funcoast realty: Guys, I Need Your Expert Opinion. Help Me Out Here - 04/15/11 07:55 AM
This post is about picking (or changing) the name of the company. So many of us face it at least once, when we go independent and are forming the company. How do you pick the best name for your company. What elements are a must? How specific it should be? I am about doing just that and I am lost.
We are revamping some of our internet marketing. As part of it, we are shifting to a new domain: This will be our main, with pages for those condos that we will be covering. Here's the sample of one page It … (28 comments)

funcoast realty: Unexpected Google Juice - 11/29/09 03:47 PM
How do we know that we got Google Juice? That's right... it is when the phone rings. That's the moment we wait for, and that's the moment that we are trying to make happen more often.
But no good deal come unpunished (LOL)
Below is the conversation as real as it can only be when you did not record it with a tape recorder, but tried to remember and recreate. Similar converstations happen daily, this is simply the latest, and, maybe a more bizzare one...
The phone rang yesterday, late Saturday evening.
- Is this Ocean Jewels Resort?
- No. This … (13 comments)

funcoast realty: Simple Things In Life - 05/04/09 06:45 PM
Let me introduce my client and a good man - Bob Leard.
We know each other for good 4 years. He walked into our office and immediately filled it with his personality. He asked how much money he could make if he buys a few units int he condo-hotel and rents them out. I told him "Nothing, none, zero, zilch". He left and I forgot about the whole thing, and then 3 weeks later he called me and asked me whether I still remembered him. Well, forgetting Bob Leard was out of the question, so yes, I remembered him very well.
He told … (6 comments)

funcoast realty: A Deal Is A Deal. No Bailouts. Wow! - 03/29/09 06:42 AM
In recent years in Florida the condo market was going up faster than mushrooms. It quickly became the fastest growing investor market with the share of investors in a project getting to all-time dangerous 75% and up. At these numbers any change in the market could render these huge beautiful developments simply ghost places. Of, course, everyone was saying that this could not happen, as we know now, is sort of a prayer, not the reality.
So, when the  market sent sour, the  "buyers", who figured that not only they now would not be able to sell it for $100K+ more, but … (11 comments)

funcoast realty: A Little Bit Of Optimism Should Not Hurt - 03/10/09 07:02 PM
 Irwin Kellner of MarketWatch, chief economist for MarketWatch, and is Distinguished Scholar of Economics at Dowling College in Oakdale, N.Y. wrote a very interesting article about the houseing market. Diane Kirvan from ReMax alerted me to it (thanks, Diane).
I hope you will find it very informative and the one that gives the perspective, that we sometimes lose. His observation that selling prices for new and resales combined are now 2.9 times median household income bring him to the conclusion that we are going in the right direction. Just 3 years ago this ratio was 4.5 times the income.
The number itself … (2 comments)

funcoast realty: Yes, There Is An Art Deco Building In Daytona Beach. A gorgeous one. - 03/05/09 03:40 PM
In the discussion after my blog "The Beauty And The ...Ooops, Us!" I rushed to say that we do not have Art Deco buildings here in Daytona and sure, I was wrong. There is at least one, and it is Kress Building right in the heart on Daytona Beach downtown - South Beach Street. (below is the view of the street and on the left you see part of Kress Building).
The S. H. Kress and Co. Building at 140 South Beach Street in Daytona Beach is a historic building. It housed Samuel H. Kress & Co. "five and dime" department store … (10 comments)

funcoast realty: Golf Carts On The Streets. Why Not? - 03/05/09 01:01 AM
According to New-Jouranl correspondent TAYLOR ASHLEY, SOUTH DAYTONA residnetsw may soon be allowed to use golf carts to drive around the city.
"By this time next year, unless something comes up, we'll have golf carts on the street," City Manager Joe Yarbrough told council members Tuesday night.
A consulting firm hired by the city conducted the study, and based on their recomendations the council members decides to move forward with this proposal to allow golf carts.
Golf carts are eco-friendly electric slow moving vehicles, that are less noisier and cleaner than gas powered vehicles. They need to be recharged regularly, and can go about … (6 comments)

funcoast realty: The Beauty And The ...Ooops, Us! - 03/04/09 12:57 AM
When I am driving along the beaches of greater Dayotna Beach area, I always ask myself, why it is not something knock-out gorgeous. Why so many buildings are so plain and uattractive. It is difficult for me to comprehend that being on the Ocean opens so many opportunities to create beauty beyond belief, and the opportunity often is not used. It so often such a mismatch between the natural beauty of the ocean and the beach and many buildings, whihc do not enhance and do not really blend.
Well, many of them were built long ago. But today it is still the fight … (8 comments)

funcoast realty: Nude Nites In Orlando - 03/01/09 05:04 PM
It was February 12. My good acquaintance Yuri Ivanenko, a Russian artist living in Port Orange called me and asked if we would like to go to the exhibition to Orlando. It was Thursday, he was going there, he had a painting and a sculpture there.
I am not a big patron of the arts, but I do go to the galleries, especially when Yuri is showing his works. Simply to support him morally. So, we went.
We did not know anything about the event. Turned out this is the largest nude art show in the nation, celebrating its 10 year … (4 comments)

funcoast realty: If Not In Florida - Why Live? If Not In Heaven - Why Die? - 02/27/09 01:24 PM
Moving to Florida is what every American contemplates, even if he/she does not know it, or lives in California, which is a totally different world altogether.
This is the American Mecca. Simply a fact of life ... or death, as both involve paradise... or heaven...
And why move to Florida, if not to live on the Ocean? Well, not in the water, of course, but as close to it as you can. And of course, living on the ocean means being on the top floor. Forget ocean view; this is something, while not shameful, not quite the class. Say "No" loud and clear to all these substitutes of the paradise. Paradise is … (8 comments)

