daytona broker: $100,000 For A Floor? - 02/01/14 10:02 AM
I saw this question on Trulia:
«I like granite . I am planning to use granite(slab not tiles) for flooring . I am in Austin TX. is it desirable to do so?. Does the heat and AC utilities bill will be effected very much. will it be difficult to sell the house if I desire so. How much value it adds to the house. I am planning a 3500 sft house with 2500 first floor» 
There were several answers, and they were pretty much on target. People have enough sense to understand that even if you are fond of granite, it is … (28 comments)

daytona broker: Professional Amateur... - 01/26/14 04:37 AM
Sometimes on AR I run into a phrase “Professional Realtor”. And it does not come form the public; it comes from the agents, who refer to themselves this way.
Makes me wonder.
Public can call us whatever they like. They do not have to know the difference. But it seems professionals do or should know, so if they misuse it, can they call themselves “professional”
Or is it that we consider paying the NAR dues a professional activity?
If, however, it is used instead of the terms “agent, broker, or real estate licensee” than how the wrong use makes … (36 comments)

daytona broker: What If Your Email Address Suddenly Stops Working? - 12/28/13 08:01 AM
A few days ago one of my e-mail addresses stopped working. There was suddenly a pop-up window, and I was requested to put my password, It was all automatic, but anyway, I typed in my password once, and then another time, and then again…
I know my password. Something was wrong.
I went to AT&T site and initiated a chat. The person on the other end suggested that I try access my email from the website. Nope, didn’t work.
Themi then walked me through changing the password. Soon it was done. Below is an interesting part of this chat (I copied … (17 comments)

daytona broker: A Good Agent? - 11/17/13 12:01 PM
Hmm… Am I a good agent?
Of course, I am great :), but to tell you the truth, it is a very good question. Because the honest answer is “It depends”.
It really does…
Asking this question for me is like asking “how to find a good doctor?” Would I ask this question?
No, I would ask a more specific question, something like “How to find a good cardiologist”, or “How to find a good otolaryngologist” or whichever specialty I need.
My friend Daniel is a terrific ophthalmologist, an MD, but is being an MD enough to choose him to help … (40 comments)

daytona broker: Professional Wannabes - 09/11/13 11:16 AM

It is evening, and after walking on the beach we stopped by our neighborhood Publix Supermarket to get some food for our cat. When we are alone, we usually speak Russian. A lady smiles hearing Russian. She is Russian from Philadelphia here on vacation with her husband.
They are ready to sell in Philly and move to our area. Asking questions about living here. No, they do not need help with real estate, they said they know everything about real estate and how it works. Good for them. I can't say the same about me.
And then comes that sentence, … (27 comments)

daytona broker: Why Are You Here? - 05/26/13 02:12 PM
After the announcement that Hard Rock International intended to build a hotel/café plus 100 condo complex on the oceanfront lot in Daytona, I started getting all type of calls from wannabe investors, who wanted a piece close to the action.
I spent half of the day showing my client lots and businesses in the vicinity of the coming Hotel/Café. I was trying to explain to my client, that for a small time investor this was not an option, and instead of looking at what they could buy close to the site today for tomorrow’s price, he could look at what he … (16 comments)

daytona broker: Right Of First Refusal…What You Need to Know - 07/14/12 12:51 PM
When buying a condo in Daytona Area, watch for this clause. We use the Condominium Disclosure, and it specifies whether the Association has the first right of refusal, and also whether the Condo Owners have the right of refusal. While refusal by the Association is relatively rare, watch for those condominiums where the condo owners have the first right of refusal. It can easily happen that when you think that you got a great deal, the owners may agree with you and take it away from you. All they need is to offer the same terms to the Seller, and your … (32 comments)

daytona broker: Are You Ready For Me? - 06/28/12 03:10 PM
A couple walked into my office today. They are landlords. They rented their condo in Daytona to a tenant. They came from the court. It was a pre-trial. When the tenant sent them a letter in April that there were hazardous conditions and because of that he was terminating the lease, the lady was in the Hospital. She somehow found us and asked to contact the tenant and take care of the hazardous conditions. We tried to contact the tenant several times, but he never responded. The hazardous condition was a can of touch-up paint in the closet. We suggested that … (62 comments)

daytona broker: Smooth and Uneventful... Yeah, Sure... - 06/16/12 04:06 PM

This was maybe a couple of months ago and I forgot the details. Somehow e-mail was forwarded to my client by mistake, and all previous communication was there. My client read it, and was terrified. There was quite desperate moments and the whole closing at times was very questionable, and my client needed this closing, as the money already been planned for another investment, and timing was tight… He called me and I had to calm him down. I explained what happened to each of those crazy moments, and after some time he relaxed… He then asked me how come … (10 comments)

daytona broker: Sign Here That You Are Honest... - 05/13/12 09:07 AM
No, I am not writing it to express my deepest disbelief in Buyer Broker Agreements. There were too many spears broken over it. I guess there is no right and wrong here. Some States require them as I heard, so the whole point there is moot…
I read E.J.”Mike” Carlier’s post  Why should I sign a buyer's broker agreement? Well written post, gives customers some clarification… But the reasoning made me speechless. Basically, Mike made it clear that unless there is a signed BBA, he can instead of writing an offer, as asked by the customer, turn and buy for his … (10 comments)

