friends: Crowning the Queen - 06/23/14 11:31 AM
Since I have reached 1 Mil points, I relaxed and stopped worrying about points. For me the race was over. I stopped going to leaderboard, which used to be one of my most popular pages on AR before.
And, of course, I started sliding down the popularity page, and from under 30 moved to the end of the page. I should have done it earlier, but the magic of this 1 Million points kept me running.
I went to leaderboard today, simply because it is now on the navigation, and I believe it wasn’t there before, so I clicked.
Oh, wow. … (12 comments)

friends: After careful consideration... - 05/30/14 02:38 PM
Yesterday, I ran into one of my old Word files with over a hundred of unfinished blogs, quotes, ideas, and was ready to delete, when I stumbled upon
- After careful consideration we decided to withdraw our offer.
This was the end of 2011. I wrote a post but had not published it then. Everything was fine there, but time added a new angle to the story.
So, my buyers “after careful consideration” withdrew their offer. They rejected a 2,325 sf three-bedroom/three baths condo in direct oceanfront building with sweeping views of the ocean, in a very private setting with … (14 comments)

friends: It Is A Sad Day... - 05/29/14 02:15 PM
I was surfing the dashboard and saw Jason Sardi’s post Rest Still, Uncle Bill. There was a time when I was glued to his blogs and comments, and he never failed to amaze. He is not often on AR now, so, I clicked, expecting to be thrilled, but he came with shocking news of Bill Archambault’s passing.
Jason said Bill was a family to him. I felt pretty much the same way.
Bill is without a question one the brightest minds on AR. His blogs were not the easy reading, and they were so difficult to comment on without turning … (11 comments)

friends: Russians Are Coming ...For Food - 05/29/14 03:03 AM
When we succumbed to skillful advertising by a group of industrious Russian guys, greatly accelerating their push towards their American Dream, we ended up in Palm Coast, FL. There were 46 Russian families, and we all knew each other.
We were all trying to survive in laid back Florida, with little or no jobs in a bedroom community of Palm Coast, which was growing fast, and more an more Russians were coming...
The idea of a Russian Food store was a tempting one, and it was in the air. First attempts started from making and selling food out of the garages. … (14 comments)

friends: Thank You! - 04/16/14 09:20 AM
I owe a big “thank you” to all of my friends on AR for your support. A very big Thank you, indeed.
Life is full of surprises. No surgery in the plans, but how little all our plans mean...
My cardiologist did not like the results of a recent stress test, said they needed to look inside and, probably, add another stent to my collection of 3.
So, I went for catheterization. They found multiple blockages, and did not put another stent. They told me I was getting a quadruple bypass. They tried to calm me down, but I … (71 comments)

friends: And Nothing Happened... - 01/28/14 12:52 PM
When I read about the mass killings, I always ask myself, what would have happened if the shooter were killed before s/he could kill anyone? Would we hear about it if this how it would end up in the school rampage, which took the lives of 26 people?
Or the shooting in the movie theater, or that rampage at Virginia Tech?
What if I tell you that there were supposed to be a mass shooting in Daytona Beach, and the only reason you did not hear about it is because the shooter died first?
A few weeks ago we were stunned … (18 comments)

friends: Happy New Year, dear Karen Anne! - 12/31/13 10:48 AM
No, I can’t just close 2013.
I accept that bad things may happen to good people… I accept it. But it is so unfair…
I do not know about Karen Anne Stone’s condition. Do not know whether there is something she might need, but is not asking us… I know that she is not well, as there are no witty comments, sharp blog posts…
Her last blog post was August 13. She wrote about her last procedure before the surgery, and how scared she was of the whole thing. She somehow knew this would not be a walk in the … (105 comments)

friends: How Karen Anne Stone Is Doing... - 08/30/13 11:32 AM
It was over 2 weeks ago that I wrote Good Hearts Need Fixing Too... about Karen Anne Stone and the open-heart surgery she just had. Stupid me, I sent her flowers right away. Margaret Rome tried to warn me that it was a bit too early, as Karen Anne was in ICU, but I was faster than that…J
Margaret kept checking on Karen Anne’s condition, called the Hospital and spoke to the nurse, and then would comment on my blog with the update.
Margaret, thank you so much for it.
However, I doubt that many people go back that far … (39 comments)

friends: Our First AR Multi-Millionaire. Congratulations, Lenn Harley - 07/10/13 08:15 AM
Now we got the first multi-millionaire, and we all know her.  Congratulations, Lenn Harley.
2 Million points... What a journey.
Lenn was #1 for quite some time before Todd. I think, she passed Bryan Tutas, and became the Queen of Active Rain until a young and aspiring Todd Clark took the throne.
He is still here, not far behind. It is simply mind boggling journey and it shows the personal qualities everyone could only envy about.
I do not need to list them here.
She has what to say.
She knows how to say it.
She is saying it with … (16 comments)

friends: The Power of Kennedy - 03/17/13 09:48 AM
My blog post"Relationship Is When You Are Naked In Bed" was featured, had its share of activity for few days, and then it all stopped. That's how blog posts live and die, nothing unusual.
Unusual , however, was that today, on Sunday morning, after 3 days of it being dormant, there were comments, and not an occasional one, but ten of them. That was very unusual, and I was puzzled by it, and even commented on this strange occurence asking why suddenly there was extra activity.
And right after that the comment popped up and it was from Patricia Kennedy, … (4 comments)

