daytona beach: How Kremlin affects Daytona… - 01/15/16 08:30 AM
Couple of days ago I wrote about my Russian client, who was hit hard when the ruble plummeted, successfully slashing the value of his holdings in half.
Well, that is sort of personal story as well, as going with the development here was a dream… and now nobody knows what would happen. Most probably when our market would go crazy, my client would sell his land and forget great plans.
But there is a much bigger story in Daytona, in which I personally am not involved, but which has a profound effect on Daytona.
Couple of years ago, when everybody thought that we were … (12 comments)

daytona beach: What Is On The Beach? - 06/19/14 02:20 AM
We walk on the beach practically every day. What we find there is the sand, the tranquility, the ever-changing beauty of the ocean…
But sometimes we run into something unexpected, like this sand sculpture on the sand. 
We ran into this sand sculpture when the tide started reaching the footing and there was not much time left before the sand tower is washed away… So, I asked this very enthusiastic man, who put it there with a lot of love and patience, to pose for me, and here is the photo.
His name is Ron Masters, and he is not … (20 comments)

daytona beach: Will We Beat The Record in 2014? - 05/16/14 12:39 PM
Last year Florida missed the 100 Million tourists a year mark. Not by much, we had 95 Million in 2013, and 89.3 Million in 2012. This year the first quarter came 2% higher than the same period of last year. At 2% we are not going to beat the record, but there are expectations that other quarters would bring more.
100 Million… wow! This is such a huge number. In all senses. It means more jobs, and jobs are great for Florida. It means money to local businesses like hotels, parks, restaurants, marinas, rental car, shops and a cohort of others…

daytona beach: 46 Miles of Barking Beaches - 01/12/14 01:18 PM
In an unexpected move, County commissioners have decided to allow dogs on Volusia County beaches. Unexpected because there were no discussions, no plans. One commissioner brought it up at the meeting, and after a short discussion it passed 5 votes against 1.
They set it as a pilot program for 3 months, after which time they will decide whether to ban or to keep. Environmental group immediately warned the Feds, that this program can be detrimental to wildlife.
There probably might be other objections. The dogs are only allowed between hours 4 PM and 9 AM, and these are the hours … (18 comments)

daytona beach: When You Live By The Ocean... - 07/11/13 07:06 AM
When you live by the ocean, you live by the ocean, and not just by the picture perfect postcard of azure waters, white sand, and sun in the blue sky...
It can be angry black, destructive, noisy, it can swell... It can be much more than just unpleasant. It can be deadly...
Living by the ocean means accepting living next to one of the most powerful nature forces.

While we acknowledge and welcome change, nature is changing as well. Climate changes (and it used to do it even before the new administration), we are constantly moving, evolving, and though some … (26 comments)

daytona beach: How To See The Beauty? Opening Your Eyes May Help… - 05/17/13 05:24 PM
I remember my years spent in the Russian Arctic.
There was little in terms of natural beauty. Living there is sometimes living in the extreme. One of relatively rare natural occurences was Northern Lights. In our area they were rare, not very bright, and usually monochrome, not colored like on the White Sea. 
I remember several times, when I was watching it in awe, and people would pass me without even noticing that it was there. I remember asking people if they could see it, and they would stare into the sky, and then suddenly notice the moving light. 
You have … (9 comments)

daytona beach: A Perfect Date With A Shark - 05/16/13 04:13 PM
For the most part I have very poor sense of smell. So, if I notice it, it got to be strong. And the last place where I expect to run into it is the beach. But sometimes passing those ladies in the chairs enjoying the morning sun, that’s exactly what I feel. I hold my breath and pass...
Strong perfume. Quite strong, indeed.
I wonder why someone would go to the ocean and use perfume, but I guess it becomes a second nature.
Coming to nature with second nature? Can they clash?
Ocean might be the wrong place for strong perfume. … (28 comments)

daytona beach: About Acorns - 05/09/13 03:30 PM
Every time some big idea comes to Daytona, there is immediately vocal opposition. Feels like this opposition is a permanent state of mind of all these people with big mouths and plenty of time on their hands. They are bored between the big ideas, but when times comes, they are right here, and ready to kill…
What are they against? Easy answer. Everything. Watching hearings is plain painful. A gang of the same people, who go to all meetings, bashing every new idea.
If it is the city that comes with the idea, the naysayers would bash the city for not … (13 comments)

daytona beach: Magic In the Sky - 10/15/12 12:15 PM
Last weekend marked Wings and Waves Air Show in Daytona. Two-day event was packed with action from 11 to 4 Saturday and Sunday and was expected to bring 200,000 spectators to watch the show on the beach behind Hilton Oceanfront Resort.
Saturday came with a strong wind, and I was not sure small vintage planes would be able to show their pirouettes, but the weather did not stop them from demonstrating their magic in the sky.
For Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University this sponsored event not only a way of saying “Thank you” to the community, but also business, as they tout leasing … (19 comments)

daytona beach: Saturday on the Beach… Daytona Beach - 05/26/12 11:46 PM
This could be a fun summer. Maybe even too much fun in Florida. It is still May, officially not even the hurricane season yet, and we are bracing for the second named storm, Beryl. On Saturday the Ocean was a bit choppy, but the weather was fine. This is a long Memorial Day weekend and hotels are packed. Our office is in the resort, and there was not a single available parking spot. Luckily for me, I combined exercise and pleasure and went on foot… Water is unusually warm tis year. Yesterday it was 82 F, and I do not remember … (6 comments)

