jon zolsky: About Acorns - 05/09/13 03:30 PM
Every time some big idea comes to Daytona, there is immediately vocal opposition. Feels like this opposition is a permanent state of mind of all these people with big mouths and plenty of time on their hands. They are bored between the big ideas, but when times comes, they are right here, and ready to kill…
What are they against? Easy answer. Everything. Watching hearings is plain painful. A gang of the same people, who go to all meetings, bashing every new idea.
If it is the city that comes with the idea, the naysayers would bash the city for not … (13 comments)

jon zolsky: Is Stupidity The Only Reason? - 05/07/13 07:30 AM
We know that real estate is local, and yet reading blogs on AR we run into statements, which are very general and often are very judgmental.
Often times reading comments, you see that we judge as if we have the exclusive on the truth….  
And, of course, this truth is convenient for the agent or reflects his or her beliefs. It may be about lockboxes (of course, it is the only way to go), or use of Buyer Broker Agreements (you are crazy if you do not use them), or bonuses to selling agents (it is unethical and they will … (51 comments)

jon zolsky: Miracle-izing the Ordinary? - 04/03/13 08:34 AM
Inspired by comments to Bill Gasset’s How Real Estate Agents Fail At Social Media. Bill is not claiming that there is only one way to do things, but some comments suggest just that. So, here it goes: There is new shiny god and its name is Social Media, and if you do not worship it, you fail at real estate.
No, you only fail in worshipping this shiny new God called Social Media.
Will worshipping it make you a dominant real estate agent? Maybe yes, maybe no.
It is the same golden rule that some would make it and many … (20 comments)

jon zolsky: To Script Or Not To Script? - 03/03/13 04:27 AM
Actually it is not even a question. Or, if it is, we all know or should know the answer.
This post is inspired by Marte Cliff’s excellent post Real Estate Marketing – Another Scientifically Backed Copywriting Tip Scripts are not the culprits, laziness in internalizing them is. I used to be an instructor in school, a teacher, and what it meant was, pretty much, using scripts. The difference between good teachers and bad teacher to an extent comes from whether they spend time and effort and were able to made it their own, or were too lazy… One of the best … (20 comments)

jon zolsky: It Is Normal There Now... - 02/28/13 03:41 PM
The fact that climate is changing is not a big surprise to anyone. Actually, climate changes have never been a surprise, they always are happening. Up and down...
It is very noticeable even in Russian Arctic. Very different from the time we lived there. Snow in the Arctic city of Vorkuta coming in October and it is later and later every year, while I remember that winters used to start in mid September and first snow was common in August.
But blizzards are still part of life there, and people are used to deal with them. As meteorologist say, records … (5 comments)

jon zolsky: I Wish My Days Were As Long... - 02/28/13 09:35 AM

I do not remember how I got introduced to Newsmax, but I started getting Newsmax this and Newsmax that every day in big doses.
I got burned after the election and decided to cut on a lot of political stuff, and started unsubscribing. It pretty much worked with everything… except Newsmax.
I keep getting it, and every time I go to the very end of the message and click on “Remove your email address from our list”
The page that opens is already populated with my email address, and my name.
Then there is a long list of Newsmax’ … (27 comments)

jon zolsky: Have You Read The Sunday Paper? - 02/25/13 03:12 PM
I used to work in the Bronx and the office was right in Co-Op city where I lived. It was a beautiful place. 35 high-rise buildings ranging from 24-story to 33-story on 320 manicured acres along Hutchinson river, beautiful green lawns, trees, flowers…
Julia, a volunteer, a lady in her 70s, lived not more than 10 minutes slow walk, but she was taking a bus to go home. It surprised me, as she was fit, and went to a gym, so I asked her why she simply wouldn’t walk home?
- Haven’t you read the Co-Op City Times? Someone was accosted … (59 comments)

jon zolsky: Life Is Race... With Crashes, Winners, Loosers. Start Your Engines... - 02/24/13 09:29 AM
Today is race day, the biggest race event of the year – 55th Daytona 500. I am taking my son and his friend to the races. We take I-95 to get closer to the Speedway. I go a bit slower than usual, just under 80 miles (in 70-miles zone), because on a day like this you see more state troopers than in 10 years, and I am not particularly fond of messing with them… :) Taking back roads, drive along the airport grounds; see Air Force Thunderbirds with roaring engines ready for fly-over…
Blocks everywhere, police everywhere; school buses are one … (6 comments)

jon zolsky: I Am a No Show, Thank You! - 02/15/13 09:00 AM
Intersection of Silver Beach Ave. and Peninsula Dr. is where I am getting to a bridge from the Beachside to Mainland. It is one of our 7 bridges, but this one is close to me, and I use it often.
Every time I stop at the traffic light at this intersection, I see this sign "Hannah Cremation Services. Where quality exceeds cost" and every time I feel proud. It is such a positive message.