friends: Mike Cooper. AR Rising Star. - 05/18/12 01:16 PM
I have been on AR for some time and I watched people leaving and people coming. Everyone is different. Some come unnoticed, and then their stars line up and they start shining, and some enter AR orbit with enough light and speed to be immediately noticed.
I think Mike is that star. We met today in my office and then had lunch at Zen Bistro, a local tiny Thai Restaurant. I thought I know Mike from his very impressive blog posts, but I did not read his “about me” page until just now, and I regret it. There is so much … (24 comments)

friends: A Mentor To Sensei - 05/13/12 03:27 PM
When I read Dick Greenberg’s Sensei/Grasshopper - An April Challenge! I knew that I did not need to ask if anyone needed my help. I knew exactly what I was going to do. I have known Alex Lopouchanski for probably 6 years now. It all started when we were working with a client, who was illegal alien, and had difficult time getting a mortgage, and after two powerful mortgage brokerages failed, the Buyer came to me with an ad from the Russian newspaper and asked me to call the guy. I was more than skeptical, but called. He managed to get … (4 comments)

friends: My Fierce Competitor... Congratulations! - 03/11/12 03:08 PM
If you go to Leaderboard in Florida, you will see that my fierce competitor is Gabe Sanders from Stuart, Florida.
Interestingly, there is something in common between us besides being older males.
We are both Jewish (even though I am not religious), and we are both immigrants, who came from Eastern Europe. He – from Hungary. I – from the Soviet Union.
Of the two, he is much smarter, because he came in 1956, and it took me way too long to get out of the Soviet Union. So, Gabe in America realized his American dream, while I in America realized … (18 comments)

friends: Do You Enjoy Sex or The Art of Landing A Job... - 02/15/12 12:09 PM
He came to US from the Ukraine when he, like me, was 40. I was a regular guy, and Nick was a decorated guy, one who was involved in coming with his best men and pumping the concrete into Chernobyl’s reactor in 1986 right after the explosion. He was a big boss, used to have a company car, a driver… and still he immigrated to the US, was looking for every opportunity to work, took construction jobs and shoveled dirt…
His wife, a music teacher, took college courses in accounting, and she was able to land a job. Not a lot … (14 comments)

friends: My Old AR Friends - 01/29/12 03:50 PM
Suzanne McLaughlin posted I Said Goodbye Today to a Lot of Old Friends.... Excellent blog. She made me think about those who I subscribed to in my time on AR.She inspired me to write this blog post. I have less than half of Suzanne’s number of members, who I subscribed to. When I go to AR, I am looking at dashboard first and comment on blogs that caught my attention. When the dashboard is just listings and market reports, then I turn to my subscription list and read and comment on the posts.
And yes, on my list the "oldest" post … (24 comments)

friends: A Cool Guy In New York - 11/23/11 03:38 PM
If you can find fun in Market Reports, check Mitchell Hall’s Manhattan Monthly Market Report - October 2011.
Maybe it is because I lived in New York (N.E. Bronx, to be exact), or simply because New York can leave anybody indifferent, but I find Mitchell’s report fascinating.
I do not think Manhattan is the most expensive real estate market, but it might be the most fascinating, due to the sheer volume of properties on a relatively small island. Which is not the island in the sea, but rather the Island of the World…
I am looking at condominiums and the … (24 comments)

friends: Good SamARitan - 09/30/11 03:35 PM
Like so many others on Active Rain, I see when something is not working on AR pages of other people, when the font used for navigation blends with background and you can't find «Blogs» or «Home» to click away, and I am annoyed with a long line of HTML code instead of text, and frustrated that the member put a broken link there...
Of course, I do not have that problem, do I? No, not me... All my stuff is working and it is others, who make all those mistakes...
Yep, absolutely true... until I get an e-mail from a member, … (11 comments)

friends: The Magic of ActiveRain. A True Story - 04/10/11 08:05 AM
I have been on AR for quite some time, and have sent links to some of my blogs to customers numerous times. I would usually receive an e-mail thanking me for the links, they would comment in the e-mail but they never commented on the blogs.
Imagine my surprise when I received this comment on my Catching The Sun blog:
Dear Jon
Thanks for helping us to buy our 2nd home in Daytona Beach Shores, You and your family are wonderful people. You are honest , smart and never too pushy. Also thanks for putting the sunset and sunrise pictures, … (68 comments)

friends: Pursuit of Happiness - 03/26/11 07:16 AM
No, this is not about the Constitution, it is about Gary Woltal's blog.
He is guilty for making me think on this wonderful warm and sunny day in Daytona Beach.
Gary posted Avoiding Mono Mania In Life. It is usually very difficult to be in disagreement with Gary, but this time I felt I was, or, let's say, I was not completely agreeing. I started writing a comment, but when it went beyond a couple of paragraphs, I scraped it and started this post.
I think what Gary is saying would work for majority of us. Making our lives … (10 comments)

friends: The Challenge That Took So Long - 03/13/11 04:27 PM
Press Release challenge on AR was something new, I never did it before, so curiousity got the best of me. But my timing was terrible.
I am so late with this press release. First it was vacation, and I thought that I would come back and put it together, then hospitalization, and everything became slow and difficult...
Meanwhile my hero, knowing nothing about all this, is moving ahead with force... She added 10,000 points to her impressive 800,000 since then...
But time is just time. It did not change anything in the greater scheme of things, so here it goes:
Missy … (12 comments)

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