jon zolsky: Ask Ambassador What He Does When He Does Not Know What To Do - 12/06/13 10:33 AM
How many times on AR reading the post, where members were not sure about certain things, I thought that in this situation I would go to my best attorney. Luckily, now I have many working for me.
I am a broker of a tiny family company; I do not the backing of a team of lawyers, and I do not have the time and money for every question I stumble upon. Maybe it is because I have too many questions :)
Even in situations, when I can go and ask, for example, the attorney in the law firm we work with … (16 comments)

jon zolsky: About A Big Deal - 12/05/13 12:47 PM
I was working on a transaction. A letter from the Board of Directors of condo owners association stated the need to replace an attached concrete garage, and that they were considering a Special Assessment of $250K to pay for it. Even though the Seller was to pay it, I informed the Buyer. He was surprised at the amount. He told me that it would probably cost at least $750K. But he was not an engineer… I called and was told that no, $250K should have been just fine.
At the Association meeting the engineer came with estimates from $646K to around … (59 comments)

jon zolsky: Buyers In My Pocket - 11/30/13 08:52 AM
Time from time I get emails or calls from Sellers, who have Googled a particular property and saw my name, read my blogs, and they want me to bring the buyer for their condo or condo-hotel unit.
However, they will not list it with me. Either they do not want to list, period, and are promising me to pay if I bring the buyer, or they have listed it with their niece, but know that she is either very green, and/or out of the area, so they are trying to promote their condo unit as they do not expect the niece … (77 comments)

jon zolsky: Photos... Tons of Photos For You To Use... Ask Ambassador - 11/29/13 12:17 PM
Time from time I see blogs starting with “Ask the Ambassador” and I feel like a lazy bone. Every time I promise myself to write something meaningful, but it is darn difficult nowadays to say anything, which is not common knowledge. Feels like I am a darn good learner, but a lousy teacher…
So here is something, which is not unique … but there are may be those, who do not know about it and do not use this excellent resource.
It is about images. It is about where and how. And while there are plenty of places where you can … (18 comments)

jon zolsky: Balanced Budget or Housewives vs. President - 10/13/13 06:53 AM
There is a magazine in Florida, which is called Florida Trend. I am getting electronic edition. What I like about it, is that every morning I get Florida news right to my screen, and then I get an afternoon update. Terrific for guys like me, who would take a few minutes to scroll through the headlines, but would not have the discipline to search on my own.
The news come from all Florida newspapers, and if interested, you can click on a source and the link will take you to the full original article.
I am looking at Florida Trend … (10 comments)

jon zolsky: The Temptation Of Saying "No" - 10/12/13 03:01 AM
Probably it is our human nature. We love to say "no". We love our children as we freely say "no" to them as much as we want...  But when we want to say "no" to adults, we need to become The Government.
I think the ability to tell others what to do and what not to do is why people vie for government higher hierarchy. Of course, there is always a good reason. It is for the safety, or well-being, or security, or else…
So we fought drinking, and had Prohibition. Far from glorious 13 years...
We are fighting drugs now, … (12 comments)

jon zolsky: Why Interview Agents? - 10/03/13 10:14 AM
If I remember this correctly, on average Sellers interview 7 agents. Sounds like they are very diligent in their search. Of course, many of them watch the whole process and participate in it. I had customers calling me and asking to change something in the description, which is telling me that Sellers are checking the information in the Internet.
However, I often see listings even for high-end condos in the area, where there is one photo of the building, or photos upside down, or thumbnail images with lowest resolution. Listings with no remarks, wrong or missing information...
In a nutshell … (21 comments)

jon zolsky: Interviewing Dr. Einstein… - 09/13/13 01:02 PM
I love these endless suggestions how the Seller should interview a real estate agent, which questions to ask… Yeah, these are usually the questions, that are answered best by the adviser…
Have you met those type A personalities who tell you just answer their questions, yes or no. But in life nothing is black and white and one dimensional. It is always Yes and No, or Yes but No, or No but Yes.
These type A characters (or “drivers”) walk away confident that they have the information. And now they are capable of making informed decisions. They rarely are. They are … (5 comments)

jon zolsky: Why God Created MLS? - 09/12/13 12:21 PM
Why G-d created MLS?
I think G-d in his infinite wisdom felt sorry for hard working real estate professionals. He knew that we often do not have time for a good book. So G-d figured that it wouldn’t be fair if Real Estate professionals would be deprived of at least a little bit of fun and G-d created MLS.
It was genius invention. It serves both serious stuff and funny stuff, so that we can get fun without switching to any other activity from Real Estate. If you read MLS every day, you can tell numerous funny stories. We all can.