funcoast realty: Buy One Home Or Condo, Get One Free. - 02/26/09 05:36 AM
The articles just published in our local News journal on February, February 25 FALLING HOUSE PRICES SEND SALES UPWARD and AREA HOME SALES CONTINUE TO CLIMB on Feb. 26 (BOTH BY BOB KOSLOW, BUSINESS WRITER) bring the long waited news to everyone of us.
According to the article, "falling home prices are starting to have a positive impact with another month of increased sales of existing houses in the Volusia-Flagler market".
The data shows that for single-family homes sold in January, the median price was $131,800 in the two-county area, which is down 26% from the same month last year.
Falling prices attracted buyers and reflected … (3 comments)

funcoast realty: I Had To Pinch Myself To Make Sure I Was Awake - 02/21/09 03:36 PM
I am easy to surprise, but today beat it all. This turned to be my busiest day in last 2.5 - 3 years. I had 3 parties scheduled to see the properties around, another request that I had to put off to the afternoon, and in the office since we came there, there was a line of people coming from the street.
Our small family team and all vehicles were involved and scheduling was tricky, but done well. Luckily properties were on Supra and not combo locks, as lately every code I get is wrong, and there is little I hate … (18 comments)

funcoast realty: The Pace of Change: Who Stays, Who Goes... - 02/15/09 10:11 PM
There are a lot of posts on AR about the agents slow to embrace the change. The notion is that if you do not change and embrace the new reality, you will not survive the slow period.
With some value to this way of thinking, the slow time is looked upon as a gap between good times, and it is like if you get to the good one, then it is OK.
The ugly truth is that these hopes are far from the reality. We are all facing the challenge of staying on top of changes. The agents who are slow to embrace … (45 comments)

funcoast realty: Invitation From The Heart - 02/11/09 09:26 AM
Time from time I am receiving e-mail messages from a Re/Max agent in Daytona Diane Kirvan. She is very active, not a hermit like me. Every time I receive these message filled with timely and useful information, I feel tempted to invite her to Active Rain. the problem is that she is on Active Rain. But as so many good people on Active Rain, she did not have a chance to experience it beyond a grazing look at the landing page
Today I have received an e-mail message from Diane about a new local Italian home-style eatery. Her description of this place could and … (16 comments)

funcoast realty: Comments Stutter. Like An Old Gramophone - 02/03/09 10:02 AM
It is funny how often you would see repeated comments. Identical, as if the commenters stutter, like a grammophone needle on a scratched disk.
Maybe it happens to everyone. It is absolutely unintentional, and it is not even irritating, as some other stuff. It is either that we are impatient and clcik several times, especially when we think that our computer "did not get it", or this is simply a slip of the finger.
Sometimes it adds color to the discussion, especially when a strong comment is repeated 3 times, you feel that there is an extra effort and a stronger … (12 comments)

funcoast realty: Weather... How Bad Is Bad? - 01/29/09 09:35 AM
I read Patricia Kennedy's blog Weather Wimps? She is right. Weather (or better say our perception of it) is a funny thing. Same weather, same location, different perception.
Take Daytona Beach. Several days ago: air 67F, cold by our Daytona standards. People came from Midwest, they are in the Ocean. The ocean is 62F, freaking cold. Well, I am not sure it is much warmer in Midwest in summer anyway.
I remember swimming in July in 59F Black Sea. Not really pleasant, but what are you going to do if you are on vacation and this is all you can get?
When I came … (12 comments)

funcoast realty: Calling Your Lender? Read This First. - 01/18/09 06:09 PM
There is a lot of confusion regarding dealing with the Lenders.
I remember turning to Richard Zaretsky with a genius' (I thought so) question. If we do the short sale of the property and have the Lender agree to a significantly lower price, why can't we do this for the owner, who would love to stay in this home or condo, if he/she could get it at this reduced price, and just change the loan?
We just closed on a condo unit where the balance on the loan was in mid $400s, and we short sold it for $270K. If … (12 comments)

funcoast realty: Moving Florida to California - 01/07/09 03:55 AM
I remember that story, that was part of those Russian jokes about drunkards. The guy is on his knees under the street pole. A passerby ask him what he was looking for, then joins in search of the wristwatch. After some fruitless attempts the passerby asked the drunk guy if he remembered the exact place he lost it. "Sure, it was around the block"
-why then you are looking for it here?-there is no light there.
Similar things happen to buyers in Real Estate when they are perfectly sober.
Paradise Resort, a condo-hotel next to our office was selling units after undergoing … (6 comments)

funcoast realty: Why Choose An Agent - 01/04/09 02:25 PM
I am not good at sequels, and this may be a failing attempt, we'll see. I wrote Choose An Agent...Why? where I used the comparison between training of the agents to training of pilots and doctors.
Several good comments made me look closer at comparisons, hence this sequel. I am not going to retract, as for me there is no comparison whatsoever. I, however, would like to stop on WHY here.
And let me take a better comparison, as I was told that we do look at pilots, and do interview doctors. Take a pharmacist. You get the prescription and go the … (7 comments)

funcoast realty: Active Rainers in Times of Crisis - 01/01/09 05:11 PM

Gotta save somewhere. Gotta be prepared. Because they say it is crisis. Looks like we were preparing for this for a long time.
We share the same birthdate with my wife, and that's one party instead of too (LOL). That's a nice thing in itself.
In addition, we were smart enough (if we can take credit for that) to be born on the 1st of January, and combining 2 birthdays and a Holiday together feels like an unfair advantage. 
Combining all this together makes it wonderful for us, family members, friends (and we had friends visiting from Connecticut), it is less taxing on … (5 comments)

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