaving comments.

In a hectic time we live in, where not only hours, but minutes count, we so often want to rely on someone’s experience, someone’s advice. That’s why I like Patricia Kennedy’s weekly summary, as she would do the preview for us, and it is like going to read featured blogs, not featured by AR. So many times I think that her … (21 comments)

active rain: A Cool Guy In New York - 11/23/11 03:38 PM
If you can find fun in Market Reports, check Mitchell Hall’s Manhattan Monthly Market Report - October 2011.
Maybe it is because I lived in New York (N.E. Bronx, to be exact), or simply because New York can leave anybody indifferent, but I find Mitchell’s report fascinating.
I do not think Manhattan is the most expensive real estate market, but it might be the most fascinating, due to the sheer volume of properties on a relatively small island. Which is not the island in the sea, but rather the Island of the World…
I am looking at condominiums and the … (24 comments)

active rain: Gonna Sue You, Baby... - 10/17/11 05:40 PM
It happened at the time when local real estate market was heating faster than tea in my electric kettle. There was this new development announced in Flagler County, a condominium complex across the street from the ocean.
We went for the grand opening. They had a cherry picker truck and they would lift you and say that this view will be from this floor, and this view from this floor, so that you had a good idea of what you could get there.
People were signing offers, there was that usual hype and the feeling that if you do not buy … (22 comments)

active rain: Are You Stepping On My Toe? - 10/10/11 03:11 PM
There was recently a blog calling for stripping a non real estate content of points on AR. It was featured, and like everything on AR, had a sizable thread with “I agree” comments. I could not believe people would be taking it seriously, but then “I agree” comment in large quantity is rarely a sign of seriousness.
To be fair there were critical comments. And not just a few. The idea deserved much stronger words, than those that were used, but the author still did not like it very much, so he fired another blog post, also featured, this time with even more of … (32 comments)

active rain: Good SamARitan - 09/30/11 03:35 PM
Like so many others on Active Rain, I see when something is not working on AR pages of other people, when the font used for navigation blends with background and you can't find «Blogs» or «Home» to click away, and I am annoyed with a long line of HTML code instead of text, and frustrated that the member put a broken link there...
Of course, I do not have that problem, do I? No, not me... All my stuff is working and it is others, who make all those mistakes...
Yep, absolutely true... until I get an e-mail from a member, … (11 comments)

active rain: Shake-Up on ActiveRain Olympus - 09/24/11 05:39 PM
I looked at the leaderboard and yep, there is a shake-up on AR Olympus. Number one on AR is now Russel Ray. He left behind Todd Clark, who  was number one for about 2 years, I think, after passing Lenn Harley, and I already can't remember who was number one before Lenn.
Anyway, this is the first time that number one on AR is not a real estate agent. Russel is a home inspector by trade, and a lot of other things by choice, a marketer, a photographer, a prolific blogger (but you could figure that easily yourself).
I must say … (20 comments)

active rain: Agatha Christie of Short Sales - 09/08/11 02:29 PM
Whenever I have a question, I Google it. And when I Google real estate related questions, very often I end up on page.
Today I had a question regarding forgiven debt, and I ended up on this page. I like articles on, because they are quality stuff, and also because if you scroll all the way down you will see a familiar face of our AR own Elizabeth Weintraub, a writer for, an agent and a short sale guru from Sacramento, an excellent blogger who turns boring short sales stuff into a clever and creative suspense masterpieces.
Have … (13 comments)

active rain: Time of Roses... - 08/18/11 03:14 PM
I have an announcement to make. For those who has been on AR long enough, it is like a public service. In 3 days it is Brad Andersohn's birthday. So, if you know who he is, then you most probably like him a lot, and then you can go to his page and tell him that.
I have a bit of nostalgia for the time when Brad was not yet even an employee of AR and not yet ActiveBrad. The time when he was writing those highly educational/useful/eye opening, practical blogs and hundreds of members flocked to them every day. What a … (18 comments)

active rain: Agent's Kitchen: How To Fool Around With Images - 07/11/11 06:37 PM
I am not a techie and I am even less of a techie trainer. I am a mediocre user, and I am posting it because I figure there are many users like me in the Rain. Do you ever feel that you know what image would be perfect for your blog, but you do not know where to get it?
What about good ole DIY?
There are ways not to just find a suitable photo and use it in your blog post, but add some juice to the photo by adding text or modifying the image, or doing both.
I … (22 comments)

active rain: Pictures, Pictures, Pictures... - 07/10/11 02:06 PM
This was unexpected. I always thought of images as some addition to the text. Something making it less monotonous and more attractive. Not like a main entree, but more like a side dish. Like veggies on a plate with a sizzling steak; they look green and cool, but you can easily sacrifice them...
Yesterday one of 7 AR servers took a stay-cation. This is a popular term now, It is a vacation, but without actually going anywhere. That's exactly what the server did. Blinked, said «Bye», and went into a coma. While AR was able to reanimate it, not all the … (13 comments)

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