jon zolsky: What Einstein Said...Or Didn't - 08/24/13 01:05 PM
Time from time I get some interesting stuff from my friends.  Last thing I got was titled “The Day that Albert Einstein Feared May Have Finally Arrived”.
There were several quite funny photos to make the point. 4 girls sitting each busy with their phone; friends, instead of chatting, are busy with their cell phones, etc. We all see this around and probably shake our heads watching this.
The article quoted Albert Einstein saying, “I fear the day when the technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”
It is funny, it is… well, true … (12 comments)

jon zolsky: A Hernia Of Disbelief - 08/19/13 07:25 AM
I am scrolling through the dashboard. I am already used to the fact that AR dashboard is a selling tool for quite some time. Listings. Listings listings… 2/2, 3/2, 2/3, 4/1/, 6/9... whatever.
So, all I am reading are the titles. Several listings from one agent… Amazing..., Amazing..., Incredible..., Great..., Amazing again…
These are about $250K homes in the area with pretty much $250K homes, and unless the agent is a super lucky/picky/choosy one collecting only the gems, I can’t get rid of the feeling that they are regular homes. Most probably far from Amazing, Incredible, Great, and Breathtaking…
I … (10 comments)

jon zolsky: Are you on Wikipedia? - 08/18/13 12:41 PM
Now that Internet replace any other search in speed and efficiency, the question often is the reliability of the information.
That's why when the search results pop up, I try to see if there are sources that I already know, and if I see Wikipedia, I click the link.
Yes, it is an incredible place, and it is because of all contributors, who tirelessly working on making this free resource available for everybody.
Isn't it fascinating, that in the era of mercantilism, where money often overshadows spirit, so many people put time and effort into writing for free? The collaborative effort … (16 comments)

jon zolsky: Does Public See Us On High Horse? - 07/13/13 11:23 AM
Sharon Alters, my good neighbor from Jacksonville, posted Brokers Must Have Listing Broker's Permission to Advertise Listings
Not surprisingly there is a fair share of  “hang them by the balls” comments, and I was getting this bad feeling that I was the only one not sure about it, when I ran into a few disagreeing comments, and then a comment by Ron Climer -  a great Real Estate instructor. I went to him for my broker’s post licensing 60-hour class.
But I digress.
This is not a rebuttal of Sharon's post, her post served as inspiration, it triggered some … (20 comments)

jon zolsky: If It Ain't Broken, Don't Fix It - 07/13/13 05:33 AM
Hmm, we always had “Subscribe to Blog” button on our AR.
Today I decided to subscribe to AR member, and started looking for “Subscribe” button and couldn’t find it. But there was “Follow to Blog” button. After some hesitation, I pressed it and… BINGO… the page returned the red warning sign but with a positive message that I am now … subscribed.
Interesting. I “Followed to Blog” (which I do not understand), and ended up Subscribed… Hmm, do I need to pat myself on the back for producing 2 actions by pressing one button once? Obviously, there is an idea behind … (16 comments)

jon zolsky: Unethical Ethics? - 07/05/13 05:33 AM
I have Florida Realtor magazine on my desk. I think it is a very good magazine. I was reading it yesterday, looking for good articles and bits of wisdom.
On page 9 under Ethics there is an article “Procuring Cause Confusion”. It is about a case, where listing agent received more than one offer, and the highest and best was from the buyer, who has already submitted a weaker offer before. The kicker is: it was submitted by another agent.
The Listing agent tells the Seller that he would “sort out the Buyer’s agent issues” and the Seller accepts the … (14 comments)

jon zolsky: Invisible Gorilla... - 07/03/13 06:36 AM
When we read blog posts, we might have our own agendas. We may see it from different angle, we may react to different ideas in it, we may veer away from the main idea in the post in our comments, - that does not surprise me, that's fine…
What surprises me is that often we simply do not read the post, and comment. If there is a question in the post, we do not answer it, but we answer what is not in the post. We often argue with what is not in the post...
Have you ever wanted to ask … (89 comments)

jon zolsky: None Of Your Business - 07/01/13 04:26 PM
There was a featured blog yesterday by Wayne & Jean Marie Zuhl Landlord wants credit check? Client says "No way!" A very good blog post, good question and many stunningly disappointing comments. Here is the story. Tenants have crappy credit, but make decent money and offer to pay rent for the whole year in advance in full. The whole idea of credit check is to try to avoid non-payment down the road. When you got all your cash, why do you need a credit check? The Landlord met with the couple, loved them, everything was fine. And then the Landlord’s agent … (89 comments)

jon zolsky: About Love and Affection - 06/22/13 04:26 PM
My clients are wonderful people. They were here a year ago, looked at condos, but did not buy. Came this year with the understanding that market is different and their perfect condo can be a bit more pricey than a year ago.
They increased the price range, thus more than compensating for a little higher prices. A whole new round of showings.
They are even more frustrated than I am at this point. Actually, I am not really frustrated, I am confused. I am confused because I can’t figure out the criteria.
There are no perfect condos or houses. You … (17 comments)

jon zolsky: Who Is Pouring Money? - 06/18/13 02:47 PM
I am watching HGTV time from time, but this is the first time I watched 'Renovate to Rent' featuring Danny and Drew, who buy, renovate and then rent.
And I feel puzzled. If I were in any other business, I might be fascinated by the show, but I am in real estate, and in the one I am in, what I see makes no sense at all.
They bought one house for $110K, added $80K in renovation, expanded and now got a much larger house with 5 bedrooms.
First, let's talk money. They have spent $190K. Profit after expenses is stated … (15 comments)

jon zolsky: How To See The Beauty? Opening Your Eyes May Help… - 05/17/13 05:24 PM
I remember my years spent in the Russian Arctic.
There was little in terms of natural beauty. Living there is sometimes living in the extreme. One of relatively rare natural occurences was Northern Lights. In our area they were rare, not very bright, and usually monochrome, not colored like on the White Sea. 
I remember several times, when I was watching it in awe, and people would pass me without even noticing that it was there. I remember asking people if they could see it, and they would stare into the sky, and then suddenly notice the moving light. 
You have … (9 comments)

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