I feel proud for happy customers, who seem to enjoy the service, and who, obviously, do not complain. And why would they? 
Besides excellent service, … (16 comments)

jon zolsky: I Want To Help, But Do Not Like The Cause - 02/09/13 11:48 PM
When I first wanted to campaign on Gail’s behalf, which was, probably more than a year ago, I asked my daughter Inna to call Gail and talk to her. Gail thanked, but she refused. Among other things it was because it could hurt her business if she goes public with that. And hurting her business wasn’t my idea.
So, I ended up doing nothing, Inna and Jon helped her with some stuff for her business. When she posted 2 days ago, I thought that now she understands that she did not get loan modification, she so believed in, and I thought … (8 comments)

jon zolsky: Introducing Short Purchase - 02/07/13 12:30 PM
Have you ever dreamed (dreamt) of inventing a wheel (and patenting it)? Who hasn't dreamed about being hit with the idea and screaming «Eureka» of top of your lungs running around almost naked?
I think I had this ah-ha moment today (except for running around naked). I think I found the way to fix the housing market once and for all.
As we all know, the problem with the market is that the values change. You buy today, and tomorrow you are underwater. Or you do not buy today, and tomorrow you can't afford it.
When the values nosedive, we already found … (25 comments)

jon zolsky: The Portrait of Wind - 02/02/13 11:58 AM
My wife is not a computer type. So, when I created a page on Odnoklassniki (Schoolmates) social network, where some of her school and college friends hang out, I wasn’t sure she would be interested, but she got hooked, started searching for people we lost track of long ago.
Interestingly, we were looking for one of them in Miami for years. We asked friends to post notices in Russian food stores that we were looking for Tatiana K. We thought she was in Miami, where her daughter lived. We new she was no longer in the Arctic, after her husband … (20 comments)

jon zolsky: The Closed Door Syndrome - 01/17/13 01:06 PM
- Wiggle it...
That’s what the agent told me when I called her asking whether there was a secret to the lock that I could not open.
Believe me, I did not call right away, I wiggled and wiggled and wiggled, and it did not open. And only after that I called, feeling stupid, standing there with customers in front of the locked door.
The agent said she would be in 10 minutes. She came, I gave her the key, which I earlier picked from her office and she wiggled the key, and then wiggled again, and again, and again…
The … (18 comments)

jon zolsky: Get Me Free Cheeze... And Pay For It - 01/13/13 12:09 PM
I remember when I had that paid service from, where I was offering home valuations. I remember that the strangest thing for me was when I noticed that I was getting these requests from fellow out of the area agents.
First you notice that people who are asking for home evaluation (CMA) are not the people shown on the property appraiser website, but then i noticed that some of the email addresses belonged to agents, like so_ and_,  or similar email addresses.
I remembered it when recently received a request for more information through the lead generating site, … (12 comments)

jon zolsky: How Money Grows... - 01/09/13 04:09 PM
I have been selling condo-hotels for 11 years. Every time I ask my Buyers how they intend to use a condo-hotel unit. Usually they say it is their vacation getaway, that they do not plan to retire in Daytona, would rent it when not in use by them, which is what condo-hotels are for.
But time from time they tell me they are not going to rent, and will be staying there either full time, or months and months at a time, and I try to explain to them that this is the wrong use for condo-hotel, and they are not … (2 comments)

jon zolsky: Do You Love Nature? - 12/30/12 02:17 AM
I remember reading about Marjory Stoneman Douglas, who wrote The Everglades: River of Grass in 1947, the book, which was at the very beginning of the exemplary conservation effort. She reminisced on the nature lovers, who would visit her and then suggest going to the Everglades to see it.
She shocked them by saying that she had never been there, and that there is really nothing to see. 
Too often people confuse loving nature and loving themselves for loving nature. There was a prominent AR member (she stopped writing a few years ago, so I hope I do not make … (51 comments)

jon zolsky: This Smaller Bigger World... - 12/25/12 03:15 PM
Internet changed the world. Yes, there are still countries that block information on the Internet. China controls what their people can access and what they can’t. Iran is blocking Internet, and North Korea completely controls it. But it is harder and harder to do and world becomes smaller and more open.
There are now a lot of social networks and sites all over the world. There is one in Russia, called Classmates (my translation). I am there for several years now. It allowed me to reconnect with some old friends from my school, and college. It also connected me with my … (11 comments)

jon zolsky: How About No More Freaking Jokes, Please? - 12/18/12 01:04 PM
We are all depressed by the very recent tragedy. How could a human being do it? We will never have the answer to this question. Is there anything that humans would stop at? How far can we go? Is there any further than that?
What can make us kinder? I do not know. But when in AR I read today a post where a real estate professional says that he hates Bank of America, I do not feel good about it. Playing with hatred for reasons that are nothing more than things happening routinely in our professional life is trivializing … (39 comments)

jon zolsky: The Culture of Shooting Yourself in the Foot? - 12/16/12 01:53 PM
I posted Is it Me Or Google? and the story is about the outrageously long freebie, which turned out to be not easily achievable. Some of the comments were that they were wrong, but for me it was all for the wrong reasons. No, I did not think that offering a freebie for one year was a good idea from the general perspective.
But I did not come with the idea. They did. Now that they did it, it is funny, that the very people, who should be implementing it, do not know about it, and the procedures and everything.
What … (4 comments)

jon zolsky: Free Cheese And A Pat On The Back - 12/15/12 02:03 AM
I think, maybe years from now, somebody would do the research and publish it under the title «Demoralizing Effects of Freebies in America». How can you expect it not to be true, as freebies mean that you can get something for free, that you are a deserving person, whether you do anything meaningful or not, and repeated thousands and thousands of times, it makes a dent in our social fabric? Work hard, play by the rules, and it will pay off for you and getting a freebie and do nothing or little, is it the same message?
It took me 20+ … (14 comments)

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