daytona broker: FSBO Buyer - 03/29/12 01:27 PM
I am used to a scenario when my clients after buying a unit in a condo-hotel, stay there, become very active in anything about this condo-hotel. They now know personnel and get into any room they want to look at, and get any information about any unit or unit owner…
Our clients, who bought a couple of units in Fountain Beach Resort, wanted another unit, but something where they could just step outside. The best unit for them would be in Oceanside Inn in Daytona Beach Shores. Units on the second level on the south side have a sundeck built on … (23 comments)

daytona broker: Good Family Man - 03/25/12 06:10 AM
It happens time from time, especially with condo-hotels, when a Seller would walk in my office and ask me to bring a buyer for his unit.
- You, guys, are in this building, and there is a sign outside, so I thought you are the ones who can bring a buyer for my unit.
- Do you want us to list your unit?
-  No, I listed it with my niece, she has a license and needs practice, but what’s the difference? You bring the buyer and you will get the commission anyway. Right?
I do not have buyers … (6 comments)

daytona broker: My Perfect Condo - 03/18/12 10:53 AM
I want to wake up with the sun rising and watch it right from my bed.
I need the sun for as much as I can. I did not come here to hide in a shade…
It has to be in oceanfront building but not on the noisy street side… cause I hate bikers
It has to be 2 bedr/2 baths
It should have a laundry in the unit, not on the floor
It has to have heated pool
And the list goes on…
There are two problems with this list. One is that if you wake up to the rising … (8 comments)

daytona broker: Saving Oxygen - 03/13/12 12:15 PM
Sometimes it happens that clients became friends. This Russian lady, who speaks perfect Spanish, but stumbles on her English, was happy she ran into us, when she was looking to buy a condo in Daytona Beach, as we could speak Russian, and it was a big relief for her.
Now my wife has a companion and partner in crime shopping ventures.
She was talking about selling her house in Arlington, Virginia, and settling in Daytona Beach. I got excited and told her I had a terrific agent for her. Just a few years ago I referred my other client to … (21 comments)

daytona broker: Am I Allowed To Pee? - 03/12/12 02:35 PM
After half day of showing we have a winner, and we are ready to right an offer. I usually call Listing agent before writing the offer, as devil is in the details.
Yes, the agent is thrilled but... this 2 bdr/2 bath condo is listed at $63K. Not a short sale. It is in the trust name. Trustee is out of state, and family members are out of state, not much interest in this property, want to sell.
However, the Board of Director for the Association tell agents that they would not allow any sale if the price is less than … (28 comments)

daytona broker: A White Crow - 03/10/12 11:57 AM
If somebody told me yesterday that I would have a featured post with about 100 comments disagreeing with me, I would have laughed. But here I am, my post Sold In 2 Days? So Sad... is a legitimate candidate for the Guinness Book of Records…. How could I have stepped on so many toes? Was it in a sense comments to the title or to a phrase in the post? I do not know. I know that I even became a disservice to the industry (LOL)… I loved that overall tone was civil, practically everybody did it respectfully. I am not … (26 comments)

daytona broker: Throwing a Bone To the Seller - 02/12/12 01:57 PM
Can There Be Too Much Knowledge?
I have received several offers for a condo-hotel unit in Plaza Resort & Spa. This is the largest studio floor plan, priced reasonably at $103,500. Next comparable unit in the resort of similar set up and size is $159,000.
It would be easy to assume that I have the price wrong, based on the consistent uniformity of the offers, but I would stubbornly say “nay”. Why? Because I know… Because I work with investors, and run into it often enough…
With rare exception the offers are $62K and $67K. Interestingly, at the same time … (2 comments)

daytona broker: Seagulls on the Beach... Daytona Beach - 11/14/11 01:29 AM
Seagulls are as part of our gorgeous beach, as pelicans and crabs. They are always there, but I have rarely seen them fishing.
I have seen them fighting for fish, which ended up on the sand, sometimes I see them trying those crystal transparent jelly fish…
Sometimes, a beachgoer brings bread and start throwing breadcrumbs in to the air, and birds fly around, grabbing bread and fighting for the crumbs…
They live by their own rules. Sometimes they congregate on the beach and as long as you can see, there are seagulls standing on one leg in the company of … (18 comments)

daytona broker: This Is Our Beach… Daytona Beach - 11/13/11 04:26 PM
I am a big fan of walking barefoot on our gorgeous beach. Today it was a wonderful sunny day with 76F  and cooler water at 69F.
Sand is usually very clean. We very rarely see seaweeds, it is only after strong storms. However, the ocean was quite rough last week, and we got unusual amount of seaweed on our beach, and accompanying it poignant smell of iodine.
Here is the photo that I took at sunset.
This is our beach…
Beautiful beach…
Daytona Beach...


daytona broker: Happy End Story. And It Is Not Christmas Yet. - 09/21/11 05:48 PM
In Florida (and in Colorado) we are presumed acting as Transaction Brokers unless stated otherwise.
On AR I noticed the attitude that transactions brokers are sort of half-a$$ agents or brokers as we do not have to offer full fiduciary and that makes buyers we work with not clients but customers.
The belief that a piece of paper signed will make me half a$$ is very foreign to me. I am sure there are half-a$$ agents in any state. By the same token I am sure that there are good agents in Florida and Colorado.
Like so many others, I try to do a good job. … (24 comments)

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