active rain: My Computer Got It All Wrong - 02/22/11 06:16 AM
I got my computer yesterday, but I was still too weak. Today is much better, and, after I successfully negotiated with a nurse not to give me lowering blood pressure medication, as those crazy numbers (high in the 70 and 80s) were, using a computer jargon, keeping me low on resources.
I must admit I was lucky. Lucky because it did not happen to me while on vacation in Dominican Republic. I was lucky that when I got up at 3 AM in pain, I was able to connect the dots and understand what was happening to me, that I did … (122 comments)

active rain: Are You Buzzing? - 02/15/11 07:46 AM
Abdon Stewart in a comment to Ellie’s Does sex sell houses? said that “it creates a buzz, and that’s their whole goal”. It sounded as there was something wrong or just not nice with creating a buzz.
Hmm… I wrote a bunch of blog posts about Marina Grande on the Halifax, a massive condo development in Daytona Beach Area. What was I doing if not trying to create and maintain the buzz? Was I writing about walls, floors and roofs? No, I was writing about the future chance to own, to enjoy, to entertain, to appreciate…
What I was doing was … (4 comments)

active rain: Feel Shame for Your Addiction? Don’t… - 02/15/11 03:16 AM
Lenn Harley with her excellent article HOW MUCH TIME DO YOU SPEND ON ACTIVERAIN? A NEW MEMBER WANTS TO KNOW - PART 2. inspired me to write this blog.
I am always surprised when I see this "How much time do you spend on Active Rain"? It pushes me to defend the time I spend on AR. As if the whole purpose of our being on AR is to pop up and leave. It is as if the virtue is spending less.
I derive 80%- 90% of my business from Active Rain (which surprises myself, as I rarely do real estate and … (82 comments)

active rain: One Crazy Thought... Maybe Not So Crazy - 02/14/11 03:12 AM
When people are on vacation and are happily killing time, they sometime get crazy ideas. Following the honorable tradition, this is mine.
I see that no matter what the market condition is, agents, including AR members, spend money on training, and travel to places where they hope to learn how to grab the bird of luck by the golden tail.
So, sitting by the poolside and trying to plan the course of actions against the enemy of all vacations – growing belly, I instead veered in a different direction and thought that it could be a good idea to arrange either … (12 comments)

active rain: Gary Woltal Just Turned 800,000. Congratulations! - 02/11/11 02:53 PM
800,000 AR points, that means.
I am on vacation and have unlimited time but limited Internet. So, I thought that maybe I have missed his post about reaching 800,000 points. Nope, I checked, Gary did not say a word. But then, hey, did we really expect him to do it? This is Gary…
I am sure no introduction needed. He is one of a kind, and one very kind…
He makes us all ponder … and we do…
He is very tall, way over 6’, but this is irrelevant. This is not his achievement. But the fact that he is tall … (27 comments)

active rain: Reward for Hard Work - 02/06/11 03:43 PM
We tend to believe that hard work is rewarded. It is a very moral point of view, and who doesn’t want to feel moral?
With age I believe in it less than before. Is it about sweat and work?
No, it is not the amount of sweat, but the amount of good that comes along. It is about being good at what you do.
There are more than enough examples of hard work… and failed businesses. Hard work is easy. That’s what everyone can do. But it is not enough.
Sweat is a byproduct, not the goal. And so many … (12 comments)

active rain: What Stuff Are Millionaires Made Of? - 02/05/11 04:38 AM
Lately there were too many issues with ActiveRain, it went into suicidal mode and so many of us were simply avoiding the frustration. Including me.
That’s how I missed AR’s next millionaire, Judi Barrett. But I still was able to catch it before she hit 2 Mil AR points (LOL).
Millionaire #6 is a broker/owner of Integrity Real Estate Services from rural Oklahoma.
Now, that we have 6 millionaires, there is a question, what  millionaires are made of. What do they do? Or what do they do differently?
In our democratic Active Rain, the simplest answer would be that they work … (41 comments)

active rain: Addicted to Active Rain? Check the Symptoms - 01/30/11 07:27 AM
Here are 15 symptoms of addiction to AR. If you know more, please, add. And yes, you are incurably addicted if you think that:
1.     Army is 200,000 AR members or more
2.     You have to leave the New Year party early so that you write about the joy of celebrating it with family and friends
3.     d’Artagnan & Aramis are security guys at ActiveRain
4.     Car is the vehicle moving at 10 comments a day and 10 blogs a week
5.     Barack Obama is a popular AR member competing with Missy Caulk
6.     Todd Clark is the US president, … (43 comments)

active rain: Scent of your Blog - 01/27/11 06:10 AM
Did you ever watch how a dog is sniffing every piece of turf? All concentration, all attention… The dog is getting information from this scent and we can only imagine how much information they are capable to get and digest…
When people (both professionals and customers) read our blog, it provides a lot of information to a curious mind, and not only from the content.
Yes, we will pay attention to visuals, font, colors, layout… But we will also derive information about the blogger. Even the same fonts, colors, layouts tell us something. We notice if it is a hastily put … (58 comments)

active rain: A Little Prayer - 01/26/11 10:01 AM
I have a little prayer.
Here it is:
We do not write for Google.
We write for people using Google.
When we write, we see people, not Google.
Spiders work for Google. We work for people.
Content is not what spider crawls.
Content is what people read.
If people do not read it, it is not content, it is waste.
We are not against Google.
We are for People.
We write for people.
We write for people.
We write for people…

