jon zolsky: Lies With A Stamp of Approval... - 03/26/14 10:26 PM
I am always fascinated with that belief of Americans in freedom. It is what made me here a happy camper, I admit.
But Americans go way further, than just cherish freedom, which we are loosing piece by piece, by the way… they believe that freedom is what other nations are longing for. They are willing to bring freedom, and end up in those crazy stupid remarks about bringing democracy to some countries in the world, and wars, that can’t be won, because they are for all wrong reasons….
No, the world at large is not breathing the same air … (75 comments)

jon zolsky: Do We Know Who We Are? - 02/26/14 09:06 AM
I am a real estate broker in Florida. In my day-to-day work I deal with agents and brokers. I have no idea whether they are REALTORS or not, nor do I care. Realtors to me are not a protected class to whom ethical behavior is due, while all others are game.
Our license to work and our laws do not come from NAR. They come from our respective States. States license us. So, whether I deal with a person, who pays dues or does not pay dues, does not matter much to me. I deal with a broker or an … (50 comments)

jon zolsky: Photoshopping Life? - 02/23/14 08:29 AM
Photoshop is a powerful software package, allowing you to do many things, and among them taking the image and then blur or darken and blend, or even delete something not important, so that our focus is on the main event of the picture.  Pretty much this is how our brain “photoshops” what the eyes send to it.
Sounds stupid, I know. With our eyes we see what is out there… Actually, not quite. There is quite a difference between what our eyes see and what our brain processes. The eyes see about 50 times more than what we finally “see” after … (39 comments)

jon zolsky: Let's Talk in Unison...Will You? - 02/18/14 05:00 AM
I was reading a blog and the comments to it today, and ran into a suggestion not to mention in the blogs the discounts that agents/brokers may sometime offer to their clients.
Because customers read and get the idea and then demand it.
Funny that people come up with these ideas. Let’s not talk about something and pretend it is not happening… Reminds me of childhood
If you get together with other brokers and decide to set a standard in commissions fees so that we are all uniformed about it, it would be a clear violation of … (28 comments)

jon zolsky: Jak Się Masz, America? - 02/07/14 01:44 PM
I needed cataract surgery. I read everything I could find about it, and my heart and wallet were in bitter conflict. I followed my heart and walked into the Daytona's office of Dr. Filutowski with the wallet in tears .
Filutowski is big name here in Central Florida. Besides Daytona Beach he has offices in Lake Mary and Orlando, and I, of course, did not expect to see him personally, however, it turned out Dr. Filutowski was available earlier than any other surgeon.
At consultation with him, he "fluided" in, young at his 56, tall, in envious physical shape, charming… Asked whether I … (19 comments)

jon zolsky: Motorsports Hall of Fame is Coming to Daytona Beach... Yay!!! - 01/28/14 02:45 AM
Read the news 4 days ago, that Motorsports Hall of fame of America is leaving Novi, MI for Daytona Beach.
Not surprisingly, the move will be completed in 2016, at the same time when the Rising Daytona project, a massive overhaul of the Speedway by NASCAR, is over.
And, as it is easy to guess, the new Daytona Rising will have room for the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America.

"Plans call for the Hall of Fame's displays featuring cars, images, stories and bronze sculptures of 209 icons of American motorsports to be located in Daytona's Ticket and Tours Building, … (5 comments)

jon zolsky: Zillow... Any Love & Affection? - 01/26/14 01:10 PM
I, actually, have no bad feelings towards Zillow, but I understand that I might be in minority here.
But let me ask you a question: if there were no Zillow and Trulia, who would have benefited?
I believe nobody, except real estate agents and brokers.
So, we understand why so many agents and brokers have strong feelings against Zillow & Trulia, but it is not that they are evil. I do not know about you, guys, but I use Zillow, to save time, to get the idea of the value.
It is quick, effective and is reasonably good for … (30 comments)

jon zolsky: Professional Amateur... - 01/26/14 04:37 AM
Sometimes on AR I run into a phrase “Professional Realtor”. And it does not come form the public; it comes from the agents, who refer to themselves this way.
Makes me wonder.
Public can call us whatever they like. They do not have to know the difference. But it seems professionals do or should know, so if they misuse it, can they call themselves “professional”
Or is it that we consider paying the NAR dues a professional activity?
If, however, it is used instead of the terms “agent, broker, or real estate licensee” than how the wrong use makes … (36 comments)

jon zolsky: The Saga of the Fallen Flag - 01/22/14 01:33 AM
Kathy Streib wrote an excellent blog post "Ask An Ambassador: Are We There Yet". It is about the changes to AR. I have difficult time with AR "upgrades" as I have yet to see more poorly thought off changes. It is like a weird dance with one step forward and two steps back.
Let's look back. The first victim of better AR was the Flag. "Killing the flag" happened in July 2010. Jonathan Washburn, AR co-creator and CEO at the time, responding to comments, promised a new and much better Flag feature, but we never got one. Every time in a … (17 comments)

jon zolsky: Elusive Art of Living Simple - 01/20/14 02:01 PM
A guy throws a line into the ocean and catches a fish. Cooks it, eats it, and takes a nap under the palm tree on the beach.
Crystal blue warm waters, blue skies, white sand, light breeze…
A guy comes to him and asks if he could catch another fish as easily.
- Yes. 
- Let’s do business. You fish, I sell, and we will split the profits.
- And then what?
- We grow the business, send fish to out of the area customers, who would pay more, and we will have more money.
- And then what?

