jon zolsky: Marina Grande on the Halifax. Market Snapshot - 11/22/07 09:05 AM
Marina Grande on Halifax in Holly Hill is half built. Two 25-story towers out of 4 have been built. They have not yet been any closings, the developer is working on finishing touches.
The project came at difficult time with the slowing market, causing delays in completing the project and a lot of troubles for the those who signed preconstruction at the height of the market. Therefore there are a lot of units put under contract by speculators. The time of closing comes close and a lot of them may face the losing their deposit, as many of them can't or … (0 comments)

jon zolsky: Hawaiian Inn Oceanfront Resort Marketing Snapshot - 11/21/07 04:21 PM
Hawaiian Inn  Oceanfront Resortat 2301 Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beach Shores has 208 rooms from efficiencies to few two-bedroom units. This is a condo-hotel. 
As of November 22, 2007 there were 40 units on resale starting from $64,900 for a studio with no ocean view to $239,900 for a one-bedroom oceanfront unit.
Lowest priced direct oceanfront unit starts from $102K.
In 2007 only 8 units were sold ranging from $58K to $153K.
If you are interested in Condo-hotels in Hawaiian Inn or in any other condo-hotel in the area, check
If you are interested in residential condominiums, check
For single Family … (0 comments)

jon zolsky: Do you want 241 comments on one blog? - 11/17/07 03:48 PM
Brad Anderson's  Who's Reading Blogs Anyway... 3 Ways To Find Out brought 241 comments (last checked Nov 17). I liked the blog, but caught myself for the first time on AR that I read 10-12 comments and then went straight down to leave my own comment.
Is there such thing as too many comments?
There are obvious pluses to the killer post.
it doesn't hurt the author, it is a sign of wisdom and power, it pushes you into celebrity status,  You look good if the public see that (success is in numbers), we can't measure the quality, and we substitute is with quantity … (15 comments)

jon zolsky: Have we outpaced our dictionary? - 11/14/07 05:26 PM
Did you notice that if you turn on your spellchecker, it picks "blog" and "blogging" and underlines it with a red line as a mistake.
Obviously, the terms "blog" and "blogging" is too new to take it place in the dictionaries like the one used by Active Rain. Guys, we have outpaced the dictionary, because this is a key term and, thought, I did not collect any statistical data, I would not be surprised to see it as one of the most often used keywords, if not the most used.
It actually considers "Spellcheck" and "spellchecker" wrong as well.
Isn't it … (4 comments)

jon zolsky: To Help Digestion And To Prevent Choking - 11/14/07 06:42 AM
I responded to anonymous e-mail request for the info on a particular Listing. This happens quite often. It puts me in a tough situation: I do not know anything about the person, who sent me the e-mail, so I understand that they do not want to open up. Fine, they are protecting their privacy, but at the same token I can only provide general information.
That's exactly what I did. I sent the list of 35 properties, which, in my mind, were the best deals in certain price range in that area. Next day I sent a follow up e-mail asking … (4 comments)

jon zolsky: We hear what we want to hear. Rain or shine - 11/10/07 01:01 PM
After two posts devoted to "hostile" media, I got quite strong comments. Both times I tried to comment back, but I either failed to be convincing, or the issues are bigger than the bite-size of a comment. I honestly did not intend to exploit this topic, but it leaves me with the feeling of unfinished business. Anyway, this is the last at least for some time. I do not want it to become pointless bickering...
The "opposition" claims that the media is either all lies, and I tried to address it in my second blog (see the link above), or it is exaggerating, distorting, … (11 comments)

jon zolsky: The media is crazy... Is it? The round is not finished yet. - 11/10/07 06:10 AM
After posting yesterday the blog about the media (, where I simply wanted to bring the attention to the fact that we are after the messenger, I have received several comments, that made me understand that I was not able to achieve it and that this is a bigger issue here. Kate Bourland in her comment has outlined it the best - thanks Kate. It is a very interesting comment, and I could not respond to it within the limits of a comment, hence this post
Though I understand that we all make mistakes, I can't agree that journalism for whatever … (5 comments)

jon zolsky: The Media Is crazy.. Is it? - 11/09/07 11:59 AM
It became sort of like a commonplace for real estate pros. Are we all in agreement that media is crazy? That we have to counter, or do something? It sounds like this is the way the media is and has always been, even though I do not remember us complaining about the media 3 years ago. So, was the media different then, or it was more convenient to us?
Listen to the word "Media". They are not the news, they are the MEDIA. It is like if someone is in terrible pain and screams his lungs out, and it makes everyone very uncomfortable, so shutting his … (24 comments)

jon zolsky: Who Is The Saint? - 10/31/07 04:59 PM
I started writing a comment to Fernando Herboso's Open Letter to Fellow Realtors it quicky outgrew the comment format, hence this post. 
Fernando calls to unite and take a stand, and it is obviously against the media, which is "attacking our livelihood". It couldn't be better expressed than by "We have the moral and ethical responsibility to counter attack with facts that are ignored conveniently for impact purposes."
Before we initiate any Realtor-wide offense, let's look closer at moral and ethical responsibility.
Please, note, that we are going to counter attack the media. We can't counter that the number of foreclosures is … (2 comments)

jon zolsky: I thought I would die... - 10/30/07 03:55 PM
30th of October is the Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Political Repressions. President Putin visited the place of mass executions accompanied by the Head of the Russian Orthodox Church, made a speech... and I remembered this day 1988, when I went to Lubyanka Square (the headquarter of OGPU-NKVD-KGB) together with maybe another hundred of people to have a candlelight vigil. This was the time of Perestroika, new vision, democracy, Mickhail Gorbachev. We were trying to become citizens, we were learning how to be one. We were holding candles, the weather was typical for Moscow in October, a humid and cold evening. … (5 comments)