active rain: From Dummy to Dummy…with Love - 01/24/11 12:09 PM
If we are talking about computer hardware and software, there are a few people who know that stuff … usually those who worked for serious companies.. and those who do not know that stuff, otherwise called dummies… like myself.
In Russia there was a joke. If you can do something with your own hands – do it. If you can’t, teach others how to do it, and if you are not able to do even this, then teach the teachers… Hmm, that was a heck of dummy, fellas.
I did not make it to the elite and I am not teaching … (6 comments)

active rain: What To Do With AR LeaderBoard? - 01/23/11 03:30 PM
Good drivers not only do what they are supposed to do given the circumstances, but they are totally aware of their surroundings, and can predict other drivers’ behavior and adjust to it.
I like to have the same feeling on AR, and that’s why I like the LeaderBoard. It is a dashboard for my AR vehicle. It tells me what is happening around me. Sometimes I see that the member’s score is stuck and is not changing for a week, and this means it is time for me to shoot an e-mail and ask if everything is OK…
Or I see that they are … (4 comments)

active rain: Netiquette is not "No Etiquette" OR How To Reblog Respectfully - 01/23/11 07:48 AM
It is happening. I am running into the reblog, and I leave a nice message thanking for reblogging as I would have missed the post. Then I go to the original author, and I am leaving another comment, a different one.
And I start with saying that I came from a reblog by… I am not sure about the name, so I scroll down the list of comments, and … there is no comment from the member, who reblogged.
Two encounters like this within just a few days.
How can this happen? If you are reblogging a post, it means … (30 comments)

active rain: Broker Bryant, the Shooting Star - 01/21/11 06:31 PM
Bryant Tutas has just crossed 800,000-point line. Crossed quietly, without fanfare. maybe he has not yet noticed it? Probably.
This is my PC blog. I got my reasons.
Number one is that Bryant and I are in the same glorious Sate of Florida, and the image of him (with the accomplice) shooting down the counteroffer is still too vivid before my eyes. He is dangerously close. So I got to be careful here if my hiney is dear to me (and it is).
The other reason… you just look at this photo from What's The Penalty For Breaking The "Arms Length … (21 comments)

active rain: Hit & Run on AR - 12/19/10 02:20 PM
My (and not only my) biggest pet peeve on Active Rain is when commenters do not read the post. They do not read, but they comment. Comments like “You did a really good job on this post” left on a reblog (example by Jim Frimmer), closely followed by meaningless “Thanks for sharing.  Keep doing a good work” type…
Of course, it is strange to encounter this type of behavior on professional network, where we all are supposed to be …well, professional… And we are not…or not all of us, or not always…

So what can we do? Is there a way … (28 comments)

active rain: The Grande Dame of Active Rain - 12/14/10 07:09 PM
The Grande Dame of Active Rain, Karen Anne Stone, just hit 600,000 AR points. After cool millions and close to millions this is not the biggest number. She wrote 847 blog posts, which is also not the biggest number here. But if you look closely, you will see that Karen Anne has quite the following and seeing 40-60 comments on each of her blogs is a norm and not the exception.
But Karen Anne is not about the biggest number. She does not need to prove herself, to be #1. Why, when she is the Grande Dame of Active Rain?
If … (25 comments)

active rain: Rolls Royce of AR Political Blogging - 12/14/10 05:39 PM
I love congratulating achievers when they hit a notable AR milestone even if I miss the exact moment. This time I am doing the same, but the points here are only a pretext to introduce you a heck of a blogger. Maybe the best political blogger on AR. And, believe me, he is bigger and better than this cliché.
My congratulations to Ted Baker on reaching 200,000 points. Ted helped me get on my feet, watching over and commenting, so that I was always regretting that he would throw a comment way better than a blog, instead of just writing … (13 comments)

active rain: Congratulations, Andrea! - 12/11/10 05:53 PM
If you have been on AR long enough, and were active, you have formed those unique AR friendships, when you have never met someone, but genuinely feel that you know them well.
Internet friendships are a wonder of our times.
Let me introduce my friend Andrea Swiedler from New Milford, CT. Many of you may know her. She should hit 400,000 AR points while I am writing this… and though she may not know about it yet, but it would be nice to be to be the first to congratulate.
Congratulations, Andrea. That’s been a journey, and it’s been … (16 comments)

active rain: Blogging To The Very Top... - 12/05/10 03:20 PM
A few weeks ago I wrote two congratulatory blog posts for AR two new millionaires Russel Ray (Wow, Olympus is Getting Crowded…) and Patricia Kennedy  (AR Is Getting Richer), and then after that a blog about Katerina Gasset (Google Juice Master, Wake Up!) on her reaching 900,000 points. I received quite a number of “I would love to have so many points” comments.
Well, actually there is no reason to envy. There is nothing easier than getting to the Olympus. AR is that rare place where if you want to have a lot of points, you can, and how many points … (32 comments)

active rain: My Wish List For AR Santa - 11/30/10 05:10 PM
I just noticed that the clock changed to December 1, 2010. Going into the Christmas Season, I am too old to ask anything from Santa, let me leave it to my youngest grandson… But I am thinking what I would ask AR Gods, if they decide to play AR Santa…
What if I could have one wish, what would it would be?
I sure do have one. And it is not so much for me, as I still can read small fonts, but it is a wish of so many Members, who happen to be your average agents and brokers.

Jon Zolsky, Daytona Beach, FL, Buy Daytona condos for heavenly good prices (Daytona Condo Realty, 386-405-4408) Ambassador large

Jon Zolsky, Daytona Beach, FL

Buy Daytona condos for heavenly good prices

Daytona Beach, FL

More about me…

Daytona Condo Realty, 386-405-4408

Address: 119 S Palmetto Ave., Suite 231, Daytona Beach, FL, 32114

Office: (386) 255-5355

Mobile: (386) 405-4408

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