daytona realtor: It is Turtle Time in Daytona - 07/29/14 03:29 AM

It’s turtle season.
It is the Turtle Time in Daytona.
Every year in the Daytona area we have the turtle time.
“From May 15 through October 31, the area beaches host an unusual marine visitor - the sea turtle. These magnificent animals emerge from the surf at night to lay their eggs in nests dug into the dry sand, then return to the sea. Two months later, about a hundred baby turtles (hatchlings) emerge from each of these nests and crawl to the ocean. This amazing cycle of Mother Nature is thousands of years old. “ … (18 comments)

daytona realtor: Trulia, Zillow...My Head Is Spinning - 07/28/14 02:11 AM

The first mention about Zillow gobbling Trulia was days ago, as well as the first discussion on AR, and wow, it is now pretty much official.
It is simply hilarious. For AR with its adversarial attitude towards aggregators, Trulia, and Zillow, first AR was gobbled by Trulia, and now it is becoming Zillow.
The greatest thing happening for AR stockholders, as they got a huge increase of value for practically nothing. No offense here, but who would buy AR today for any meaningful money? Nobody. But as a spillover from Trulia, this is a very different story. And in this … (12 comments)

daytona realtor: Are You In The Right Place? - 07/24/14 02:11 AM
The latest announcement of a new development in Daytona is another sign of life coming back to the area. Former Desert Inn Hotel, which once held a dubious distinction of being one of the dirtiest hotels in the nation, has been sold, and the new owners are changing it to high end Weston. But is a twist to this announcement. The developer is asking the county to designate part of the beach in front of the resort as a non-driving beach, taking yet another piece of beach from the use by the people.
The county seemed very receptive to the … (6 comments)

daytona realtor: Are Foreclosures The Best Deal? - 07/21/14 12:55 PM
I am getting requests for more information about Hawaiian Inn, a condo-hotel in Daytona Beach Shores. And even though there are 14 condo units for sale in this resort, they are inquiring about unit 308.
Hmm, gotta be the nicest unit?
Then, maybe this is the best-priced unit?
No. Actually, there are 3 one-bedroom units like 308, which are less expensive…
So, why is that all these requests come for unit 308, as if there are no other units in the buildings?
It is simple. It is an REO.
People look on foreclosure sites. And they find it. And they … (14 comments)

daytona realtor: A Summer Day in Daytona. - 07/14/14 02:46 PM
Afternoon July heat, white bleached sand, azure water of the ocean, the sound of the surf… In moments like these I want to relax, to be a retiree, like so many people around us.
An hour later, there is no bright sunshine anymore. There is haze. The clouds west of the Intracoastal are turning grey. They accumulate moisture.
I am on the 10th floor, and I see both the Intracoastal and the ocean, it is simply a matter of turning my head. The gentle breeze turns into gusty wind. I hear a sound of something hitting the railings, and see a … (6 comments)

daytona realtor: What Taxes Do I Pay If I Rent My Daytona Beach Condo? - 07/05/14 02:09 PM
This email came today from Debbie:
“If we buy a condo and then rent it, what taxes will need paid? What % and to who? Do I need you get a tax number or something?“
Boy, what an excellent question!
In a nutshell – it depends.It really does...
First, there may be more than one tax to pay.
One is the annual property tax paid to Volusia County (if this is where you buy your condo). The tax rate depends on the city, where you buy a condo. They all have a bit different millage rates.
For example, 2013 … (16 comments)

daytona realtor: You Love Nature? - 06/22/14 01:12 AM
 About Nature Loving
I am a true nature lover. And it is the easiest thing to be. So, what do I do for the sake of Nature? Well… I do nothing.
I simply love nature.
I enjoy it, I watch it, but this is the extent of it.
I do not bring bread and give it to seagulls, or feed the hummingbirds (read William Jonson’s last blog)… I do nothing.
I commend myself for not interfering with nature. I do not “help”, or change it, or adjust it. I am not trying to make it more human... which is actually the … (22 comments)

daytona realtor: Daytona Beach Shores. Where I Live And Where I Work... - 06/19/14 10:18 PM
Daytona Beach Shores is a small coastal city south of Daytona Beach. It was incorporated in 1963, while Daytona Beach and Ormond are much older, so how they managed to get such a long shoreline, I do not know. But they do.
And because of that, this is our local condo capital, as majority of condos on the beachside are in Daytona Beach Shores. This is where I live, this is where I work.

Still, it is small, a little more than 4K residents, swelling to 30K visitors during major events. No schools, but not many kids in these condos. … (2 comments)

daytona realtor: Has Your Condo Become Bigger? - 06/18/14 01:36 AM
You Bought The Least Expensive Condo? Congratulations…
Why did you choose this particular condo from all others for sale in the building? Some units are on higher floors and, in addition to the ocean views, have the view of the Intracoastal (Halifax River). Some are direct oceanfront and have more value; some larger; some do not have a dark guest bedroom facing the walkway…
- Oh, you bought it because it was the least expensive unit in the building?
Now, you want to sell it. What do you think would be the biggest reason for a buyer to buy … (4 comments)

daytona realtor: Holes In The Wallet - 06/13/14 02:24 PM
I first read about infrared saunas about a year ago, and I loved it. It was a love from the first sight… actually yet unseen, only the articles about this marvel…
Soon we walked into our new (in terms of time of purchase, not time when built) condo. There was nothing really wrong about it. It was fit for living, with maybe only a few stains on the carpet. We hesitated whether we would bring all our stuff and “live happily thereafter”, or get involved into a massive tear-it-all-down-build-everything-from-scratch scenario, and, of course, we chose to remodel. I said that I … (9 comments)

daytona realtor: Howdy to a Neighbor City - 06/12/14 03:09 PM
Surfing through my photos, and deleting a lot of them to free the space on the server, I ran into this photo, taken in our neighbor city to the south – New Smyrna Beach.

