active rain: How Is Your AR Driving? - 10/17/10 06:23 PM
When on a highway, I usually use cruise control. It disciplines me, I am guaranteed from speeding beyond the speed that I set, and I do not need to watch and maintain it.
And there are always cars flying by going at good 100 miles per hour only to slow down after they get in front of you. Why would someone try to beat me and get in front of me only to start slowing and forcing me to change lanes and to pass him or her?
I see the same on AR. I see Members flying past me at lightning … (67 comments)

active rain: RainCamp Orlando 2010. People from the Computer. - 08/27/10 08:08 PM
There is a lot already posted about RainCamp Orlando. I left that day with very mixed feelings. As a hermit (or close to it), I usually do not enjoy big crowds, but strangely, the best experience of ActiveRain was bumping into people “from the computer”.
There are many names that are familiar, but it is not always easy to recognize them in the crowd. Hence those “Hi, my name is …” and then you immediately put the face to that picture on AR. And still I missed so many of them. I read their comments, I know that they were there, … (22 comments)

active rain: The Pied Piper of AR - 07/31/10 09:01 AM
Debe Maxwell from Charlotte, North Carolina, has crossed the 600,000-point mark. I am surprising nobody, unless they are new to Active Rain. So, if you are newbie, follow Debe and copy the way she works (but not her blogs – LOL).
Debe is pretty much the embodiment of what AR is about if you are looking at it as business. Check the variety of real estate topics, and the quality of her well written localism blogs. She is very organized, and the score attests to that.
If you follow Debe’s blog, you would notice the overall quality of presentation. Not only … (28 comments)

active rain: One Rich Guy With A Camera... - 07/29/10 12:58 PM
A man with a camera instead of his face (;-), - does it sound familiar?
Yes, the Ambassador from San Diego, a prolific blogger, avid photographer, a true gentleman, and a very good man William Johnson, who for many of us became the voice of San Diego, has crossed 500,000-point line. He became the 63rd AR half-millionaire…
He is one who supported me with each blog that I wrote, and his encouragement meant a world for me when it was needed most… he has helped many other members gain confidence and grow in the rain.
He has his sphere of influence, … (24 comments)

active rain: Surprise, Surprise... - 07/18/10 08:26 PM
Working on a blog I needed some info, and I clicked on the States pop down menu and clicked on Florida. The page that populated the screen was not what I used to, so I thought that I might have clicked the wrong button, and I went back, checked what I clicked and … got to the same page.
Of course, we are humans, and our tastes vary, but I was extremely disappointed. Needless to say the info I was looking for I could not even get.
I did not have time to research, and check what happened and why. And … (38 comments)

active rain: When A Comment Is Better Than Blog… - 04/22/10 04:17 AM
Have you ever received a comment, which, whether short or long, is better than a blog? Not those “thanks for sharing”, “keep good work” and other niceties… The comment that sometimes makes you think that you did not work hard enough on your blog, that you are shallow…
I do get comments like this. I mean I do get good and great comments… and sometimes I get comments that are better than my blogs. Not just written in better English, which is understandable, but just better on all levels.
What do you feel when you get a comment like this? Is … (19 comments)

active rain: A Little Humor Goes A Long Way - 11/27/09 06:14 AM
I have always been fascinated by the ability of other people to add humor to everything.
Like spices, which accentuate the tastes in the food, humor brightens up everything it touches. It is the best way to make something you want people to remember - more memorable. It piques your interest; it makes complex things look easier, it opens us up to the message... and, of course, to the messenger.
Humor always brings the best in us, laughter is always a sign of good mood and positive emotions, and this  is what  we want in ourselves, and in our … (50 comments)

active rain: Ladies & Gentlemen - Cathy McAlister! - 09/27/09 05:20 PM
I do not usually write about AR members. I mean like Patricia Kennedy not so long ago used to present new members with a spark.
Since I did not see anyting about Cathy McAlister, I thought that it is simply fair for me to suggest that you check Cathy's posts. They have the depth, the expertise, and they are written by a person, who can write (it may sound awkward, but many members understand exactly what I mean).
There are plenty of people who are in business for many years. But few can see and understand the dynamics of the industry in such a way, as she does.
She … (12 comments)

active rain: Did You Read It? I Did... I Lied - 09/08/09 10:56 AM
Tim Maitski in a comment to my blog You Are Invited To Steal. Big Picture And Optimism Will Be Served. RSVP.has broken the rules in the most welcome way: he put a link in the comment to my post, but it was justified and I am glad he did it. I am not sure whether members followed it though. At least there are no new comments besides mine.
The link is to a post written by Rich Jacobson "Plagiarism for Dummies" - The ActiveRain Community Guidelines Re-Visited. I found it very informative and extremely useful in the light of the discussion about this … (11 comments)

active rain: For Me Active Rain Is... - 08/28/09 06:20 PM
Jonathan Washburn in What is ActiveRain? is asking what Active Rain is for us. For me Active Rain is...
The world actually was already open and was large and small at the same time. Internet, e-mail, all the gadgets in the world…
This was the world at large.
The Real Estate world, however, was still as local as Real Estate itself. And we were longing for a larger world of connected professionals, seasoned or aspiring newbies. We had the toys, but we did not have them powered. It was like being on an island with your laptop and a cell phone and ready to conquer … (1 comments)