jon zolsky: Why Are You On Active Rain? - 01/18/14 12:55 AM
I believe that it is common on AR that we read the post, but do not read the comments. And whether you believe me or not, reading comments can be very rewarding.
Not once, not twice I have seen the situation, where one of the comments comes from the authority, be it an attorney, or a tax person, or someone familiar with the issue, and this comment not only clarifies something important, but often shows where the danger is.
And then the very next comment is again: “Great post and very informative”, and other comments follow as if there was no … (90 comments)

jon zolsky: Weird Spice Called Google - 01/17/14 08:34 AM
A condo in Oceans Grand in Daytona Beach Shores. 2 showings in one day.
The first couple walks in, looks at the unit, checks the view, asks a few questions, and then the lady asks to show her the indoor pool.
Sorry, there is no indoor pool in Oceans Grand.
The Buyers are upset.  Turns out they told their agent that they were coming only in winter and indoor pool was an absolute must.
The agent keeps a leather face. She has no clue. She thought that all condos have indoor pools. She has a list of condos she lined … (18 comments)

jon zolsky: Is It You On the Forbes List of Billionaires? - 01/16/14 08:55 AM
Like everybody else, I am getting my fair share of spam. After years in business, your eye is pretty good at telling, which is which, and what to avoid.
Some of the scams are very elaborate; require incredible amount of time and and even more - talent. If their effort and talent are put to good use, where should they be? On the Forbes list of Billionaires?
Don’t look for them there, however. But you will, probably, find them in every jail in the nation.
Think about it. With the amount of energy they display, and the talent they sure have, … (12 comments)

jon zolsky: Your Juicer May Be Broken - 01/15/14 10:07 AM
It is quite common in comments on AR to see members being more concerned with interaction with Google, than with their interaction with live people, other members, customers…
We know that Google is constantly trying to replicate human behavior, to emulate our way of reading, judging, so that they can be relevant to people. However, when people are constantly trying to replicate Google, it is sort of like moving backwards, isn't it?
If Google is focusing on the content most, and is trying to figure the closest to human eye and brain way to valuate the content, why are … (56 comments)

jon zolsky: When Being an SOB is a Good Thing - 01/14/14 03:04 PM
I specialize in beachside condos.
I know some of the Association property managers, which are on-site, and some of them know me.
Usually, it is very helpful. Makes life easier.
This happened couple of years ago. I sold several units in this luxury beachside condo in Daytona Beach Shores. I have a lot of photos taken there, it is a beautiful building. However, working on a virtual tour, I noticed that I did not have a good photo of their clubroom.
So, I took my Canon with extra lenses and a flashlight, and went to the building. I know a … (42 comments)

jon zolsky: 46 Miles of Barking Beaches - 01/12/14 01:18 PM
In an unexpected move, County commissioners have decided to allow dogs on Volusia County beaches. Unexpected because there were no discussions, no plans. One commissioner brought it up at the meeting, and after a short discussion it passed 5 votes against 1.
They set it as a pilot program for 3 months, after which time they will decide whether to ban or to keep. Environmental group immediately warned the Feds, that this program can be detrimental to wildlife.
There probably might be other objections. The dogs are only allowed between hours 4 PM and 9 AM, and these are the hours … (18 comments)

jon zolsky: Links, or The Art of Talking To Spiders - 01/07/14 12:51 AM
I am reading a blog on AR, and it is riddled with links. It is as if you are reading a Wikipedia, where, if there is a word, which happens to denote an entry in Wikipedia, they would link to it. Adds authority.
However, on AR, why would anyone need tons of outgoing links? I am not even saying that some of these link do not work, or lead you to Google page asking you to sign in… But even if they all worked perfectly, why would anyone want to link to the world from AR?
Another common variation when all … (20 comments)

jon zolsky: Solid Business of Predictions - 01/06/14 11:23 AM
It is the beginning of the year, and we love to try to look ahead and try to see what lies ahead. What year will it be? How will it affect our business…
Of course, nobody knows where the market will be tomorrow, but I can try to make some predictions, and they are based not on my outlook, but on the outlook of people, who are investing very serious money into the future of Daytona. Actually, unprecedentedly serious money. Never ever in history of Daytona there were projects worth of billion dollars…
Money talk. And what I hear is: DEVELOPMENT. … (21 comments)

jon zolsky: The Art of Professional Vision - 12/29/13 01:34 AM
A friend of mine, a Russian immigrant, Ph.D., MD, a former surgeon from St. Petersburg, passed the National Exam in US, but did not go through internship. This loophole soon was closed, but he was grandfathered and while could not treat live patients, became an ace in Pathology department. He is a virtuoso with the scalpel.
He worked at Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital in New York. They had fellows coming from all over the world, and my friend would get “fresh” tumors and his work was bringing them to the group and initiate discussions.
Here is the story he told … (107 comments)

jon zolsky: What Grows In Supermarket - 12/12/13 03:01 AM
When my grandson was about 3 years old, the Day Care Center had a field trip to the farm. He came back full of joy from seeing and touching the animals. Of course, he saw a cow there as well.
Next day at day care, the teacher, talking about their trip to the farm, asked him where the milk came from, and without hesitation he said “Nancy”. Cow was just a cow, but Nancy from Day Care center was giving him milk.
I sometimes think that young generation in America believes that fruits and vegetables grow in the supermarket.
When I … (72 comments)

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