daytona real estate: A Summer Day in Daytona. - 07/14/14 02:46 PM
Afternoon July heat, white bleached sand, azure water of the ocean, the sound of the surf… In moments like these I want to relax, to be a retiree, like so many people around us.
An hour later, there is no bright sunshine anymore. There is haze. The clouds west of the Intracoastal are turning grey. They accumulate moisture.
I am on the 10th floor, and I see both the Intracoastal and the ocean, it is simply a matter of turning my head. The gentle breeze turns into gusty wind. I hear a sound of something hitting the railings, and see a … (6 comments)

daytona real estate: Motorsports Hall of Fame is Coming to Daytona Beach... Yay!!! - 01/28/14 02:45 AM
Read the news 4 days ago, that Motorsports Hall of fame of America is leaving Novi, MI for Daytona Beach.
Not surprisingly, the move will be completed in 2016, at the same time when the Rising Daytona project, a massive overhaul of the Speedway by NASCAR, is over.
And, as it is easy to guess, the new Daytona Rising will have room for the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America.

"Plans call for the Hall of Fame's displays featuring cars, images, stories and bronze sculptures of 209 icons of American motorsports to be located in Daytona's Ticket and Tours Building, … (5 comments)

daytona real estate: The Address That Does Not Exist OR The Hidden Treasure... - 01/13/14 05:28 AM
This is one of those "did you know?" kind of posts...
There is a listing in this beautiful condo building. Everything is fine, but when you click on the parcel ID, the county property appraiser’s page opens with “No parcels were found including the following search criteria: Parcel ID #_________________”
By the way, the parcel ID looks fine, and absolutely real… I went to county Property Appraiser's page and checked all units, and no, I could not find this one. There is no record of this unit. This condo does not seem to exist... There are units under and above, but this … (24 comments)

daytona real estate: Solid Business of Predictions - 01/06/14 11:23 AM
It is the beginning of the year, and we love to try to look ahead and try to see what lies ahead. What year will it be? How will it affect our business…
Of course, nobody knows where the market will be tomorrow, but I can try to make some predictions, and they are based not on my outlook, but on the outlook of people, who are investing very serious money into the future of Daytona. Actually, unprecedentedly serious money. Never ever in history of Daytona there were projects worth of billion dollars…
Money talk. And what I hear is: DEVELOPMENT. … (21 comments)

daytona real estate: Outer Real Estate World... - 12/11/13 02:20 AM
Couple of years ago, when the market was scraping the ground, and, probably, even digging it, my client bought a condo. A wonderful unit in older riverfront very well built building...
They liked it, so a few months later they made an offer on another unit there. It was a short sale, but it was not going anywhere. Either the agent was not cooperating, or the Seller, or both.
Then the Listing agent left town. New agent took over. It was dead again. And then the «new» Listing agent retired and the listing went yet to another agent. By this time … (12 comments)

daytona real estate: How To Use MLS or Watching Dolphins Play - 11/28/13 01:48 AM
MLS is a tool to make us all aware of the property and expose it to as many agents as possible.  But reading Remarks in MLS, I often feel that the Listing agent is not helping other agent in selling it.
In too many cases the Selling agent’s lists of questions is very different from the answers in in the MLS.
We are told that first five lines of the description on MLS is what readers see on and other sites. Fine, but why keep writing general BS on lines 6 and after?
Why write “watching the dolphins play” and … (15 comments)

daytona real estate: You Thought You Bought It And Now You Own It? - 11/22/13 02:01 PM
I was struggling with the Title and my other option was “The Most Important Question To Ask When Buying A Vacation Property”.
I do not expect you to figure it out, so here is this most important question to the Seller:
- How financially sound are you today and for the next 2 years?
You think this is a stupid question? When you buy a vacation property, why would you care about the financial strength of the Seller?
Well, if you want to keep what you are buying, then it is not stupid at all.
You think you bought your vacation … (54 comments)

daytona real estate: Your American Dream - 07/11/13 03:03 PM
Richie Allan Naggar, a unique voice on AR with his own style and wisdom, posted DREAM AS IN AMERICAN DREAM NOT DREAM HOME I commented, he responded, and in the process this wonderful thing happened. He gave me the idea of this post. What Richie wrote about is the difference between the American dream, which is owning a home and a dream home. I agree with him that we need to take care of American dream first, even if this is not a dream home.  It is difficult to argue that in many parts of the country, where the change in … (6 comments)

daytona real estate: Why Would Agent Take Overpriced Listing? - 07/06/13 09:57 AM
 Michael Setunsky in a comment to recent featured blog asked that $1,000,000 question, “why would an agent take a listing that will not sell?”
Really, why?
Agents know that it is not a good idea, so, even when the Seller is absolutely not realistic, they have the right to pass on a listing, and many do.
Are agents, who take overpriced listings, stupid?
At the beginning of my real estate career, a good acquaintance of mine, the first Russian broker in Palm Coast, listed a commercial parcel for a jaw-dropping price. It was so high, that many thought it was a … (87 comments)

daytona real estate: And Why Hasn’t It Been Sold Yet? - 05/25/13 10:05 AM
And Why Hasn’t It Been Sold Yet?
I hear this question quite often. It is like “hey, it is for sale, so it’s been on the market for a month, and hasn’t been sold, and why is that?”
- Hey, it was waiting for you.
I can’t give you a better answer.
I could never understand this question. If it is good, why hasn’t someone validated it by buying it? Yes, check those sold in the last month. They were validated. You might be lucky it does not happen faster, as this means YOU CAN BUY IT.
We all … (63 comments)

daytona real estate: Morning on the Beach in Daytona Beach Shores - 05/12/13 12:46 PM
I usually take my long walks on the beach in the evening, when the sun is low, and UV exposure is at a minimum. But today I went to the beach at 9 in the morning, as in the evening we are eating out with the family celebrating Mother’s Day.
The park in Daytona Beach Shores where I go was still not packed, and I had no problem parking the car.
The weather is what you can dream of: low 80s, slight ocean breeze, light clouds covering the sun to give rest to our skin…

