daytona beach condos: Daytona Condos. Market Snapshot. End of 2018 - 01/15/19 07:53 AM
Daytona Condos in 2018There are 543 condos for sale in Daytona Beach Area, which includes Daytona Beach, Daytona Beach Shores, Ormond Beach, Ponce Inlet, South Daytona, Holly Hill, and Port Orange.
This is the peak of the slow season, so no wonder prices start from $45K (3 condos for less than $45K), and all the way to $1,299,000.
In the preceding 12 months, 1,122 condos were sold in Daytona Beach area. Prices started from $38,000 (only one for under $40K), 6 units were sold for less than $50K.
It is nearly the same as in 2017 (1,113), and close to what was sold in … (7 comments)

daytona beach condos: Riverplace One Hundred Condominium in Daytona Beach - 08/19/18 09:25 PM
Riverplace One HundredRiverplace One Hundred is a direct riverfront condominium in Daytona Beach. A 117-unit 9-story condo was built as an apartment building in 1973 and later was converted to a condominium.
It is on the corner of Silver Beach Ave., and Peninsula Dr. Silver Beach takes you over the bridge to the mainland, but right now the bridge is in the process of being replaced, so we will most probably not be able to use it for another year.
But when it is all done, this is going to be the nicest bridge in the area. It is simply gorgeous, and I … (1 comments)

daytona beach condos: Do You Know Daytona Beach Condos? - 03/12/18 09:25 AM
Daytona Beach CondosHere is some Daytona Beach condos trivia (if there is such thing as condo trivia 🙂
When saying Daytona Beach, we usually include 7 municipalities. Locals know them, but people out of the area tend to call everything Daytona Beach.
Combined, these 7 municipalities have 274 condo complexes (buildings) with 21,964 units.
Here is the breakdown of Daytona Beach Condos by the city:1.   Daytona Beach                       75 condos/6290 units
2.   Daytona Beach Shores         68 condos/5221 units
3.   Holly Hill                                  5 condos/  749 units
4.   Ormond Beach                      73 condos/3123 units
5.   Ponce Inlet                             27 condos/1835 units
6.   Port Orange                           16 condos/  869 units
7.   South Daytona                      10 condos/  710 … (4 comments)

daytona beach condos: Cranes Are Coming Back... - 02/21/18 10:15 PM
We have not seen any sizable residential construction in Daytona Beach area since 2007, and when DiMucci started building a 6-story oceanfront condo, then the developer started clearing the lot for Aruba, and construction should start any day now… and Max Daytona, the latest addition to condo developments in Daytona Beach Shores. And this latest condo in Daytona Beach Shores is actually the first building in Daytona Beach Shores if you come from Daytona.
This one is worth talking about.
It is a 12-story condominium with 72 2-bedroom units. “A new landmark in sophisticated oceanfront living” how they position themselves on … (10 comments)

daytona beach condos: Oceans Four Condominium in Daytona Beach Shores, FL. - 02/04/18 11:47 PM
Oceans Four Condominium
Oceans Four is a 20-story condominium building with 114 condo units in Daytona Beach Shores. It is one of 15 condominium buildings in the Oceans group of condos. Yet on MLS there is only 1 unit for sale as of today, February 5, 2018. Less than 1% inventory is a sign of a crazy market, and it isn’t. Seasonally this is the slowest time of the year, and usually the time of the biggest inventory, yet we are extremely low on inventory and yet… prices are still not crazy, which they should be under all these circumstances.
If you … (2 comments)

daytona beach condos: Daytona Beach Shores Condo Market. End of 2017 - 01/02/18 08:58 PM
Daytona Beach Shores Condo Market It is the end of the year, and it is time to look at statistical data related to Daytona Beach Shores Condo Market. Do not confuse with Daytona Beach condo market. These are two neighboring cities, but they are separate municipalities.
Click here to read the Summary about the status and the trends of condominium market in the area.
This is a glimpse at Daytona Beach Shores Condo Market. ZIP Code 32118. While this ZIP is shared with Daytona Beach, we excluded Daytona Beach data from this statistical report, so it only includes condominiums in Daytona … (2 comments)