I have always wondered how on earth could there be such a difference between Daytona and New Smyrna Beach.
If you judge by the looks, Daytona is more impressive with more highrises, more city-like look and feel. Daytona is a bigger place. And you would expect much more outdoor life in Daytona than in New Smyrna Beach. I am not sure about it.
Of course, when … (8 comments)

daytona realtor: Condo Buyers. How To Avoid Trouble - 06/12/14 03:20 AM
Too often people buy a condo, and run into a problem with the Association. And not because they are rude and obnoxious people, or do not care about others, but because they do not know.
- What is there to know?
A lot, but we will concentrate on one issue here:
Minimum rentals.
It is not unusual for owners to think about offsetting some or all of their expenses by renting out their second homes (condos) when they are not using them. However, in Daytona Beach area practically every condo has some sort of rental restrictions. Majority of them are about … (10 comments)

daytona realtor: How to Get to a Slaughterhouse? - 06/08/14 02:24 PM
Oh, all these type A personalities...
They walk in and ask a question. You can’t answer with a question; they only want the answer to the question. They do not want anything else.
They know everything else…
It may be the price, and then they say that they will be analyzing… Analyzing what? I have 100 times more questions, and 200 times more answers, but their ears are shut.
They know what they need, and they do not want anything else.
They are polite bullies...
But the world is not only beautiful cows in the … (6 comments)

daytona realtor: Photoshopping Life? - 02/23/14 08:29 AM
Photoshop is a powerful software package, allowing you to do many things, and among them taking the image and then blur or darken and blend, or even delete something not important, so that our focus is on the main event of the picture.  Pretty much this is how our brain “photoshops” what the eyes send to it.
Sounds stupid, I know. With our eyes we see what is out there… Actually, not quite. There is quite a difference between what our eyes see and what our brain processes. The eyes see about 50 times more than what we finally “see” after … (39 comments)

daytona realtor: Let's Talk in Unison...Will You? - 02/18/14 05:00 AM
I was reading a blog and the comments to it today, and ran into a suggestion not to mention in the blogs the discounts that agents/brokers may sometime offer to their clients.
Because customers read and get the idea and then demand it.
Funny that people come up with these ideas. Let’s not talk about something and pretend it is not happening… Reminds me of childhood
If you get together with other brokers and decide to set a standard in commissions fees so that we are all uniformed about it, it would be a clear violation of … (28 comments)

daytona realtor: To Stage Or Not To Stage? - 02/04/14 02:52 PM
To stage or not to stage? That is the question…. Do Buyers get scared by over-staging? According to what I read today, they do.
Obviously, they know what over-staging is. I don’t.    
Is it like pornography? We know one when we see it?
Denise Hamlin posted “Does Home Staging Work? Maybe... What NOT to Base Your Opinion On”. Like everything she writes, it is very thoughtful, and it is very good. You do not need to trust my word, just go and read her post, and her other excellent posts.
She inspired me to post this.Actually, not only her post, … (15 comments)

daytona realtor: $100,000 For A Floor? - 02/01/14 10:02 AM
I saw this question on Trulia:
«I like granite . I am planning to use granite(slab not tiles) for flooring . I am in Austin TX. is it desirable to do so?. Does the heat and AC utilities bill will be effected very much. will it be difficult to sell the house if I desire so. How much value it adds to the house. I am planning a 3500 sft house with 2500 first floor» 
There were several answers, and they were pretty much on target. People have enough sense to understand that even if you are fond of granite, it is … (28 comments)

daytona realtor: Motorsports Hall of Fame is Coming to Daytona Beach... Yay!!! - 01/28/14 02:45 AM
Read the news 4 days ago, that Motorsports Hall of fame of America is leaving Novi, MI for Daytona Beach.
Not surprisingly, the move will be completed in 2016, at the same time when the Rising Daytona project, a massive overhaul of the Speedway by NASCAR, is over.
And, as it is easy to guess, the new Daytona Rising will have room for the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America.

"Plans call for the Hall of Fame's displays featuring cars, images, stories and bronze sculptures of 209 icons of American motorsports to be located in Daytona's Ticket and Tours Building, … (5 comments)

daytona realtor: When Being an SOB is a Good Thing - 01/14/14 03:04 PM
I specialize in beachside condos.
I know some of the Association property managers, which are on-site, and some of them know me.
Usually, it is very helpful. Makes life easier.
This happened couple of years ago. I sold several units in this luxury beachside condo in Daytona Beach Shores. I have a lot of photos taken there, it is a beautiful building. However, working on a virtual tour, I noticed that I did not have a good photo of their clubroom.
So, I took my Canon with extra lenses and a flashlight, and went to the building. I know a … (42 comments)

daytona realtor: The Address That Does Not Exist OR The Hidden Treasure... - 01/13/14 05:28 AM
This is one of those "did you know?" kind of posts...
There is a listing in this beautiful condo building. Everything is fine, but when you click on the parcel ID, the county property appraiser’s page opens with “No parcels were found including the following search criteria: Parcel ID #_________________”
By the way, the parcel ID looks fine, and absolutely real… I went to county Property Appraiser's page and checked all units, and no, I could not find this one. There is no record of this unit. This condo does not seem to exist... There are units under and above, but this … (24 comments)

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