activerain: Back in Time… - 08/12/14 11:39 AM
My childhood was in the 50s … War was only one game all boys were playing. We carved guns out of piece of wood, but if we did not have one, a stick or a finger worked fine, too. We were shooting the Nazi and we were heroically dying, like in all those movies about the war that we loved to watch so much. Actually, practically all movies were about the war...
We were born too late for the glory. The war was over and we missed our chance to become heroes. Soviet Union has won, and the routine of … (34 comments)

activerain: Can Anybody Spank This Wunderkind? - 05/17/14 02:16 AM
The Gold Star is back!
I do not know when this happened; I was too long away from active rain after the surgery, so I missed the fanfares.
I am cautious with goodies from Active Rain. Too often they come in one-step-forward-and-two-steps-back way. Did they manage to fight the temptation to make yet another glorious fixing of what ain’t broke? (I am paraphrasing Karen Anne Stone, who wrote here years ago “do not to fix what ain’t broke”)
But fixing what ain’t broke is in the tradition of Active Rain… It is what it does best.
It feels like AR keeps … (16 comments)

activerain: Thank You! - 04/16/14 09:20 AM
I owe a big “thank you” to all of my friends on AR for your support. A very big Thank you, indeed.
Life is full of surprises. No surgery in the plans, but how little all our plans mean...
My cardiologist did not like the results of a recent stress test, said they needed to look inside and, probably, add another stent to my collection of 3.
So, I went for catheterization. They found multiple blockages, and did not put another stent. They told me I was getting a quadruple bypass. They tried to calm me down, but I … (71 comments)

activerain: Let's Talk in Unison...Will You? - 02/18/14 05:00 AM
I was reading a blog and the comments to it today, and ran into a suggestion not to mention in the blogs the discounts that agents/brokers may sometime offer to their clients.
Because customers read and get the idea and then demand it.
Funny that people come up with these ideas. Let’s not talk about something and pretend it is not happening… Reminds me of childhood
If you get together with other brokers and decide to set a standard in commissions fees so that we are all uniformed about it, it would be a clear violation of … (28 comments)

activerain: The Saga of the Fallen Flag - 01/22/14 01:33 AM
Kathy Streib wrote an excellent blog post "Ask An Ambassador: Are We There Yet". It is about the changes to AR. I have difficult time with AR "upgrades" as I have yet to see more poorly thought off changes. It is like a weird dance with one step forward and two steps back.
Let's look back. The first victim of better AR was the Flag. "Killing the flag" happened in July 2010. Jonathan Washburn, AR co-creator and CEO at the time, responding to comments, promised a new and much better Flag feature, but we never got one. Every time in a … (17 comments)

activerain: Why Are You On Active Rain? - 01/18/14 12:55 AM
I believe that it is common on AR that we read the post, but do not read the comments. And whether you believe me or not, reading comments can be very rewarding.
Not once, not twice I have seen the situation, where one of the comments comes from the authority, be it an attorney, or a tax person, or someone familiar with the issue, and this comment not only clarifies something important, but often shows where the danger is.
And then the very next comment is again: “Great post and very informative”, and other comments follow as if there was no … (90 comments)

activerain: Links, or The Art of Talking To Spiders - 01/07/14 12:51 AM
I am reading a blog on AR, and it is riddled with links. It is as if you are reading a Wikipedia, where, if there is a word, which happens to denote an entry in Wikipedia, they would link to it. Adds authority.
However, on AR, why would anyone need tons of outgoing links? I am not even saying that some of these link do not work, or lead you to Google page asking you to sign in… But even if they all worked perfectly, why would anyone want to link to the world from AR?
Another common variation when all … (20 comments)

activerain: How Big is Your 6-Inch? - 01/03/14 09:17 AM
Years ago we used to operate a sub franchise in the mall. We had 6-inch and 12-inch subs. Once in a while customers would come to the counter and ask:
- How big is your 6-inch?
With my jaw dropping, I would respond:
- It is 6-inch…
In real estate size really matters. Small spaces are difficult to photograph, and we use wide-angle lenses. Well, they help you showcase the space really well, but the problem is that any space shot with wide-angle lenses looks bigger.
A customer from Toronto is inquiring about a listing. He has big plan for his … (20 comments)

activerain: Hey Property, I am Talking To You - 01/02/14 01:34 PM
I am surfing AR dashboard looking for a post to read and comment upon. Of course, I am going by the title. I am passing market reports, listings, and, to tell you the truth, not much is left.
And then I see something that piques my interest. Good title… Next thing I look at who the author is, and it is Riverbluff Properties (or any other company for that matter). And I pass. I feel stupid to engage in a conversation with Properties. I understand that there are people behind, but for me they are too behind. I like starting a … (49 comments)

activerain: Merry Christmas! - 12/24/13 07:01 AM
There are so many things to write about, but at 6 PM on Christmas Eve? I am not affiliated with any religion, and for me Christmas is more a wonderful winter Holiday. Even though winter here is more like summer… Yesterday it was 84F, and we had a long walk on the beach.
It is different today, We only hit 66F, and it is windy, and makes us dream of summer :)
Interestingly, when I read “Christmas” back in the USSR I knew that it was something in the past. It belonged to 19th century. We had New Year, and we … (30 comments)