active rain: Knighted into AR - 05/19/09 07:26 PM
I am not the schmoozing type agent (at least my daughter tells me that) and I live wonderfully without all the Realtors get-togethers. I may not know a lot of agents, and I most probably do not miss many anyway. But being in the business means that I call Realtors and they call me and we work on deals together, and often it is a good experience, and sometimes it is not.
I have invited several people to Active Rain, a lot of my invitations were never accepted. Several months ago I worked on a deal with a ReMax All Pro agent Nadine Caldwell, and this … (40 comments)

active rain: Change in AR Landscape... - 04/30/09 02:53 AM
Another change in AR landscape. Now, when you open AR on your computer, Todd Clark comes #1 with 691,819 points, just a few points ahead of Lenn Harley (691,773).
Todd is moving at a lightning speed over that vast AR landscape passing every one ahead, and now there is nobody to pass, just fend off competitors, if anyone can attain AR supersonic speed...
It is hard to imagine the efficiency of working on AR, and the time it takes. It is a test of dedication, persistence, and determination well above and beyond...
Congratulations Todd! We will be watching with our jaws dropped … (14 comments)

active rain: New Realtor Diet... With Deadly Consequences - 03/21/09 06:08 AM
Imagine a normal person unencumbered by all our modern life stuff stumbling upon AR, who reads our blogs and comments.

He will undoubtedly  find out that there is a new miracle diet juice, the latest word in diet for Realtors, and it is called Google Juice. Works only if it has a lot of lead (usually somehow used in the plural). Lead used to be considered dangerous, now you need a lot of it to survive and you even need to generate it (called Lead Generation)

The process is obviously very secretive,  usually done well beyond the midnight point when nobody can see you.
You can't … (8 comments)

active rain: We Are The Champions... Pure And Simple - 03/20/09 07:58 AM
There are plenty of blog posts giving credit to AR. I would even say there is an incredible goodwill towards AR gods, which in a skeptical society like ours is simply mindboggling in itself. Where can you find a 140,000-member group so united in their love affair with AR?
Yes, this affection is well deserved. Yes, this is a group of people who are well respected and who are providing such a terrific platform, which somehow suits those who are strictly business, and for them there is Localism, leads, outside blog, etc.
It also suits those who are coming to their … (71 comments)

active rain: What to Blog About...And How - 03/18/09 07:50 AM
Disclaimer: If I knew the right answer, my name would be Lenn Harley. But I don't, and my name is Jon Zoslky. However it was me, and not Lenn, who was asked "How does anyone know what exactly to blog about, that's what I'd like to know, and how do we keep from repeating the same information over and over?" in a comment to my blog How To Decipher AR Statistics about Missy Caulk's milestone achievement.
William Walton, Sr. asked me that question. What to write about is the question that nobody can answer. It something that you know, passionate about and feel that … (82 comments)

active rain: How To Decipher AR Statistics - 03/17/09 05:08 PM
Regularly I see blogs, when members reach some milestone. 10,000 points, 100,000 points, or 400,000 points. We all know that AR points are not more than signs of persistence, achievement, abilities, experience on AR and, well, sort of worthiness. But points is only one item in Member's statistics. Let's look at the latest example and see how to read the stats.
Missy Caulk reached an important milestone. She surpassed 400,000 AR points.
400,000 points is a huge number, and she deserves every good word she is getting. I am glad to be one of those who is happy for her.
However, the points are not everything. … (28 comments)

active rain: Invitation From The Heart - 02/11/09 09:26 AM
Time from time I am receiving e-mail messages from a Re/Max agent in Daytona Diane Kirvan. She is very active, not a hermit like me. Every time I receive these message filled with timely and useful information, I feel tempted to invite her to Active Rain. the problem is that she is on Active Rain. But as so many good people on Active Rain, she did not have a chance to experience it beyond a grazing look at the landing page
Today I have received an e-mail message from Diane about a new local Italian home-style eatery. Her description of this place could and … (16 comments)

active rain: Comments Stutter. Like An Old Gramophone - 02/03/09 10:02 AM
It is funny how often you would see repeated comments. Identical, as if the commenters stutter, like a grammophone needle on a scratched disk.
Maybe it happens to everyone. It is absolutely unintentional, and it is not even irritating, as some other stuff. It is either that we are impatient and clcik several times, especially when we think that our computer "did not get it", or this is simply a slip of the finger.
Sometimes it adds color to the discussion, especially when a strong comment is repeated 3 times, you feel that there is an extra effort and a stronger … (12 comments)

active rain: Active Rainers in Times of Crisis - 01/01/09 05:11 PM

Gotta save somewhere. Gotta be prepared. Because they say it is crisis. Looks like we were preparing for this for a long time.
We share the same birthdate with my wife, and that's one party instead of too (LOL). That's a nice thing in itself.
In addition, we were smart enough (if we can take credit for that) to be born on the 1st of January, and combining 2 birthdays and a Holiday together feels like an unfair advantage. 
Combining all this together makes it wonderful for us, family members, friends (and we had friends visiting from Connecticut), it is less taxing on … (5 comments)

active rain: Orlando: Heavy Active Raining. Photos - 11/09/08 03:07 PM
This is the second and last installment of photos from the AR bash in Hard Rock Cafe yesterday night.
Red carpet, free drink, VIP lounge, and hundreds of people popped right out of the computer and materialized in flesh. Weird feeling when you see your computer favorite bloggers, that you used to see for a year only in writing and see their photo, suddenly within reach in flesh and sound. It is like you are looking at a picture on your wall, and suddenly people on the picture stepped over the frame and right into your living room.
Unfortunately, we did not … (22 comments)

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