daytona beach condos: Ormond Beach Condo Market. End of 2017 - 01/02/18 08:28 PM
It is the end of the year, and it is time to look at statistical data related to Ormond Beach Condo Market. For this statistical report, we combined Ormond Beach and unincorporated Ormond-by-the-Sea.
Click here to read the Summary about the status and the trends of condominium market in Daytona Beach general area.
This is a glimpse at Ormond Beach Condo Market. ZIP Code 32174 for mainland and 32176 for beachside Ormond Beach and Ormond-by-the-Sea.
There are total of 73 condominium Buildings in Ormond Beach with 3,123 condo units.
AreaOrmond Beach
Active Listings
65 Active Condo Listings from $82,500 to $849,900 in Aliki Atrium.
6 Pending
1 … (2 comments)

daytona beach condos: South Daytona Condo Market. End of 2017 - 12/31/17 10:16 PM
This is the end of 2017, and it is time to look at the market in general and in specific areas. This statistical data is related to South Daytona Condo Market. To familiarize yourself with South Daytona, follow this link.
Click here to read the Summary about the status and the trends of condominium market in Daytona Beach general area.
This is a glimpse at South Daytona Condo Market. ZIP Codes: 32118, 32119, 32127 and 32128. ZIP Codes 32118, 32119, and 32127 cover more than one municipality, but for this report we used only condos located in Port Orange.
There are total of 10 … (3 comments)

daytona beach condos: Holly Hill Condo Market. End of 2017 - 12/31/17 10:12 PM
This is the end of 2017, and it is time to look at the market in general and in specific areas. This statistical data is related to Holly Hill Condo Market. To familiarize yourself with Holly Hill, follow this link.
Click here to read the Summary about the status and the trends of condominium market in Daytona Beach general area.
This is a glimpse at Holly Hill Condo Market. ZIP Codes: 32117.
There are total of 5 condominium Buildings in Holly Hill with 749 condo units. MG on the Halifax is a dominant condo complex in Holly Hill as they have 486 condos, which … (0 comments)

daytona beach condos: The Oceans Condos in Daytona Beach Shores - 05/04/16 02:24 AM

There are 15 condos in the Oceans Family of condos, and in this blog post we will only look at those, which are direct oceanfront buildings.
These are Oceans One, Oceans Two, Oceans Three, Oceans Atrium, Oceans Atrium One, Oceans Four, Oceans Five, Oceans Six, Oceans Seven, Oceans Eight and Oceans Ten.
And to make sense of it, we would limit this blog post to 2-bedroom condos only.
I wanted to make 3 blog posts, one for 1-bedroom condos, one for 2-bedroom condos, and one for 3-bedroom condos, but turned out there are not a single 1-bedroom condo for sale in these 11 … (3 comments)

daytona beach condos: Kingston Shores Condos in Ormond Beach - 04/24/16 12:25 AM

I wrote a blog post about Kingston Shores condominium in Ormond-by-the-Sea a few days ago. It is very general in nature, give you an idea of the location, the community, and details of the complex.
But how is the market in Kingston Shores condominium? Below is the statistical data from local MLS:
Look at what units were selling in 2015. Isn’t it shocking? Yes, those 3 first were troubled REOs. Two least expensive units are in the same building, actually, one under another.
We bid for both for my investor but somehow unit 65 was gone, my investor bought the other one.
Next REO unit came … (0 comments)

daytona beach condos: Daytona Condo Market Yesterday and Today - 02/28/15 01:15 PM
When we say "Daytona", we usually mean 7 municipalities. They are Daytona Beach, Daytona Beach Shores, Ponce Inlet, Ormond Beach, Port Orange, South Daytona and Holly Hill.
Today we are discussing beachside condo market and we will be using MLS data only for the part of Daytona Beach, which is between the ocean and the Intracoastal, and which is in the 32118 ZIP code.
We are doing it because majority of condos in the area are on the beachside, and there is more commonality between them than between Beachside and mainland condos.
To make it fair, we eliminated one lowest and … (10 comments)

daytona beach condos: One-Bedroom Condos in Daytona Beach Shores. September 2013 - 09/16/13 01:29 PM
When I talk with buyers on the phone and they say that they are looking for something very basic as long as it is on the ocean, and wouldn't mind a one-bedroom unit, I have to pause...
They are asking for a one-bedroom unit not because they are looking for something small, but because they usually assume that while they are tight on money, they have better chances to find an affordable one-bedroom condo rather than two-bedroom condo.
And this is not always the case.