daytona beach: Next Door Celestial Neighbor - 05/06/12 04:58 AM
We were walking on the beach in Daytona Beach Shores yesterday, which is what we always do on weekends and, maybe, a couple of times during the week. It was getting late, and we were coming back to the park, where we parked our car, when I noticed that everybody were taking photos with there phones and cameras pointing to the ocean. The sun was no longer up, so I could not understand what was there that they were taking photos of. I turned and there was a huge moon rising from the ocean. I went to my car and grabbed … (14 comments)

daytona beach: Cheerleaders on the Beach - 04/29/12 05:01 PM
 Cheerleaders on the beach.  Where else can you see this?
In Daytona Beach cheerleaders come from all over for their competition. For a couple of days hotels are packed, young faces are everywhere. They hold them twice a year, and where is the best place to rehearse? Of course, on the beach. The girls saw me with an iPhone, got shy and stopped their acrobatics, and waited for me to pass.

daytona beach: Goats in Charge of Vegetable Garden - 04/08/12 04:53 PM
One of the never ending battles in Daytona Beach is driving on the beach. Lawsuits, groups coming with all sorts of pretexts to ban beach driving, people who have too much free time on their hands, activists...
Volusia County rolled out the new rules for driving on the beach. Now it is a one way only, you have to go with headlights; at least one front window has to be open, and not texting.
Beach driving is a contentious issue and too easy for people to demand that there is no driving on the beach. It is a radical stance. Let … (18 comments)

daytona beach: Seagulls on the Beach... Daytona Beach - 11/14/11 01:29 AM
Seagulls are as part of our gorgeous beach, as pelicans and crabs. They are always there, but I have rarely seen them fishing.
I have seen them fighting for fish, which ended up on the sand, sometimes I see them trying those crystal transparent jelly fish…
Sometimes, a beachgoer brings bread and start throwing breadcrumbs in to the air, and birds fly around, grabbing bread and fighting for the crumbs…
They live by their own rules. Sometimes they congregate on the beach and as long as you can see, there are seagulls standing on one leg in the company of … (18 comments)

daytona beach: This Is Our Beach… Daytona Beach - 11/13/11 04:26 PM
I am a big fan of walking barefoot on our gorgeous beach. Today it was a wonderful sunny day with 76F  and cooler water at 69F.
Sand is usually very clean. We very rarely see seaweeds, it is only after strong storms. However, the ocean was quite rough last week, and we got unusual amount of seaweed on our beach, and accompanying it poignant smell of iodine.
Here is the photo that I took at sunset.
This is our beach…
Beautiful beach…
Daytona Beach...


daytona beach: Sunset in Daytona Beach. One of Many - 10/11/11 04:12 PM
I lived in the Arctic for 14 years. I am living in Florida already one year longer. And still every morning I rush to the window and watch all that incredible beauty around.
My wife has forgotten the Arctic weather long ago, but I haven't. It got stuck with me, and I always compare to that place in the Arctic that was truly challenging to humans.
So, it is not surprising that I am tryint to catch those beautiful moments that happen so often. I am missing the majority of them, but I still get some like for example, this sunset in Daytona … (10 comments)

daytona beach: Free... Or Priceless? - 08/18/11 07:46 PM
People call me, looking to buy a vacation condo to escape a few times a year, especially in winter, I am looking for the best deal for them, go into details why this and why not this. I am good at that. I know some nuances, I learned to foresee things that are not obvious at the time of showing…
I am comparing sq. footage, amenities, ceiling heights, moldings, windows, doors, vanities... But is it the most important? Or the amount of maintenance and what the condos were selling at the peak of the market?
Am I here because of the biggest sq footage and … (19 comments)

daytona beach: Friendly Sharks - 07/24/11 03:46 AM
William Johnson posted Photography| The Longest Pier on the West Coast - Ocean Beach Pier! It is a stunning photo of the longest concrete pier on the West Coast, but it is not the length that makes the blog post so fascinating, it is the beauty of the photo.
There is a small cafe on the pier near to the far end of it, and Kristen Lindquist left a comment and said that she would not venture to this cafe as she was afraid of sharks. And that's where I thought that our Daytona sharks are friendlier.
You can be … (29 comments)

daytona beach: Daytona Beach Shores. July 23, 2011 - 07/23/11 02:01 PM
July along with August is the hottest month in Daytona Beach. shows that is 84F at 7:30 PM. They show that tomorrow we will have 92F.
It is 95F in New York, where we lived before coming to Florida. That's why I love when New Yorkers tell me that it is hot in Florida. We are often cooler in summer, and yes, we are warmer in winter, but isn't it what New Yorkers want in the midst of cold and tiring winter?
I am a beachside resident and we will not have 92F on the beach tomorrow. It will … (18 comments)

daytona beach: The Beach... I Mean Daytona Beach - 07/19/11 07:23 PM
It is mid July in Daytona, summer in full swing, hot and humid everywhere, except right on the Beach. The ocean breeze brings cooler air and makes walking on the beach a pleasure.
I am on the beach each evening except when it is raining. You can't get tired of this view. It is always different, and it changes every minute. The sun, the clouds, the waves... they all affect how the ocean looks and there are more combinations up the nature's sleeve than chances in winning a jackpot in Powerball.
I bring my heavy Canon 5D Mark II, but leave it … (26 comments)

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