activerain: Ask Ambassador What He Does When He Does Not Know What To Do - 12/06/13 10:33 AM
How many times on AR reading the post, where members were not sure about certain things, I thought that in this situation I would go to my best attorney. Luckily, now I have many working for me.
I am a broker of a tiny family company; I do not the backing of a team of lawyers, and I do not have the time and money for every question I stumble upon. Maybe it is because I have too many questions :)
Even in situations, when I can go and ask, for example, the attorney in the law firm we work with … (16 comments)

activerain: Fixing What Is Not Broken - 11/26/13 03:39 PM

I am sure you already noticed this nice feature of the dashboard, when you go over with the cursor, it highlights it and makes it sort of pop up?
So, if you like me, and this jumpy stuff annoys you, here is how to deal with it in Mac. You put your cursor pass the right edge of the box and then scroll with no problem. No jumpy stuff, nothing.
We are getting good avoiding the changes on AR. If somebody would teach me how to avoid this freaking pop up screen when you click blogs, I would be very … (4 comments)

activerain: AR Pest Control... - 11/11/13 04:00 PM
If you blog, then you get those spam comments with some BS and then a link to another site, which will make you rich…
No, I do not read this stuff. And, of course, I do not follow the link.
But I am very tempted to delete these comments when I see them... and I don’t.
If I delete the comment, yes, I get rid of it right away, but the cockroach is live and well, and will be leaving comments on other blogs posts. Your blog posts.
Deleting the comment only deletes one comment...
It is numbers game, … (14 comments)

activerain: Your Dog's Fifth Leg... - 10/31/13 04:07 PM

Wanted to check blog roll and see what new posts are their by those who I subscribe to, so clicked on “Blogs”, impatiently found Find More Blogs button on this hated pop up screen, and all I see are 10 blog posts. Nothing on the right, where I used to see faces of those I have subscribed to…
Changed the filters (another improvement, which was as needed as a fifth leg to a dog) to all blogs for 12 months, and … again got only 10 posts. No, there is no next or previous button.
Guess this is yet another … (9 comments)

activerain: How Karen Anne Stone Is Doing... - 08/30/13 11:32 AM
It was over 2 weeks ago that I wrote Good Hearts Need Fixing Too... about Karen Anne Stone and the open-heart surgery she just had. Stupid me, I sent her flowers right away. Margaret Rome tried to warn me that it was a bit too early, as Karen Anne was in ICU, but I was faster than that…J
Margaret kept checking on Karen Anne’s condition, called the Hospital and spoke to the nurse, and then would comment on my blog with the update.
Margaret, thank you so much for it.
However, I doubt that many people go back that far … (39 comments)

activerain: A Hernia Of Disbelief - 08/19/13 07:25 AM
I am scrolling through the dashboard. I am already used to the fact that AR dashboard is a selling tool for quite some time. Listings. Listings listings… 2/2, 3/2, 2/3, 4/1/, 6/9... whatever.
So, all I am reading are the titles. Several listings from one agent… Amazing..., Amazing..., Incredible..., Great..., Amazing again…
These are about $250K homes in the area with pretty much $250K homes, and unless the agent is a super lucky/picky/choosy one collecting only the gems, I can’t get rid of the feeling that they are regular homes. Most probably far from Amazing, Incredible, Great, and Breathtaking…
I … (10 comments)

activerain: What To Blog About? - 07/23/13 02:43 PM
I think it is a silly question.
You do not HAVE TO blog. Contrary to numerous pundits, who failed in Real Estate and are now teaching us how to do it, blogging and success in real estate are not tied together. Look around, check your top producers in your local association of Realtors, and you will see for yourself. So, not blogging is perfectly OK.
But if you want to blog, then content is the king. If you have nothing to say, people will have nothing to read.
The advice to write just anything is silly. People do not need an … (43 comments)

activerain: Invisible Gorilla... - 07/03/13 06:36 AM
When we read blog posts, we might have our own agendas. We may see it from different angle, we may react to different ideas in it, we may veer away from the main idea in the post in our comments, - that does not surprise me, that's fine…
What surprises me is that often we simply do not read the post, and comment. If there is a question in the post, we do not answer it, but we answer what is not in the post. We often argue with what is not in the post...
Have you ever wanted to ask … (89 comments)

activerain: We Used To Be Brilliant - 03/22/13 12:00 PM
Bob Stewart of Active Rain posted Who Do You Consider an Industry Trend Setter? As if he stepped on my toe. It is something I think about often, and write about sometimes. Bob is honest about the changes. It is life, good or bad.
Bringing bright minds is like bringing celebrities to your dinner. Shines for the evening, but when the celebrity leaves, the family stays. If the family is boring, the celebrity will not change it.
I think on AR, it is the quality of the family that changed. Like moving from a small town to a big … (85 comments)

activerain: Talk To Me, Baby, Talk... - 03/22/13 03:14 AM
I will always remember this story, when a volunteer from our New York office decided to look into retiring in Florida and went to check those communities for 55+.
She was in a Club House waiting for her husband, and at next table there were 4 older ladies. She did not pay attention to the conversation, but then suddenly noticed that it actually was not a conversation. They were talking to themselves. They did not listen to each other. There were 4 monologues, but not a conversation.
I see it on AR when you read a blog, and there is an … (16 comments)

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