jon zolsky: Harbour Beach Resort Market Snapshot - 10/29/07 01:00 PM

701 South Atlantic AveDaytona Beach, FL 32118

As of October 28 there are 16 units for sale in Harbour Beach Resort ranging from $84,900 for a studio with city view to $219 for direct oceanfront one bedroom unit.
In tis very slow market, strangely enough, these units hold better value than many others. Oceanview studio without a balcony for $139K is a terrific price on the market, where you can easily get something with similar view for high $50s.
Looking for information about condo-hotels? Check our website: or call me   386-405-4408.
We are condo-hotel gurus 

jon zolsky: Mount Dora Annual Crafts Fair - 10/28/07 01:12 PM
Me and my wife have visited the Crafts Fair in 2005. On Saturday on the way to our frined in Ocala we decided to visit Mount Dora on our way. We did not check the schedule, just drove there and ... bingo, we got right at the Fair. This was a very nice and welcome surprise. We enjoy the architecture, the lake, nice quaint streets lined with mature trees, rolling hills.
Dora Craft Fair took place Ocober 27-28 in downtown Mount Dora on the backdrop of a beautiful Lake Dora. The weather was on a cooler side with no sunshine, but … (0 comments)

jon zolsky: Technology vs Realtors. Part II - 10/24/07 05:07 PM
You can read Part I at
So how all this relates to Real Estate? Our office is in the oceanfront Resort. It used to be that people come to Daytona, drive the street, and pick the place to stay. Not any more. People come with reservations; the whole thing takes place a thousand miles from the resort. 
Similar with us. We still do not comprehend that we are witnessing the GREAT RETREAT of buyers away from REALTORS. The tools are now available to everyone, and soon there will be nothing that Realtors control. Not MLS listings, that they used to control before Internet, not access … (2 comments)

jon zolsky: Looking into the mirror. Not a nice picture - 10/18/07 04:59 PM
Anita Zahn wrote about a seminar, where the broker compared Realtors to car salesman. (see the post
I really did not want to do it, I have annoyed a few people in AR already, and this could only add fuel, but I see it quite often on AR, that we, for whatever reason, tend to put ourselves above over groups. Whether it is Realtors (Lisa Hill has a way to stick that R symbol to the word Realtor, but I did not figure how she does it) vs Real Estate Agents, or Realtors vs representatives from other industries.
I do not have anything against … (12 comments)

jon zolsky: Blogging. Where does it take us? - 10/18/07 08:19 AM
Laurie Manny wrote a great blog
It is really worth reading, and comments are great.
A few things here. Website can be a cover. One can hide behind a website, which could be more a product of a good web designer. Can you fool people with the website? Of course, you can. Syndicated materials, cute pictures, nice video, and nothing of our own...
Now, here comes the blogging.
Can we hide behind blogging?
We can steal, we can (or soon will be able to) syndicate the content, but with the industry as it is, it is significantly more difficult. If we write ourselves, it is a different situation, we can't hide. When we … (3 comments)

jon zolsky: Do you believe in miracles? - 10/16/07 11:12 AM
Coming from an atheist country, where you do not believe in G-d or Satan, and being inquisitive as I am, it is difficult for me to accept anything that I can't figure out. My 15-y.o. grandson hates showing me the tricks, as while my wife drops her jaw, I am trying to figure it out, and I succeed half of the time (he is just getting better). 
And with all that in my not that long real estate career, I have seen two clients so far, who knew their future property in such detail, that it was mind boggling.
We worked with a lady, … (14 comments)

jon zolsky: Proud Realtors or just Brokers and Agents? - 10/16/07 05:58 AM
Susan Walters' post ( caused a heated exchange, and it clearly shows two different approaches. Obviously, there is a rationale behind both of them.
Nice things said, the reality is that we are often lost is endless rules, regulations, laws...  Sometimes it seems that our allegiances are not to the customer, but to the rules and regulations. We are getting so technical.
Sometimes it gets plain stupid. Take the use of the term "Realtor" for example. General public associates it with everyone, who is licensed. They do not know, that there is a narrow (and protected) definition of the term. If you are a … (4 comments)

jon zolsky: Are you losing your shirt? - 10/15/07 06:22 PM
There is a lot of discussion about the bad market, and, surprisingly, about the need to keep of the negativity, and be positive, and all that. No, there is nothing wrong with being positive, it is just the connotation is strange.
This is just the naming game. There is no such thing as good or bad market. If your client buys when the market is low, and sells when the market is high, he is doing terrific. If, however, he bought at the peak and has to sell when it is so low, he is not doing great. In every market there … (7 comments)

jon zolsky: $5 for a feedback. Am I nuts? - 10/15/07 04:14 PM
Our office is in the oceanfront condo-hotel. There is a Marquee sign enticing the passers-by with another distressed price, so we do have people walking in and asking to show them the cheapest unit. These are mostly lookers, we take them upstairs, show them one or two units, explain how the things work, and they leave with my card in their pocket and I never see or hear from them again. It is sort of the nature of the business. Some are curious, ask tons of questions, swear that they would come in a week, and then the same thing, they disappear. … (3 comments)

jon zolsky: Do you want your clients lose money? - 10/15/07 01:32 PM
Jon Higgins thinks that this is crazy that some agents suggest that their client's rent their properties instead of selling.
Guilty, we do that. Of course, we would be interested in selling, of course we would be interested in maintaining the level of sales we enjoyed in Seller's market, but this is not all about us. It is about our clients. It is about their interests.
And what we are supposed to suggest to a client, who bought at the height of the market, and now his property is not worth even close what he needs to sell it for simply … (6 comments)

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