As I was making my … (8 comments)

daytona real estate: Hard Rock Hotel Comes to Daytona Beach... - 05/05/13 02:52 PM

Writing about the 10-acre site bought by Canadian investors, and their plans to develop it was one of those topics I wanted to write about, but never got to it. Even called the architect and got his permission to post the photo of the new project that was supposed to come on that 10-acre oceanfront assemblage.
It was over 8 months ago. The announcement came that Bayshore Capital unveiled the plan to build two 20-story towers with total of 760-room condo-hotel. They planned to start work at the end of 2013 and complete it in 2015.
It was a welcome … (9 comments)

daytona real estate: One Announcement, Ripples, Ripples, Ripples - 05/05/13 12:56 PM
In the long years of crisis, that slowly immobilized our real estate market in the years after it started shrinking, we were passing the same “For Sale” signs on pieces of land across the street from the ocean on State Rd. A1A, which is known as Atlantic Ave.
We would sigh, say that we need to explore how we could buy something for our own office.
Then, one day, we ran into a private lender and started talking about financing a purchase like this, and then suddenly noticed a "pending" sign on the piece of land we wanted. I called … (36 comments)

daytona real estate: Build Penthouse First. And Leave It Hanging - 12/18/12 12:21 PM

I went to refresh my photos of Bellair Condos in Daytona Beach. I am sending photos and information to my Canadian buyer. Working with MLS, I noticed that the Listings were showing wide range of dates built. Weird for a single building.
Smiled and decided to check the Appraiser's website. I am thinking that the agent didn't check the Property appraiser's site, which is showing the date, and where i go to make sure I am correct.
So, I am there and... surprise-surprise... The County Property Appraiser's site is showing... 1973.
Does it mean that it is time for me … (4 comments)

daytona real estate: Binoculars As Closing - 07/01/12 02:32 AM
Joe is from Chicago. Jokes fly out of him and being with him is fun. He is dreaming about a vacation condo in Daytona Beach area. His wife is used to his jokes and does not pay any attention, even when he is telling me that he will spend time sitting on the balcony and watching girls on the beach. As a true northerner, he knows what he wants, and cuts me of the moment I try to widen the search parameters. He want direct oceanfront with no gimmicks, no ocean view or side units… he wants penthouse level, so that … (2 comments)

daytona real estate: Market Hype and Market Blues - 06/23/12 04:10 PM
I think it was 2005, when The Devlin Group announced their next development - Ocean Sands condominium in Daytona, an absolutely gorgeous 19-story modern luxury building. Ocean Villas Condominium was under construction, all units were pre-sold, and prices started from $1 Mil and up. It was a huge success, and the next building was promising to be an even bigger success. My client wanted to reserve the unit in Ocean Sands, and I showed up at the sales office of the developer, where the party was about to start, and the reservation list was supposed to be filled fast. I was … (10 comments)

daytona real estate: Daytona Beach Fun For Kids & Adults: Sun Splash Park - 06/03/12 03:18 PM
Sun Splash Park is an oceanfront 4–acre park in the heart of Daytona’s Beachside. It is close to our office, and we frequent it. The park has 95 parking spaces, and this is its biggest challenge during weekends in season. You have to come early to get a parking space. Or, because it is a beach driving zone, you can park right on the beach. 

It is not a newly developed park, but the city completely redesigned it a few years ago, and made it fun for everybody. Especially for kids. 
There are sculpture-like poles, bright colored shades, a pavilion, … (3 comments)

daytona real estate: No, They Are Not You… - 05/25/12 04:27 PM
My clients bought a condo unit in Bella Vista in Daytona Beach Shores for a very good price. They still have money and are thinking of investing, but are very particular about the buildings. It has to be a nice one, and nice one by their standards. When in 2 months the listing agent called me about the short sale he had there and said that the bank agreed to a very significantly reduced priced (by $100K), I sent my clients an e-mail suggesting that they buy this unit, and then resell for a nice profit. They ask questions. They need … (55 comments)

daytona real estate: Frequently Asked Question: Why I Can’t Just Bring A Cashier’s Check To Closing - 05/20/12 10:52 AM
We have a Closing for a condo-hotel studio on the beach scheduled for Thursday, and when I tell the Buyer that they would need to wire the money to the Closing Attorney, she said that she would bring a cashier’s check. And when I tell her that she would have to wire money, she is asking me why can’t she simply bring the cashier’s check? Actually you can bring a Cashier’s check, but if you choose so, you would need to do it a few days before the Closing day, so that the Closing agent can deposit the check and make … (10 comments)

daytona real estate: Nothing Against You But... - 05/12/12 03:43 PM
I ran into this while surfing through emails. It is by far not the only one. People (and agents) contact me about condo-hotels, and demand that I provide condo docs, minutes of the Board Meetings, financial statements of the Condo owners Association, their budget, proof of reserves... And when we do not volunteer all that without the accepted offer, they get upset. This one is is from the Buyer.
"Nothing against you but this is one of the many problems I have with realtors. Ashley (Owners Realtions Manager - J.Z.) said the realtors could help me get the financials from the … (12 comments)

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