Right now there are 7 one-bedroom condos on our MLS for sale in Daytona Beach … (21 comments)

daytona beach condos: A Holiday Evening in Daytona Beach - 09/02/13 04:47 PM
Summer turned out very Floridian. I heard that there was a time when it was raining in Florida every day. All the water evaporating was coming back on us in the second half of the day.
But I never experienced it in real life until today. We have seen a lot of rains even before, but they were not coming on a clock, we had dry spells and even massive fires...
But this summer we have it like it should be. It is wonderful and sunny in the morning, and then the skies change and in the second half of the … (6 comments)

daytona beach condos: Daytona Beach Shores Condo Market. April 2013 - 04/07/13 04:36 PM
So, what is happening on the condo market?
There are currently 27 condos for sale in Daytona Beach Shores, which are priced between $100K and $200K, 40 units priced between $200K and $300K, 13 condos priced between $300K and $400K, 1 between $400K and $500K, and 2 units are priced higher than $500K.

The smallest number is for one-bedroom condos: only 11 one-bedroom condos for sale in Daytona Beach Shores at this time. It is not that there is more demand for one-bedroom condos, than for 2- and 3- bedroom inits, it is because there are fewer one-bedroom condos in … (8 comments)

daytona beach condos: Condo Living or How To Save A Penny and Lose a Shirt... and Pants - 03/26/12 10:46 AM
It used to be that if condo owners in Florida did not have their own insurance policy, the association would buy it and them pass the cost to the condo owner. The law was changed in 2010, and now the Association can’t force the condo owner to have insurance of the inside of the condo.
The way the law is written, it implicitly requires the insurance, but nowhere in SB 1196 it says that the owner has to have individual insurance policy.
Not that the owners shouldn’t, it is always a good idea to have, but it isn’t mandatory.
Why? … (10 comments)

daytona beach condos: Oceans Six Condominium in Daytona Beach Shores - 05/03/11 06:53 PM
Oceans Six is one of newer Oceans buildings in Daytona Beach Shores. This direct oceanfront U-shaped 17 story 120-unit condominium was built in 1993, which means that it has sprinkler system, as they became mandatory, I think, in 1988. One outdoor and one indoor pool. Social room, exercise room, sauna, on-site property manager representing the Association.
No units on the ground level, 8 units per floor, split evenly between 2 bdr and 3 bdr units. Outside corridor system. Building is in great shape, clean and well maintained. Underground parking. 2 bdr units are 1,540 sf, and 3-bdr units are 1,668.Larger than … (6 comments)

daytona beach condos: Opus Condominium at a Glance - 04/24/11 03:41 PM
This direct oceanfront 11-story condo in Daytona Beach Shores is the latest (and for now last) condominium development in Daytona Beach Shores and in greater Daytona area.
The condo project changed hands after it was built, the name has changed from Islamorada to Opus Condominium, and the sales started just recently.
Here are some facts about Opus Condominium.
Location: 2071 S Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beach Shores, FL 32118
Units: 53
5 units per floor.
2 units (model C and D) are 3/3 direct oceanfront. 1,951 sq. ft. Association fee $430 a month.
Units B and E are 3/2 oceanview … (2 comments)

daytona beach condos: How Much Does it Cost to Become an Instant Guru? - 01/10/11 07:15 PM
We have a listing in Marina Grande on the Halifax in Daytona Beach Area. It is a short sale. 2 bdr/2 baths unit on the 14th floor was bought in 2007 for $490K. The 25-story tower with 243 units in one and 486 condos in 2 out of 4 built.
It’s been in the works for a long time and had its ups and downs. Already 2 BPOs and one appraisal have been done, case opened, closed, reopened… On Friday comes a phone call. The guy needs to do BPO and is asking about access to the property.
No, no … (12 comments)

daytona beach condos: New Condo Name in Daytona Beach Shores - 12/26/10 03:52 PM
Actually, this is a new name but not a new Condominium Building in Daytona Beach Area. Recently Islamorada Condominiums in Daytona Beach Shores were sold to Canadian Investors, and they are changing the name to Opus.
The investors bought it for about $12 Mil, which is half what the original developers Jim Mack and Alan Koch owned to Wachovia Bank.
Exit Realty of Daytona will be handling sales. Prices start from low $200s and as of now I do not know how high they will go. Hope the sales will be brisk. Hate seeing an empty brand new building right … (4 comments)

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