daytona beach arts: The Phantom of The Metropolitan Opera… not a Phantom Anymore - 11/13/10 04:05 AM
It used to be that moving from New York to Daytona Beach area means that you now only wear flip-flops year round, greet everyone “All y’all”, and the only past time is to ride a bike to a roadside bar to watch the NASCAR races…
What if you love opera? Not that many people do, but those who do, are incurable… But in Daytona it would be like wearing a mink coat in August… And now there is the medicine…
For several years now Metropolitan Opera brings series of performances to a movie theater near you.
I am not an opera fan, but … (14 comments)

daytona beach arts: Halifax Art Festival in Downtown Daytona Beach Coming November 6-7 - 10/31/10 08:53 AM
Next weekend would change the look of Downtown Daytona with it coming 48th Halifax Art Festival.
“Celebrating its 48th anniversary, the Halifax Art Festival is the 2nd oldest continual art festival in the state of Florida. The festival attracts approximately 25,000 visitors to view the works of over 230 fine artists and artisans from all over the country. Offering live entertainment, a student art competition, children’s activities, fine dining in many local restaurants and cafes, HAF is a premier annual event in Central Florida.”
There is a lot to see and a lot to do at the Festival:
Student … (5 comments)

daytona beach arts: Greek Festival Heading to Daytona Beach November 11-14 - 10/30/10 12:50 PM
I  am driving by St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church located at 129 N. Halifax Ave right on the Halifax River (Intracoastal) in Daytona Beach, and I see familiar signs inviting to the 34th annual Greek Festival. And then I stumble on the articles on the Internet
I have been on two of them before, and even though I am not from Greece, it is interesting and it is a lot of fun. Besides the tour of St. Demetrios Orthodox Church, there is entertainment and food at Riverfront Center at St Demetrios. Expect plenty of food and plenty of entertainment. Listen to … (15 comments)

daytona beach arts: How Does It Sound - Anna Maria Caserta Cavicchia? Much Better Than You Think - 06/26/10 11:34 AM
Last Saturday my wife took me out to a restaurant for Father’s day.  To my surprise there was a beautiful lady singing. And singing she was… To the point that the whole setting started resembling the concert, where a few confused patrons get upon a stage and had chutzpah to eat between the beautiful song.
I wrote about this experience in Honey, Let Me Take You to a Restaurant, which started a bit awkward, but ended very nicely.  And in couple of days in the best tradition of Russian hospitality we were sitting at our kitchen table with Anna Maria and … (5 comments)

daytona beach arts: Honey, Let Me Take You to a Restaurant - 06/20/10 10:03 AM
 - Honey, let me take you to a restaurant…
I was firmly planted in my office chair when my wife excitedly threw that at me…
- You want to take me to the restaurant? What happened?
That’s how I learned that Father’s day was coming
And feeling flattered, I accepted the invitation.
Father’s dayis Sunday, but we have to go on Saturday, as what we are going for is not there on Sundays. Hmm… don't they serve their patrons on Sundays? Do they charge them for what they do not give them? Weird Sundays at Toscana?
So, we are on our way. … (18 comments)

daytona beach arts: Hottober in Daytona Beach - Florida - 10/31/09 09:44 AM
Hottober in Daytona Beach - Florida.
These are the last days of the most incredible October I can remember. A commentator on local TV station called it Hottober. Daily temperature are either record high, or close to that for at least 3 weeks straight.
Yesterday's high of 89 was a tie with the record temperature in 2005. Water in the ocean is very warm, we are having a second summer, less hot and much more pleasant.
89F may sound hot, but couple degrees less than in August already feel better for us, and we enjoy it.
Right now at 6 PM on Saturday … (11 comments)

daytona beach arts: The Festival is Coming to Daytona - 04/19/09 06:00 PM
While the saga of the legal fight between the Davidson family - a majority shareholder in the New Journal - our local independent newpaper, and minor shareholder, Cox Communications from Atlanta, is still unfolding, the music-lovers here and in Volusia County are getting the chance to honor the late Tippen Davidson, the Daytona Beach publisher who financed the major arts events in that part of the world for many years.
A concert series honoring Tippen Davidson is tied to the Daytona Beach International Festival featuring chamber music groups at locations across the area. It starts April 23.
Here's what is coming in this series according … (6 comments)

daytona beach arts: Greek Festival In Daytona Beach - 11/16/08 03:27 PM
Today was the last day of 32nd Greek Festival in Daytona Beach. It took place in St. Demetrios Church. These festivals became tradition over the years, and this 4-day event attracts a lot of people, and not only Greek.
The parking lot was full, but having lived in the next building for 3 years, I knew how to fool the system, and parked just 100 yards from the church.
There is a bit of history going with this place. The 3-level house, that was where the church stands today, belonged to Mr. Olds, yes, the auto man behind Oldsmobiles. In mid 40s … (10 comments)

daytona beach arts: Mount Dora Craft Show - 10/31/08 06:19 PM
Tina Allen from Mount Dora reminded me of the coming festival in Active Rain Withdrawals? I have visited the Show twice before, and she reminded me just in time for us to make plans for the coming weekend.
I also wanted to try to make a live contact with a fellow Rainer, and I was curious to meet Tina's daughter Tiffany, who at 12 is an aspiring entrepreneur, making cookie mixes and selling them on the Internet. I liked Tiffany's site, it has a warm feel, I am sure people like it.
Tina told me where to find them at Daisy a Day flower … (8 comments)

daytona beach arts: My Friend, Florida Tomato and Art - 10/24/08 12:54 PM

Some time ago I wrote a blog Meeting a Russian Artist. Right Here in Port Orange  about a fascinating guy, who is an artist. Well, a real artist. 
He has graduated from a college of fine arts, and then got his Masters from a prestigious Russian art school in St. Petersburg, Russia.
He's been a Port Orange resident for several years now, absolutely legal (so all my AR friends can sleep tonight -LOL).
I took the top photo, but I did not have a nice head shot, so I called Yuri and asked that sends me one. He sent two and … (6 comments)

daytona beach arts: Money Winning Over Heart - 04/04/08 03:37 PM
Daytona is embracing a possible loss of its newspaper, at least the way they had it for so many years. News-journal is one of the last newspapers where the majority stakes belongs to the Davidson family for 79 years.
The legal battle started in 2004, when Cox Communications from Atlanta, which owns 47.5% shares in the company, filed a lawsuit against the News-Journal paying $13 million for naming rights of the News-Journal Center, a performing arts center in Downtown Daytona Beach. Attorneys claimed that the Davidson-controlled company misused corporate money "while pursuing the Davidson family's personal interest in the arts" (Cox asks court for independent News-Journal overseer.)
News … (13 comments)

daytona beach arts: Mount Dora Annual Crafts Fair - 10/28/07 01:12 PM
Me and my wife have visited the Crafts Fair in 2005. On Saturday on the way to our frined in Ocala we decided to visit Mount Dora on our way. We did not check the schedule, just drove there and ... bingo, we got right at the Fair. This was a very nice and welcome surprise. We enjoy the architecture, the lake, nice quaint streets lined with mature trees, rolling hills.
Dora Craft Fair took place Ocober 27-28 in downtown Mount Dora on the backdrop of a beautiful Lake Dora. The weather was on a cooler side with no sunshine, but … (0 comments)

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